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Springer Netherlands
Chemistry in America 1876-1976: Historical Indicators

Chemistry in America 1876-1976: Historical Indicators


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ISBN-13: 9789027717207
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 02/26/2004
Series: Chemists and Chemistry Series , #5
Edition description: 1985
Pages: 564
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

1. Orientations.- 1.1. American Chemistry in Cultural Context.- 1.2. Indicators of Trends in American Chemistry.- 1.3. Indicators and History.- 1.4. The Structure of This Study.- 2. Chemistry as Occupation and Profession.- 2.1. Chemistry as Occupation.- 2.1.1. The Differentiation of Occupations.- 2.1.2. The Problems of Measurement.- 2.1.3. Indicators of the Occupation.- 2.2. Chemistry as Profession.- 2.2.1. The American Chemical Society.- 2.2.2. The Professionalization of Chemistry.- 2.2.3. Chemistry among the Professions.- 3. Chemical Education as Context.- 3.1. Higher Education.- 3.1.1. Exponential Growth and Relative Decline.- 3.1.2. Decoupling: Vocation and Culture.- 3.2. Secondary Education.- 3.3. Mass Culture.- 4. Chemical Industry as Context.- 4.1. Diversities and Definitions.- 4.2. Chemicals and Allied Products.- 4.3. Oligopoly and Patents.- 4.4. Industry, Progress, and Boosterism.- 5. A Second Look at Employment.- 5.1. Industry.- 5.1.1. Chemists in Industry.- 5.1.2. Research Laboratories and Research Workers.- 5.2. Government.- 5.2.1. The Federal Government.- 5.2.2. Contexts of Federal Employment.- 5.2.3. State and Local Government.- 5.3. Academe.- 5.4. Other Contexts.- 6. Chemistry as Discipline.- 6.1. The Chemical Discipline and the Research University.- 6.2. Papers, Prizes, and International Prestige.- 6.2.1. Citations of American Research.- 6.2.2. Nobel Prizes.- 6.3. The Entrenchment of Chemistry.- 6.4. The Differentiation of Chemistry.- 6.4.1. Chemical Journals.- 6.4.2. Specialization and ACS Strategy.- 6.4.3. Specialty Structure.- 6.5. ACS Presidents: Some Micro-Indicators.- 6.5.1. Age Structure.- 6.5.2. Educational Background.- 6.5.3. Institutional Loci and Employment.- 6.5.4. Social Ties.- 6.6. Concluding Remarks.- Appendixes.- A. Chemistry and Chemists: Alternative Definitions.- B. Chemical Industry: Alternative Definitions.- C. Procedures Used in Analysis of Citations.- D. A Note on the Treatment of Errors.- E. Trend Analyses: Technical Details.- Tables.- An Introductory Note.- I. Data Sources.- A. Federal Government.- B. Other.- II. Bibliography, Historiography, and Methodology.- III. Other Books and Articles.

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