The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale

The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale


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In this playful homage to Charles Dickens, unlikely allies learn the lessons of a great friendship.
Skilley, an alley cat with an embarrassing secret, longs to escape his street-cat life. He hopes to trade London’s damp alleyways for the warmth of ye olde Cheshire Cheese Inn, so he strikes a bargain with Pip, an erudite mouse. Skilley will protect the mice who live at the inn, and in turn, the mice will provide Skilley with the thing he desires most. But when Skilley and Pip are drawn into a crisis of monumental proportions, their new friendship is pushed to its limits. The escalating crisis threatens the peace not only of the Cheshire Cheese Inn but also the British Monarchy!
New York Times best-selling author Carmen Agra Deedy and author Randall Wright collaborate on this compelling story set in Victorian England. With the stunning artwork of award-winning illustrator Barry Moser, The Cheshire Cheese Cat is filled with charming characters and important themes of friendship and loyalty.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781561455959
Publisher: Peachtree Publishing Company
Publication date: 10/28/2011
Pages: 228
Sales rank: 1,138,047
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)
Lexile: 740L (what's this?)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Carmen Agra Deedy is a New York Times bestselling author and has been writing and traveling around the world telling stories for more than twenty years. Her books have received numerous awards and honors. Carmen has performed in many prestigious venues, but children are her favorite audience. Born in Havana, Cuba, she came to the United States as a refugee and like most immigrants sees the world from multiple perspectives. She lives in Georgia.

Randall Wright is the author of several novels for young readers, including a 2004 VOYA Top Shelf Award winner. He lives in Utah.

Barry Moser is one of today’s most celebrated illustrators of children’s books. He is also a printer, painter, printmaker, designer, author, essayist, and teacher. The books Moser has illustrated and/or designed form a list of over three hundred titles. He lives in Massachusetts.

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Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
babslimo More than 1 year ago
I so enjoyed this lovely book and plan to read it aloud to my 92 year old grandmother. She loves mice and Old England, so it will be perfect for her and the rest of my family. Highly recommended!
Bookworm_Lisa on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Set in Victorian England this is a fun book portraying the unlikely friendship between a cat and a mouse.Skilley is a street cat who find out about the mice infestation in a shop that sells cheese and figures out a way to be the cat to take care of the problem. He meets a mouse named Pip and they find a way to cooperate and both of them are able to meet their unique needs. Their biggest dilemma is how to help the raven, Maldwyn find his way back to the tower of London. In the mean time they have to stay out of the way of the very evil cat named Pinch.This book is story of friendship, loyalty, and forgiveness. I loved the mouse society. Many unique mice live in the Inn, of course, where else would they be when there is the worlds best cheese? We can't forget Charles Dickens role in the story as he struggles to overcome writers block while studying these remarkable animals.I really enjoyed this book and know that middle grade readers will enjoy it as well.
lostinalibrary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Cheshire Cheese Inn makes the best cheese in all of Victorian England. As a result, it attracts many prominent patrons including author Charles Dickens. It also attracts a huge number of mice. The Cheshire Cheese is badly in need of a cat.As luck would have it, Skilley, an alley cat with a shameful secret, is badly in need of a home. So when he learns that the Inn is looking for a mouser, he quickly offers his services.This charmer of a story is aimed at middle graders but it is definitely one that will appeal to all ages. It is a wonderful tale full of memorable and quirky characters who will stay with you long after you close the covers. And the marvelous black and white illustrations which pepper the pages add to its appeal.Although not a Christmas story, it is so full of good cheer (but not in a schmaltzy way) that it would make the perfect gift for your little reader. Before you wrap it, though, you really should read it yourself . However, I suggest you wait until after the kids are asleep all snug in their beds because once you start you are not going to want to put this one down.
francescadefreitas on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A cat, a mouse, Dickens, cheese, and hot peppers. In an inn full of mysteries, a cat and a mouse attempt to pull off an unthinkable confidence trick. But theirs is far from the only secret. And of course Dickens plays a minor role, and his characters and phrases are scattered though the story. I expected this to be a bit twee, and I was especially looking forward to it, but I was sucked in all the same. And I would have happily read a terrible book just for the scene where an old friend unexpectedly returns.I'd give this to fans of animal stories,and then maybe follow with The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.
GRgenius on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
¿He was the best of Toms. He was the worst of Toms¿.¿¿and so begins this fanciful story of an unlikely duo able to find the strengths in their differences and come to an understanding that our friends are not defined by our species or background, but by those we deem worthy of associating with. If they be cut from a different cloth than our own, so be it¿it may just prove to our own enrichment as well their own, and who would want to deny anyone that opportunity? Skilley is an unusual cat in mannerisms, diet, and choice of friends. Pip is another contraction to typical stereotypes thanks to a little girl named Nell and her kindness towards all animals great and small. It was she who took him in after a very unfortunate incident and she who made sure he was safe and loved growing up. It was also she that instilled a love of reading within the little mouse. Gotta love a mouse that loves to read and more still, he knows a thing or two about the meaning behind those words. Thanks to Pip, along with the delightful story, readers young and old alike get a bit of a language lesson as well without it actually feeling like a curriculm. Master Dickens would be proud¿.and he is too as he makes several appearances at the inn throughout the story. We even get treated to some of his ruminations on said events as we glimpse a page from the journal he is constantly writing in while wasting the day tableside in search of an opening for his latest serialization. It¿s all rather entertaining.Perhaps my favorite character beyond the obvious choices would be¿.Too. She is the mousiest of mouse¿s and adorable beyond words. When she first meets Skilley, her reaction to the cat throws everything off but in a good way that is totally smile worthy and her bravery is without measure. A little darling if a mouse ever could be one.The artwork scattered throughout the book like so many morsels of the inn¿s infamous cheese, are delightful and at times pause worthy if not merely for the talent displayed but the shiver they may induce.... meaning there happens to be a character or two whose portraits are spot on for displaying their internal beauty (or lack thereof), but we also have the sweetest moments shown between Pip and Skilley or Too and her father. Great job balancing all aspects of the story visuals! So¿would I recommend this book to you? Yes, yes and yes again. For the young and the old, the well read and the beginner, those looking for a quick read and the true Dickens fan at heart¿.you can¿t go wrong with this enjoyable read. A book that takes you on an unexpected journey, imparts a lesson or two along the way, and ultimately leaves you with a smile¿.what more could you ask?
ChristianR on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Back when Dickens was writing, he apparently frequented an inn that had delicious cheese. It also had a large number of mice in residence. First Skilley, a stray cat, arrived at the inn to serve as mouse catcher, but little did the owner of the inn know that Skilley actually hated the taste of mouse, and loved cheese. Skilley, after much difficulty, convinced the head mouse, Pip, that he was a friend. They lived together in peace while pretending to chase and be chased. But then came another, very vicious, cat and their harmonious life was changed. Add an injured raven and the Queen herself, and you have an entertaining story for middle to upper elementary readers.
the1stdaughter on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
As Charles Dickens sits whittling away his ink and paper an unexpected story unfolds before his eyes. An Inn known for it¿s marvelous cheese and of course it¿s expected inhabitants, mice. When the alley cat Skilley is informed by his rival, Pinch, that there is need of a mouse catcher at the inn it seems the perfect place for a cheese loving cat in want of a home. Before he knows it Skilley is welcomed, but before too long he¿s acquired a new mouse friend and an even angrier enemy. An unlikely pair, Skilley and Pip discover that friendships are not always predictable and that secrets & power can be held within even the smallest of creatures.Astonishingly delightful. Those would absolutely be the two words I¿d use to describe this surprisingly enjoyable tale. I say surprisingly because I¿m not generally one to enjoy animal narrators, but this is certainly an exception. This is a story not only with references to the great Charles Dickens, but filled with stories of friendship and love.The Cheshire Cheese Cat is definitely a story I¿d recommend to young readers as early as age seven and possibly even younger if read with a parent who can inflect the enthusiasm the story deserves in its telling. Not only will they love the excitement of the rivalary between Skilley and Pinch, but they will also learn lessons about kindness, friendship, honesty and even a new word or two. Pip is a very unlikely character, as a mouse who can read and write, he helps both Skilley and the reader to learn new words in nearly every chapter. What was delightful about having Pip as the teacher was that it never seemed forced and that is without a doubt something that young readers will appreciate.Through the story telling abilities of Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright and the delightful illustrations of Barry Moser the story of two unlikely friends comes to life in The Cheshire Cheese Cat. A story filled with friendship, adventure and even a few educational bits here and there make it a story that young readers and their parents will fall in love with almost instantly. I¿m thrilled to have had the opportunity to read it, not only myself but also to my son. Even at the young age of four he was completely enthralled with Pip and his friend Skilley. It¿s a story I recommend wholeheartedly and cannot wait to keep reading to my own two kiddos!My original review was posted at There's A Book.
abbylibrarian on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A charming story brought to life by Katherine Kellgren's excellent narration. This is a great family listen as it will appeal to a wide range of ages and adults will catch the many Dickensian references that might go over the heads of the kids. Highly recommended!
Its_Time_Mamaw More than 1 year ago
Skilley the alley cat has made up his mind he is going to sneak inside the Cheshire Cheese Inn. So, he will cunningly convince the Innkeeper to let Skilley stay as the Inn's mouser. You see a mouser is a cat that catches mice. The Inn has the best cheese around and the Inn is overrun with mice. He finally sees the chance to sneak in after a customer. He puts on such a good performance and even caught a mouse. Well he convinced the Innkeeper that this was THE MOUSER for the Cheshire Cheese Inn. Skilley took off with the mouse further into the Inn and spit out the mouse. The mouse was called Pip and he has lived at the Inn his entire life. He could not figure out why the cat spit him out. Why didn't he eat Pip that is what any other cat would have done. Well you see Skilley has a secret and so does Pip. They agreed never to give away their secrets. They become buddies and together they are quite the little schemers. If they are careful and everything goes as they have planned they can live in peace with everyone, including the British Monarchy. The man at the beginning of the story that let Skilley into the Inn had a friend with him, Charles Dicken's. He found the Cat and Mouse antics to be very entertaining and with his imagination he came up with these fun and very unusual characters. Kudos to Charles, Carmen, Randall and Barry for putting their talents together into a neat little package for us to enjoy. The illustrator did a marvelous job of depicting all the characters through the author's detailed description to perfection. I highly recommend this book. Disclosure I received a free copy of this book from Peachtree Publishing for review. I was in no way compensated for this review. It is my own opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a wonderful story and included suttle hints of Charles Dickens. It was a great story about friendship.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this book and I thought that it would be an interesting book. Interesting yes and one that you can not put down until the last page is turned!!!The friendship between the mouse and the cat were simply astounding!!!! I would recommend this book to be read by all!!! This shows that it takes all to be friends. Pip the mouse took alot of courage to believe that he could have a friend in Skilley!!! This book says alot and to have Mr Dickens in it also puts a twist into also. An excellent book