by Alison Moncrieff


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Cherrystem by Alison Moncrieff

Rich in natural, mythical, medical, and pop-cultural imagery, Alison Moncrieff’s first chapbook Cherrystem leaves a mark as it reveal the mystical terrain of an ordinary life. Moncrieff’s poetry bring us to an emotional place in quick moments evoking dreams, pleasures, griefs, fears, and traumas. We will return to this book repeatedly as we would a sensory, coded prayer for our possible selves and forms, for healing, or for regeneration. In Cherrystem, Moncrieff attends to assumptions and contradictions inside housewifery, motherloss, childhood isolation, time, and motherhood, among other things. The chapbook is a map of places where interior truths bump up against cultural dead ends and bust through those fences between the last two houses into the wilderness beyond. With attention on memory and how mourned people and times don’t ever really leave us, Moncrieff manages losses with DIY motherdolls, superhero capes, and dream escapes. Pop culture figures - Slugterra, My Little Pony, David Bowie - figure as friends, confidants, and seers. And, along the way, we embody Egyptian goddesses and Greek fates. Healing happens in hospital beds in front of cartoons, in the deserts of Egypt, or through the TV language of some powerful kids trained to fight with slugs. Cherrystem is an apothecary for quotidian moments of being human. Cherrystem is a sequence of quick, healing breaths to invigorate a numb moment. It is a reminder that reason doesn’t always visit us in reasonable ways. Sometimes we speak in voices we don’t recognize, and things come down the pike we don’t expect, as we undertake unquestioning the activities of animal survival. Cherrystem ask us to greet what comes.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781635341690
Publisher: Finishing Line Press
Publication date: 05/05/2017
Pages: 38
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

Growing up in northern California, Alison Moncrieff spent long periods time outside playing with friends, reading, and collecting materials from the natural world. Back then, she wanted to be an archeologist and her hero was Dr. L. S. B. Leakey. When she was inside, she played Pong, sewed clothing and cooked with her mom, and watched TV shows like Wild Wild West, Wild Kingdom, Mr. Ed, and anything that featured Dr. Leakey. She also wanted to be a novelist and tried, at first, to write her own books by copying other people's. She studied English and creative writing at Mills College in the late 80s after which time she did not write for many years. While working in a local bookstore, she created a non-fiction section entitled "Visitations" which featured books about aliens visiting Earth. Among other occupations, she was a writer for the National Park Service, a lingerie fitter for women with prosthetic breasts, a computer book editor, and a garden designer. A homeschooling mom as well as a writer, she lives in Oakland, California with her husband, 2 children, and 13 animals.

Table of Contents

i will never 1

kiddo 2

net 3

junjie explains things to trixie 4

pony 5

diastasis recti 6

sekhmet 7

estudillo avenue 8

sanctuary 9

poppet 10

blodison 11

blood moon 12

featured artist 13

clairaudience 14

sunol 15

what passes for pretty 16

into it 17

sough 18

clotho 19

let 20

lunatic 21

Y 22

motorcycle 23

we can be us for david bowie 24

exoneration 25

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