The Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation

by Charles Royce


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This volume, presents the succession of treaties between 1785 and 1868 that reduced the holdings of the Cherokee Nation east of the Mississippi and culminated in their removal to Indian territory. Each document is accompanied by a detailed description of its antecedent conditions, the negotiations that led up to it, and its consequences. The events described here ended more than a century ago, but the motives and actions of the participants and the effects of the compromises and decisions they made are sadly familiar. The story presented here needs to be understood by everyone concerned with the survival of diverse ways of life and the quality of the relationships among peoples.

The impersonal style of Royce's presentation enhances the poignancy of the Cherokee experience. Repeated declarations of peace and perpetual friendship contrast with repeated violations of treaties approved by Congress and the impotence of a people to defend their ancestral lands. The Cherokee "trail of broken treaties" has left us with a heritage of guilt and frustration that we have yet to overcome.

The Native American Library, in which this volume appears, has been initiated by the National Anthropological Archives of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, to publish original works by Indians and reprints selected by the tribes involved. Royce's work, which was included in the Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, is republished at the request of the Governing Body of the Cherokee Nation. The original text is prefaced by an evaluation of Royce and his work by Richard Mack Bettis and contains several illustrations not included in the earlier edition.

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ISBN-13: 9780202309446
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Publication date: 02/15/2007
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Charles C. Royce made two very valuable contributions to the literature on the American Indian—this book on the Cherokee and his monumental Indian Land Cessions in the United States (another Bureau of Ethnology publication). He was appointed an ethnologist on the staff of the Bureau in February 1883.

Table of Contents

Preface   Herman J. Viola     vii
Introduction   Richard Mack Bettis     ix
Introduction     1
Treaty of November 28, 1785
Material Provisions     5
Historical Data     6
Treaty of July 2, 1791
Material Provisions     30
Historical Data     32
Treaty of February 17, 1792
Material Provisions     41
Historical Data     41
Treaty of June 28, 1794
Material Provisions     43
Historical Data     47
Treaty of October 2, 1798
Material Provisions     46
Historical Data     47
Treaty of October 24, 1804
Material Provisions     55
Historical Data     56
Treaties of October 25 and 27, 1805
Material Provisions     61
Historical Data     62
Treaty of January 7, 1806
Material Provisions     65
Treaty of September 11, 1807
Material Provisions     66
Historical Data     67
Treaties of March 22, 1816
Material Provisions     69
Historical Data     71
Treaty of September 14, 1816
Material Provisions     81
Historical Data     82
Treaty of July 8, 1817
Material Provisions     84
Historical Data     86
Treaty of February 27, 1819
Material Provisions     91
Historical Data     93
Treaty of May 6, 1828
Material Provisions     101
Historical Data     103
Treaty of February 14, 1833
Material Provisions     121
Historical Data     123
Treaty of December 29, 1835
Material Provisions     125
Historical Data     130
Treaty of August 6, 1846
Material Provisions     176
Historical Data     178
Treaty of July 19, 1866
Material Provisions     212
Treaty of April 27, 1868
Material Provisions     218
Historical Data     219
General Remarks     249
Biographical Notes     257
Maps     259
Index     265

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