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Springer Netherlands
Chemistry of Glasses / Edition 2

Chemistry of Glasses / Edition 2

by A. Paul


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ISBN-13: 9780412278204
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 11/30/1989
Edition description: 2nd ed. 1990
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.69(h) x 0.36(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

1 Glass Formation.- 1.1 General Aspects.- 1.2 Glass Formers.- 1.3 Atomistic Hypotheses of Glass Formation.- 1.4 Kinetic Approach to Glass Formation.- 2 Phase Transformations in Glass.- 2.1 Crystallization.- 2.2 Liquid -Liquid Phase Separation.- 2.3 Glass-Ceramics.- 3 Physical Properties.- 3.1 Density of Glasses.- 3.2 Partial Molar Volume of Constituent Oxides in Glasses and Melts.- 3.3 Refractive Index of Glasses.- 3.4 Thermal Expansion of Glasses.- 3.5 Viscosity of Glasses.- 3.6 Surface Tension of Glasses.- 3.7 Electrical Properties of Glasses.- 4 Chemical Durability of Glass.- 4.1 Mechanism of Reactions of Glasses with Aqueous Solution.- 4.2 Factors Affecting Chemical Durability Measurements of a Glass.- 4.3 Effect of Glass Composition.- 4.4 Effect of pH of the Solution on Chemical Durability of SiO2 (quartz).- 4.5 Solubility of Silica in Aqueous Solutions.- 4.6 Glass Electrodes.- 5 Oxidation-Reduction Equilibrium in Glass.- 5.1 General.- 5.2 Activity Corrections.- 5.3 Oxidation -Reduction in Glass.- 5.4 Theory of Redox Reactions in Solutions.- 6 Acid-Base Concepts in Glass.- 6.1 Introduction.- 6.2 Acid-Base Relationships in Glasses.- 6.3 Oxygen Ion Activity.- 6.4 Transition Metal Ions as Acid-Base Indicators in Glass.- 6.5 Oxidation-Reduction Equilibrium in Glass.- 6.6 Filled Shell Ions with ns2 Configuration as an Acid-Base Indicator in Glass.- 6.7 Vanadylion as an Acid-Base Indicator in Glass.- 7 Coloured Glasses.- 7.1 Atomic Structure and the Periodic Classification of Transition Metals.- 7.2 Theories of Chemical Bonding in Transition Metal Complexes.- 7.3 Application of Bonding Theories in Interpreting d-d Absorption Spectra.- 7.4 Absorption Spectra of Transition Metal Ions.- 7.5 Charge-Transfer Bands.- 7.6 Anionic Substitution in Glass.- 7.7 Photosensitive Glasses.- 7.8 Copper Ruby Glasses.- 7.9 Measurement of Colour, Colour Diagram and Tristimulus Values.- 8 Polymetric Nature of Glass Melts.

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