by Michael Keating

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The CHERUBIKON is a song of redemption, love, and joy. A novel embraced by both women and men from 15 to 100. A sexy, thriller which asks: "Quisut Deus?", or Who is like God? It is a living, waking, horror based on surreal, yet real events of
our not-so bygone Barbary Coast era.

It is the story of "RED", aka Noel Kadi Carlton, the "best whore that ever lived".

Cast out onto the dark and dingy streets of Chinatown in San Francisco, California, we follow Red down and down for seventy-seven hours in this seamy slice of life thriller based upon the author's own true life experiences and that of his call-girl friends and acquaintances. The Cherubikon is MORE than true. It is based upon real and tragic events. The names and dates have been changed to confound the law and protect those culpable children of the streets I love so well.

Madness reigns as love is regained. The scions of San Francisco society, so eager to please their amorous and vile intents, are waking up dead in a wide path behind the footsteps of our heroine. Someone is killing Red's tricks just moments after they have scored, and no one, not even Red knows just who or why.

It's a story of one man's miracle. How a recently paroled murderer called the "Roof Sleeper", strives to track down his only child, a prostitute named "Red", so that he can make amends for the life of horror his crimes have subjected her to. Some thirty years earlier he had murdered two men he had found in flagrant dilecto with her mother, Lamia, an aspiring Hollywood actress who never had one chance in a million to become a star. The Roof Sleeper endured 30 years in the California penal system for this crime of passion, because he could not afford a lawyer.

Red is a thirty-seven year old sex worker who walks the mean streets of San Francisco both to earn a living and to accumulate the mountain of funds needed to
buy her five year old daughter a new heart and a new kidney. Doctor Senegal, the
West Coast's greatest transplant surgeon prays that a donor can be found in time.
Time is running out, and the fair mulatto child named, Erin Gaea, is dying.

Red, in the last treacherous days of her little daughter Erin's life, makes a desperate deal with God, to stop prostituting her body, if God will save her child.
Everything is falling apart all at once, and Red is approaching madness.

Meanwhile, Red's trans-gendered roommate Cheri' steals a black valise containing information so rare, so malevolent, and so valuable, that the parties she has stolen it from will do anything and everything to accomplish its recovery. Cheri'
is kidnapped and held by dark forces who demand that Red bring them that valise.
"Bring it, or your friend will die. . . "

Red must choose to attend her dying daughter, or to save sweet Cheri'.

All through the three days of night, Red and Cheri are chauffeured around North Beach and Chinatown by gypsy cab driver Miriam Sabra, Israeli tank commander, late of the Six Day War, who assists the girls in their frightening dance with death.

Lastly, Red must confront her culpability, and that of Cheri' in the murder of her dear friend Myron Oppenheim, attorney of great renown, who is murdered for no other reason than he knows who and what the girls have done and where they live.
Horror reigns as mayhem rules.

Detective Mike Guzy, Red's much hated ex-paramour, goes out of his way to assist the shadowy international forces that demand the return of the black valise.
Guzy wants Red back, but she wants none of it.

Red is a woman with a death wish, whose wish for death turns toward life.

With it's broad human appeal, the Cherubikon first makes you laugh, then makes you cry, and finally to raise your hands high in joyful celebration of eternal life and Red's ultimate human victory over every evil.

The goal of the Cherubikon is to inspire every lovely being to believe that there exists a Great Grand Parent who both loves you, and wants to see you walk the straight path towards love, light, and eternal glory, just like Red.

The Cherubikon of Molly Red Doll's essential message is singularly this:

The Cherubikon reminds us that there is a God who loves you more than we know;
and therefore in spite of our "long day's journey into night", through all the grim darkness of despair, humiliation, cruelty, and summary evil . . . we must never, ever, ever GIVE UP.

For if Red can find cause to return to the Great Grand Parent, so can you,
so can I, so can we.

Quisut Deus?

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Publisher: Michael Keating
Publication date: 12/20/2010
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About the Author

Mick Keating lived for two decades on the mean streets of Hollywood, San Francisco, and Los Angeles where he worked as a taxi-driver, bouncer, bartender, body guard, process server, private security agent, and insurance fraud investigator. There he had intimate contact with the good, the bad, and the ugly of society. His wealth of street experience has given him a most incredible, if not disturbing view of good & evil, life, love, men, women and the meaning of our earth-bound existence.

Mick's friends call him:"Magic Man". He currently lives in the Old French Layfayette Square district of Soulard in south Saint Louis, Missouri where he is scribing his next book, attended by his tuxedo-cat Rosco and the ghosts of a most violent past. Mick greets every being with these same words:


Mick is the father of two miraculous children: Katherine Diane & Christian Michael.

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