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Pearson Education
Checkpoints: Developing College English Skills / Edition 4

Checkpoints: Developing College English Skills / Edition 4

by Jack Page


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ISBN-13: 9780321080141
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 08/03/2000
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 8.42(w) x 11.10(h) x 0.53(d)

Table of Contents

1. The Writing Process. Reading: The Art of Eating Spaghetti by Russell Baker.

Writing as Process.
Prewriting: Brainstorming.
Writing Assignment: A Job Application Letter.
Spelling Troublemakers.
Wordcheck: Definitions.

2. Paragraphs with Topic Sentences. Reading: Lessons Learned During Ramadan by Ameena El Jandali.

Writing Paragraphs With Topic Sentences.
Analyzing Paragraphs with Topic Sentences.
Prewriting: Keeping a Journal.
Writing Assignment: A Paragraph with a Topic Sentence.
Manuscript Preparation.
Sentence Sense: Identifying Subjects and Verbs.
Finding the Subject: More Tips.
Finding the Verb: More Tips.
Wordcheck: Pronunciation.

3. Paragraphs With Specific Details. Reading: Nonnie by Mary E. Mebane.

Analysis Writing with Specific Details.
Prewriting: Clustering.
Writing Assignment: A Portrait of a Person.
Writing Process: Revising the Paper.
Sentence Sense: Avoiding Fragments.
Joining Sentence Parts.
Wordcheck: Spelling.

4. The Description Paragraph. Reading: Selling Off Pieces of Their Bodies by Joan Ryan.

Analyzing Descriptive Writing.
Writing Assignment: A Descriptive Paragraph.
Writing Process: Writing a Summary.
Sentence Sense: Avoiding Clause Fragments.
Joining Fragments.
Wordcheck: Spelling Compound Words.

5. The Narrative Paragraph. Reading: Down with the Forests by Charles Kuralt.

Analyzing Narrative Writing.
Prewriting: Nonstop Writing.
Writing Assignment: A Narrative Paragraph.
Sentence Sense: Avoiding Run-Together Sentences.
Wordcheck: Word Origins.

6. The Process Paragraph. Reading: TheJeaning of America-and the World by Carin C. Quinn.

Analyzing Process Writing.
Prewriting: Asking How and Why.
Writing Assignment: A Process Paragraph.
Sentence Sense: Using Verbs Correctly.
Past Participles as Adjectives.
Three Verbs to Watch Out For.
Verb Endings.
Wordcheck: Verb Forms.

7. The Cause and Effect Paragraph. Reading: Road Warriors of the Freeways by Lonn Johnston.

Analyzing Cause and Effect Writing.
Writing Assignment: A Cause and Effect Paragraph.
Affect and Effect.
Sentence Sense: Making Subjects and Verbs Agree.
Wordcheck: Plurals.

8. Example Paragraph. Reading: Addicted to Luck by Matea Gold and David Ferrell.

Analyzing Writing That Uses Examples.
Writing Assignment: An Example Paragraph.
Sentence Sense: Using the Right Pronoun.
Pronoun Case
Who and Whom.
Self Pronouns.
Wordcheck: Synonyms.

9. The Comparison Paragraph. Reading: North Marries South by Benton D. Brown.

Analyzing Comparison Writing.
Comparison vs. Contrast.
Writing Assignment: Comparison Paragraph.
Sentence Sense: Achieving Pronoun Agreement and Clear Reference.
Avoiding Sex Bias.
Group Noun Antecedents.
Clear Pronoun Reference.
Wordcheck: Usage Tips.

10. The Definition Paragraph. Reading: Tough on Macho by Rose Del Castillo Gauilbault.

Analyzing Definition Writing: Denotation and Connotation.
Writing Assignment: A Definition Paragraph.
Sentence Sense: Using Commas Correctly.
Unnecessary Commas.
Wordcheck: Biographical Names.

11. The Opinion Paragraph. Reading: A Lesson Taught on a Subway by Mike Royko.

Analyzing Opinion Writing.
Opinions and Facts.
Writing Assignment: An Opinion Paragraph.
Diction: Choosing the Right Word.
Sentence Sense: Using Other Punctuation Marks.
Ending the Sentence.
Questions: Direct and Indirect.
Using Quotation Marks.
Using Quotation Marks with Titles.
Apostrophes to Show Possession.
Using Semicolons.
Using Colons.
Using Dashes and Paretheses.
Wordcheck: Word Choice.

12. Writing the Essay. Reading: Fatherhood-It Has Its Moments by Winston F. Wong.

Analyzing an Essay.
Writing an Essay.
Writing Assignment: An Essay.
Sentence Sense: Being Consistent.
Consistent Time (Tense)
Consistent "Person" .
Consistent Tone.
Wordcheck: Places and Things.

13. The Classification Essay. Reading: Ad It Up, Break It Down by Phil Sudo.

Analyzing an Ad.
Analyzing Writing That Uses Classification.
Writing Assignment: Classification Essay.
Sentence Sense: Achieving Variety.
Sentence Patterns.
Building Effective Sentences.
Wordcheck: Foreign Words.

14. The Persuasion Essay. Reading: What Should be Done About Drugs? by the Drug Policy Foundation.

Analyzing Persuasion Writing.
Writing Assignment: A Persuasion Essay.
Sentence Sense: Solving Sentence Problems.
Misplaced Modifiers.
Dangling Modifiers.
Parallel Construction.
Mixed Constructions.
Faulty Comparisons.
Active vs. Passive Voice.
Wordcheck: Abbreviations.

15. An Essay Using Mixed Modes. Reading: The Billionth Baby by Tom Rathman.

Analyzing An Essay With Mixed Modes.
Writing Assignment: An Essay of Life.
Sentence Sense: Adding Polish.
Adjectives and Adverbs.
Faulty Logic.
Wordcheck: Miscellaneous Facts.

Writing Resources.
Dictionary Overview.
Reading in College.
Words Often Misused.
Spelling Tips and List.
Capitals, Numbers, Abbreviations.
English as a Second Language.
Writing Prompts.
Using the Computer and Internet.
Grammar Terms: The Parts of Speech.

Answer Key.



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