Checkmate: The Games Men Play

Checkmate: The Games Men Play

by Mark Crutcher



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ISBN-13: 9780975417904
Publisher: DreXell Publishing House
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 160

About the Author

Author Mark Crutcher has a new outlook on life. In the national bestselling Checkmate: The Games Men Play, Mark Crutcher writes an empowering book for women to gain an understanding of the dating process and tricks and techniques used by ladies’ men and players to win women's hearts, minds, and especially their bodies.

A former ladies’ man, player, and gigolo, Mr. Crutcher has given up his players' card in an effort to help relinquish the heavy burden on his heart. Checkmate provides uncut and uncensored access into the secrets that men vow never to reveal about why and how they play relationship games.

Professionally, Mr. Crutcher has been a corporate executive in the field of human resources for Fortune 500 companies, directing their recruiting efforts for the past eight years before pursuing his writing career full time. Born in Memphis, TN, and currently residing in Desoto, TX. Mr. Crutcher is also a playwright and movie screenplay writer.

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