Cheers to the Diaper Years: 10 Truths for Thriving While Barely Surviving

Cheers to the Diaper Years: 10 Truths for Thriving While Barely Surviving


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Welcome to Crazy Town.
Population: Every mom with kids in diapers.
As moms, we drive ourselves crazy striving for perfection. We try to prepare the healthiest meals, install the safest car seats, plan the best birthday parties, and still we lie awake at night wondering if we’re doing enough. The pressures can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, the Bible provides us with an encouraging framework for godly parenting. Cheers to the Diaper Years shares ten biblical truths that will help you:
  • find something great in every day,
  • manage your time around what matters most,
  • go from worrier to warrior,
  • dump the mommy guilt,
  • celebrate your unique awesomeness, and
  • rely on God’s Word to guide your child to Christ.
Out of all the mothers in the world, God selected you to parent your child. You can survive the diaper years because you are more than enough in Christ. Cheers to the grace and goodness found in him!

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

Laugh out loud, honest, and utterly relatable.”
- Reagan Croyle Phillips, childcare director of Big Oak Ranch

“This is the new go-to survival guide for thriving in this crazy, beautiful journey of motherhood. This book needs to be on every momma’s bookshelf.”
- Betsy Cooper, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Cheers to the Diaper Years is a warm hug coupled with a healthy heaping of God’s grace. It is the new, go-to survival guide for thriving in this crazy, beautiful journey of motherhood. This book needs to be on every momma’s bookshelf smack dab between her Bible and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.
- Betsy Cooper, head of Briarwood Presbyterian Church Mother’s Day Out program, mother of two, and grandmother to nine

Cheers to the Diaper Years is like a refreshing gulp of sweet tea and a lingering hug for weary mamas everywhere. This delightful read is filled to the brim with biblical wisdom and humorous stories that “perfect mom” wannabes can relate to. Thank you, Erin, for changing my perspective on parenting from “I-have-to-mom” drudgery to “I-get-to-mom” delight.
- Tracy Steel, mama of two “spirited” kiddos, author, speaker, and writer;

The infant and preschool years of parenting are physically and emotionally exhausting. Erin Hollis quickly earns readers’ trust with humorous, relatable stories of her own surprises, disappointments, and failures along the journey of motherhood. But she does not join us there to wallow in a pity party! Erin makes you feel that you are chatting with a friend over coffee, as she shares how each of these moments is really an opportunity to better understand God’s grace. Her timely truths remind moms of the importance of perspective, community, self-forgiveness, and unconditional love—qualities which can only be found through a growing relationship with Jesus.
- Brooke Gibson, minister to preschoolers, Dawson Family of Faith; speaker and writer for Group Publishing, Loveland, Colorado

Delightful, encouraging, and perfectly lovely! Erin Brown Hollis’ Cheers to the Diaper Years brings with it a fresh glimpse of motherhood. Her wit and honesty address the not-so-glamorous side of mommy-life, celebrating it with a cup of truth and humor. The Southern charm laced throughout is contagious—mothers in all seasons of life will find themselves saying, “Cheers to the diaper years!”
- Lauren H. Brandenburg, author of The Books of the Gardener, homeschool advocate, and mother to Kensi and Jack,

Laugh out loud, honest, and utterly relatable. Erin Hollis has perfectly described in Cheers to the Diaper Years what all moms go through on a daily basis and how striving for perfection in a "perfect Instagram world" is not only unattainable but also not what God calls us to.
- Reagan Croyle Phillips, director of Big Oak Ranch Childcare

I so appreciate how Erin uses scripture to encourage and enlighten us in our motherhood journey. How beautiful it is to see God's design for motherhood explained throughout His Word in this book! Erin reminds moms that we are not perfect (and shouldn't expect perfection!), sometimes we need naps (amen!), and all of the hard, exhausting moments are worth it! Finding a mom tribe is necessary for your sanity, and this book teaches you how to find fellow moms who will understand you and walk alongside you to build you up when you are losing your sanity. So, log out of all your social media accounts (which are probably making you feel like a bad mom anyway) and read this book. It will have you laughing in agreement and encourage you to face each day with a renewed sense of hope.
- Julie Sasse, mother of two, co-owner and co-founder of Birmingham Moms Blog

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Publication date: 10/02/2018
Pages: 224
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