Cheers to the Diaper Years: 10 Truths for Thriving While Barely Surviving

Cheers to the Diaper Years: 10 Truths for Thriving While Barely Surviving


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Welcome to Crazy Town.
Population: Every mom with kids in diapers.
As moms, we drive ourselves crazy striving for perfection. We try to prepare the healthiest meals, install the safest car seats, plan the best birthday parties, and still we lie awake at night wondering if we’re doing enough. The pressures can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, the Bible provides us with an encouraging framework for godly parenting. Cheers to the Diaper Years shares ten biblical truths that will help you:
  • find something great in every day,
  • manage your time around what matters most,
  • go from worrier to warrior,
  • dump the mommy guilt,
  • celebrate your unique awesomeness, and
  • rely on God’s Word to guide your child to Christ.
Out of all the mothers in the world, God selected you to parent your child. You can survive the diaper years because you are more than enough in Christ. Cheers to the grace and goodness found in him!

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ISBN-13: 9781424557349
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 10/02/2018
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 789,078
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Erin Brown Hollis is a proud Bama girl, writer, speaker, lawyer, friend, lunchbox packer, boo-boo kisser, sweatpants-wearing momma to her two precious girls: Bellalise (age five)—a sweet, gentle-natured soul, and Annalise (age four, going on fourteen)—the life of every party. She met her husband, Marshall, during law school and drug that Cajun boy back to the Heart of Dixie, a place he now proudly calls home as well. They live in Birmingham, where their dining room is currently being used for laundry overflow. Outside of writing, Erin’s hobbies include scrapbooking, playing tennis, watching Friends marathons, crafting, cooking with her girls, and having a clean fridge—an outright miracle worth celebrating these days.

When she isn’t attending toddler tea parties or wiping up spaghetti stains, you can find Erin writing on her blog: and on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest @erinbrownhollis. She welcomes all moms to find a community of love and acceptance on her site, where she shares recipes, crafts, and encouragement weekly. She believes that all moms, no matter their story, are amazing and loves to see them pursuing their passions, whether that be in a Mommy and Me Zumba class or the center of the boardroom in a pair of killer stilettos. Lastly, and probably most importantly, she believes in making every day a celebration—so if you haven’t found a reason to celebrate yet today, tell ′em Erin told you to live it up, girl!

Table of Contents

Foreword Delores Topliff xi

Introduction 1

Part I Mommyhood: You Have Been Chosen

Truth #1 - You Were Selected by God to Be Momma to Your Babies

1 Calling All Fellow Commandeers of the Hot Mess Express 6

2 A Cautionary Tale 11

3 What Somebody Should Actually Tell Us When We Are Expecting 16

Part II You Do You-Free Yourself from the Chains of Keeping Up and Embrace the New (Non-Perfect) Mom Inside

Truth #2 - You Are More Than Enough in Christ

4 Smashing the Stepford Wife Syndrome 26

5 Picture-Perfect Performance-and the Other Lies Instagram Tells Us 31

6 Ghosting on the Guilt Goblins 37

7 Botox Bingo or Bible Study Brunch? 42

Part III You Are Not Alone

Truth #3 - You Always Have Support in Christ and in Your Tribe (Even at 2:00 a.m.)

8 Is Anybody Out There? 50

9 The Ultimate Guide to Tappin' Your Momma Tribe 53

Part IV Conquering the Cray-Cray and Overcoming the Chaos of #Mom Life

Truth #4 - You Can Find Joy Even in the Craziness

10 Mamaste-Cultivating Calm Rather Than Chaos 64

11 Tasmanian Devils for Life! 68

12 Plot Twist: Switchin' Up Our "Have-tos" to "Get-tos" 73

Part V Mamarazzis, Pinterest Princesses, and MomBots, Oh My!

Truth #5 - You Are Never Going to Be Perfect, but with God's Direction, You Will Be the Best Momma to Your Children

13 Pummeling Pinterest Perfection 84

14 Mamarazzi Mania 90

15 The Grass is Greener-Where You Water It 94

Part VI Muting All Mommy Shamers

Truth # 6 - Your Awesomeness Can't Be Defined by Others

16 Mommy Manifesto 104

17 Brouhaha to Kumbaya 110

18 Haters Gonna Hate 115

Part VII From Worrier to Warrior

Truth #7 - You Can Give Up Googling and Look to the Word

19 Worrywart to Christ Cohort 122

20 Bedsprings Baptist 127

Part VIII Squashing the Scheduling Savages

Truth #8 in Christ You Can Find Rest from the Parenting Rat Race

21 T he Solution to: Stress-Gate 136

22 Move it, Mealtime MomBot! 145

23 Stepping Off the Struggle Bus: Prioritize Your Pandemonium 149

24 Pouty Lips and Pedicures 156

Part IX Adulting: Accept the Challenge. Play by the Rules. Win at Parenting.

Truth #9 - You Know What's Up with This Whole Parenting Thing

25 Fix It, Jesus! 164

26 Pop Out Your Planners for the Parenting To-Do List 168

27 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo: Step Right Up to the Grace Train! 180

28 Handprints on Their Hearts 184

Part X This Too Shall Pass (Boogers and Poopy Diapers Included)

Truth #10 - You Will Get Through This

29 The Tale of the Next Best Thing 190

30 These Are the Days 194

Conclusion: The Thrivin' Tribe: A Love Letter to You 199

Cheers to … Scripture Resource 201

Acknowledgments 205

Notes 209

Connect with Erin 211

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