Chat Magazine: Greatest Ever True Life Stories

Chat Magazine: Greatest Ever True Life Stories

by Martin Knowlden


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At last, they're here! All your favorite true life stories from Chat magazine, crammed into one brilliant bumper book. Every week, Chat magazine is packed with stories of ordinary people and the extraordinary things that have happened to them. Now you can laugh, cry, and gasp as you sit down and indulge in hundreds of stories and share in the highs and lows of the lives and loves of people just like you and me. Take brave Kimberley who, with the help of her supportive neighbours, managed to overcome the shame she had felt after an attack by her violent, drug-addict boyfriend. Or poor Sue—people kept congratulating her on her baby bump, but the painful truth was that she was suffering from a fibroid so large that it made her look pregnant and sent her from a size 12 to a size 20. These are just some of the enthralling and completely true stories in this exciting book. You simply won't be able to put it down.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781844543267
Publisher: Bonnier Books UK
Publication date: 10/28/2006
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.98(d)

Table of Contents

Down's Twins     1
Mug Tree Madness     5
No Father of Mine     9
The Best of Both Worlds     14
Was It All a Lie, Ian?     19
Just One Punch     25
Friends Like These     31
The Clutches of Death     37
I Feel Like Chicken Tonight     43
The Hands That Caress     48
Everything For a Reason     53
Let Us Pray     58
I Was Going to Tell You     62
I Want To Jump     66
Why My Brother?     69
I'd Screwed Up as a Mum. It was All my Fault     74
Our Furry Friends Have Some Spooky Senses     79
No Hard Feelings, John     83
My Army Bloke     87
Sam Is My Lifeline     93
Learning To Grow     99
Teen Killers     104
A Brother's Love     109
Help From The Other Side     115
Scratch, Scratch. Scratch!     120
'I Killed Him Because He Was an Alien'     122
All Right Gorgeous!     127
Autistic Love     132
Ghostly Goings-on     136
Beaten Again     141
Double the Pain     146
Blind Family     151
Karate Woman     157
Brace Yourself     162
The Go-between     165
Did Rape Save My Life?     170
That Baby Will Be the Making of You     176
Walk For Me, Mattie     182
Oh, How I Love You     185
Stepmum Killed Dad     190
Deadly Sleepover     195
'It's Dirty and It's Wrong...'     200
Dreaming of a Bright Christmas     206
I See Ghosts     210
Bloater     215
Bad to the Bone     221
Losing the Plot     227
The Gift...     232
Good Shot, Mate     237
The Last Gasp     242
Safe with Bommer     247
The Music Plays On     252
Hubby Brought Me Back from the Dead     257
Come to Lunch     261
Sister Killed While I Was Sleeping     267
Fatgirl Slim     272
Living for Chocolate     276
Welcome to Castle Pook     280
Goodnight to Me     284
Kitchen-sink Drama     288
We'll Look After You     293
I Knew My Sons Would Die      298
Voodoo Priest     303
A Cock and Bull Story     307
Still Beautiful     312
AnyTime, Any Place, Anywhere...With Anyone     331
Mummy's Boy     336
Brother vs. Brother     340
Angela Belongs to Me     344
How Sweet It is...     350
Being Fat Was All In the Mind...     355
The Baby Boosters     359
Are We Alone Yet?     361
Travelling Free     367
Have You Hugged Your Trunk Today?     370
My Pub Serves Spirits!     373
Our Ghost Turns The Coke Flat     373
Our Ghost Is On A Pub-crawl     374
Our Ghost Used To Be A Monk     375
Our Ghost Has Got Her Hands In The Till     376

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