Chemical Health Threats: Assessing and Alerting

Chemical Health Threats: Assessing and Alerting



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ISBN-13: 9781782620716
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, The
Publication date: 10/26/2018
Series: Issues in Toxicology Series
Pages: 309
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About the Author

Professor Raquel Duarte-Davidson is head of the International Research and Development (IRD) Group within the Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards at Public Health England. Many of their current projects are international collaborations with different public health bodies, universities and poisons centres across Europe. Projects relate to risk assessment, exposure assessment, developing alerting systems using poisons centres across Europe and developing guidance, protocols and training material on the management of chemical incidents. Professor Duarte-Davidson also holds a Visiting Professorship at Cranfield University.

Dr Rob Orford is a Principal Scientist within the IRD group. He is the technical lead for two EU co-funded R&D projects on cross border chemical health threats. The projects cover the European Union level response to serious cross border threats to health from chemicals which includes the development of toxicosurveillance approaches for chemical health threats.

Dr Stacey Wyke is also a Principal Scientist within the IRD group and is the technical lead for recovery and remediation of chemical incidents. She has led EU co-funded R&D projects on cross border chemical health threats and toxicosurveillance, has worked as a Poisons Specialist and is a registered Toxicologist.

Table of Contents

Overview of Alerting, Assessing and Responding to Chemical Public Health Threats; Chemical Regulation at the European Level: Safeguarding Consumer Health and Protecting the Environment; Medical Management of Mass Intoxications; Hazardous Exposures to Liquid Laundry Detergents Capsules in Young Children; Novel Applications of Spatial Mapping to Chemicals or Biological Outbreaks; Surveillance of Chemical Health Threats; Responding to New Psychoactive Substances in the Europen Union: Early Warning, Risk Assessment and Control Measures; Rapid Public Health Risk Assessments for Emerging Chemical Health Threats; Review of Risk Management Measures to Mitigate Against Exposures to Household Chemical Consumer Products; Understanding and Managing Behavioural and Psychological Responses to Chemical Incidents; Strategic, Technical and Scientific Advice in an Environmental Emergency; Public Health Preparation and Response to Chemical Incident Emergencies; Chemical Incident Management: An Overview of Preparedness, Response and Recovery; Investigating Outbreaks of Unknown Aetiology; Case Study: Methanol Mass Poisoning Outbreak in the Czech Republic: Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcome; Case Study: Fentanils: A Serious Threat to Public Health in Europe; Case Study: Enschede Fireworks Disaster: Lessons Learned; Case Study 4: The ANDE Fire, Paraguay, 2015

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