Chastity Tales

Chastity Tales

by Lady Loren
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Chastity Tales by Lady Loren

Chastity... Oh Sweet Chastity... but it begs the questions - 'Who is it sweetest for?" This book contains stories of enforced and agreed chastity where the male is held chaste by the female. Just as it should be. **This book contains adult themes and language. For over 18's only!**

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ISBN-13: 9781447645825
Publication date: 02/26/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,115,226
File size: 92 KB

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Chastity Tales 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Welcome to the very first Grocery Store! There was a rebellion against Magic Food a few days ago. Well, here is a simple and easy solution for human roleplays: A grocery store!<p> Here's how it'll play out. Res 4+ will be for different roleplays, so we don't have angels, apocolyptic people, and immortals in one place. Pretty wack, right? Right. So, if you have a human roleplay you would like to have a grocery store for, tell us in res three and we'll set it up for you.<p> You might be thinking, 'Meh. I'd rather just say l bought food, or just get an endless supply from our cabinets.' Well... this is more fun and more realistic. When you come shopping for food, you pick everything you want, post it all in one post, and add that you are ready for pick-up. <p> Example: Bunny walks into the store, walking down the aisles. She sees some Cheerios and picks it up, as well as a box of granola bars. (Etc). Satisfied, she wheels her cart of food to the pick-up line. "Hi. I have cereal, lemons, a box of granola bars, apples, and some canned green beans." -- Cashier: "Okay. Your total is 21 dollars." -- And then you leave with your purchase after paying. Simple, right?<p> To liven it up for the cashiers, once or twice a week a robber may come in and do what robbers do. If this gets out of hand, say a robber comes once day, it gets old and out of control. So please, no nonstop robberies.<p> If you would like to be a cashier, apply at res three. It's easy. Just write your name, age, and appearance. Nothing else if you don't want to. Also add in what stores you would like to be in. Whether you want to work the register for all the groceries, two or them, three of them, or just one, add that in and we'll assign you a place or places. Everything is easy and simple.<p> Thank you for reading. Happy shopping!