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American Chemical Society
Chemical Separations with Liquid Membranes

Chemical Separations with Liquid Membranes


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Reviews a variety of liquid membrane configurations, transport mechanisms, and experimental techniques. Describes separations of metal ions, anionic species, organic molecules, and gas mixtures that involve liquid membrane processes. Provides coverage of theory, including mechanisms, carrier design and synthesis, and applications in chemical separations. Covers a broad range of separation processes, including carbon dioxide from nitrogen, unsaturated hydrocarbons, individual transition and heavy metal cations, selenium from contaminated waters, radiotoxic species from nuclear wastes, and sugars from aqueous solutions. Presents state-of-the-art information for both the novice and practitioner.

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ISBN-13: 9780841234475
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 05/01/1996
Series: ACS Symposium Series , #642
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Chemical Separations with Liquid Membranes: An Overview, R.A. Bartsch and J. D. Way
A Tribute to Norman N. Li
J.D. Way and W.S.W. Ho
Mechanistic Studies of Carrier-Mediated Transport through Supported Liquid Membranes, L.A.J. Chrisstoffels, F. de Jong, and D.N. Reinhoudt
Rational Design of Liquid Membrane Separation Systems, R.T. Peterson and J.D. Lamb
Facilitated Transport of Alkali Metal Cations through Supported Liquid Membranes with Fatty Acids, N.M. Kocherginsky
Emulsions for Liquid Membrane Extraction: Properties and Peculiarities, E.V. Yurtov and M.Y. Koroleva
Preparation and Splitting of Emulsions for Liquid Membranes, J. Draxler, C. Weiss, R. Marr, and G.R. Rapaumbya
Mathematical Modeling of Carrier-Facilitated Transport in Emulsion Liquid Membranes, C.-R. Huang, K.-C. Wang, and D.-W. Zhou
Design of Macrocyclic Carriers for Liquid Membranes, R.T. Peterson and J.D. Lamb
New Tactics in Design of Ion-Specific Carriers: Approaches Based on Computer Chemistry and Rare Earth Complex Chemistry, H. Tsukube
New Multidentate Ligand Carriers for Macrocycle-Facilitated Metal Ion Transport Across Liquid Membranes, R.A. Bartsch, M.D. Eley, M.D. Utterback, J.A. McDonough, and Y. Jang
Highly Selective Transport of Heavy Metal Ions by Novel Amide Compounds, K. Hiratani and K. Kasuga
Transition Metal Cation Separations by Organophosphorus Compounds in Liquid Membrane Processes, W. Walkowiak and J. Gega
Sugar Separation Using Liquid Membranes and Boronic Acid Carriers, B.D. Smith
Recent Advances in Emulsion Liquid Membranes, W.S.W. Ho and N.N. Li
Hollow Fiber-Contained Liquid Membranes for Separations: An Overview, K.K. Sirkar
Facilitated Transport of Carbon Dioxide through Supported Liquid Membranes of Aqueous Amine Solutions, M. Teramoto, Q. Huang, and H. Matsuyama
Facilitated Transport of Carbon Dioxide through Functional Membranes Prepared by Plasma Graft Polymerization Using Amines as Carrier, H. Matsuyama and M. Teramoto
Separation of Ethylene from Ethane Using Perfluorosulfonic Acid Ion-Exchange Membranes, A. Sungpet, P.M. Thoen, J.D. Way, and J.R. Dorgan
Facilitated Transport of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons in Perfluorosulfonic Acid (Nafion) Membranes, C.A. Koval, D.L. Bryant, H. Engelhardt, D. Manley, R. Rabago, P.M. Thoen, and R.D. Noble
Heavy Metal Ion Separation by Functional Polymeric Membranes, T. Hayashita
Use of Emulsions, Microemulsions, and Hollow Fiber Contactors as Liquid Membranes, J.M. Wiencek, S.-Y. Hu, and B. Raghuraman
Field Testing of a Liquid-Emulsion Membrane System for Copper Recovery from Mine Solutions, D.N. Nilsen, G.L. Hundley, G.J. Galvan, and J.B. Wright
Removal of Selenium from Contaminated Waters Using Emulsion Liquid Membranes, K.J. Gleason, J. Yu, A.L. Bunge, and J. D. Wright
Supported Liquid Membranes in Metal Separations, B.M. Misra and J.S. Gill
Cesium Removal from Nuclear Waste Water by Supported Liquid Membranes Containing Calix-bis-crown Compounds, Z. Asfari, C. Bressot, J. Vicens, C. Hill, J.-F. Dozol, H. Rouquette, S. Eymard, V. Lamare, and B. Tournois
Separation of Radiotoxic Actinides from Reprocessing Wastes with Liquid Membranes, J.P. Shukla, A. Kumar, R.K. Singh, and R.H. Iyer

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