Cheyenne Memories: Second Edition

Cheyenne Memories: Second Edition

by John Stands In Timber, Margot Liberty

Paperback(Second Edition)

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This classic work is an oral history of the Cheyenne Indians from legendary times to the early reservation years, a collaborative effort by the Cheyenne tribal historian, John Stands in Timber, and anthropologist Margot Liberty. Published in 1967, the book now has an updated bibliography and a new preface by Liberty, in which she shares her recollections of Stands in Timber and describes the circumstances of the Cheyenne over the past thirty years.

Stands in Timber was born in 1882, a few years after his grandfather was killed in the Custer battle. In this book he recounts tribal myths and sacred rituals, conflict with traditional enemies and whites, and eventual “civilization” and settlement on a reservation. The retelling of Cheyenne traditions formed an important part of Stands in Timber’s life from early childhood, and on his return from school in 1905 he became the primary keeper of the oral literature of his people, seeking out every elder who could contribute personal memories to Cheyenne lore. In 1956 he met Margot Liberty, then an Indian Affairs Bureau teacher, who helped him tape-record more than thirty hours of recollections. From these she compiled this unique and lively folk history, one based on a longtime inside view that can never be duplicated.

“This is an extraordinarily fascinating book, . . . a book that all Americans, Indians as well as non-Indians, will treasure.”—Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.

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ISBN-13: 9780300073003
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication date: 01/21/1998
Series: The Lamar Series in Western History
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 275,675
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.84(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii(6)
Preface to the Second Edition xiii(14)
List of Illustrations and Maps
Introduction 3(8)
1. Earliest Stories. The Creation. The Early People. The Seven Stars. The Great Race. When White Man Lost His Eyes.
2. Sweet Medicine. The Coming of Sweet Medicine. The First Miracle. The Second Miracle. Exile. Return. Death and Prophecies.
3. The Chiefs. Organization and Laws. Red Robe's Father and Black Coyote. The Chiefs Since 1892. Battle at the Rio Grande. The Chiefs' Emblem. Well Known Chiefs.
4. The Soldiers. The Different Military Societies. The Foxes. Suicide Warriors. Songs and Dances. The Dog Soldiers. Soldier Girls. The Victory Ceremony. The Last Dance of Old Man Teeth.
5. The Sacred Medicine Things. The Suhtai. The Sacred Hat. Ceremonies. Recent Openings. Some Suhtai Stories. The Red Pipestone. Custer's Smoke with the Cheyennes. Ceremony with the Red Stone Plate. Antelope Pit Ceremony. The Sacred Arrows. Recent Worshipping at Bear Butte. The Fasting of Brave Wolf.
6. Ceremonies and Power. Sun Dance: history and procedure; torture; suppression; recent torture; the modern ceremony; other tribes. Other Ceremonies: the Animal Dance; Hanging Wolf and the Horse Worship. Personal Medicine: Spotted Blackbird at Powder River; Crazy Horse Drawing; Ice's Miracle; Young Bird. Indian Doctors: Sage Plant and Big Medicine; Various Healers; Plenty Crows Cures a Nosebleed; Horse Doctoring.
7. Early History. Fights with the Assiniboins. Horses. Meeting the Whites. Meeting the Sioux. The Great Sicknesses. Territorial Boundaries. The Friendship Treaty of 1825. Division of the Tribe.
8. Battles with the Crows, 1820-1870. Annihilation of Cheyenne War Party Around 1820. Capture of Crow Village on Pryor Creek, 1820. Capture of Crow Village on Powder River, 1850. Crow Horse Raid 1840-50. Crow Attempt to Capture Cheyenne Children, 1855-60. Crow Horse Raid on Tongue River, 1886. Crow Horse Raid on Tongue River, 1870. Crow-Mandan Fight on Otter Creek.
9. Fighting the Shoshonis, 1855-1870. Raid on the Shoshonis, 1855. Plenty Crows' Story 1860-70. Shoshoni Raid on a Cheyenne Village, 1865-70.
10. Troubles and Treaties with the Whites. The Fort Laramie Treaty. The Tobacco Holdup. Theft of Army Horses. When the Military Society was Poisoned. The Sand Creek Massacre, 1864. The Fetterman Fight, 1866. The Cheyennes Wreck a Train, 1867. When Roman Nose was Killed, 1868. Bullet Proof's Medicine, 1868.
11. Where the Girl Saved Her Brother. Scouting in June of 1876. Discovering Crook's Soldiers. Preparing for Battle. Indian Markers on the Rosebud Battlefield.
12. The Custer Fight. Military Societies Guarding the Little Big Horn Camp. The Escape of Big Foot and Wolf Tooth. Suicide Dance in the Camp. Parade of Suicide Boys the Next Morning. Lame White Man's Sweat Bath. First Skirmish. Custer's Approach and Withdrawal. Reno. Custer's Stand. Entry of Suicide Boys. End of the Fighting. Yellow Nose Counts Coup. Who Killed Custer? Cheyenne Casualties. Looting. The Camp Breaks Up. Parade of the Sioux. The Famous Arikara War Horse.
13. After the Custer Fight. The Death of a Sheep Eater. The Capture of Dull Knife's Village. The Surrender of Two Moons. Division of the Northern Cheyennes.
14. After Surrender. Enlisting as Scouts. Fighting the Nez Perces. Other Experiences of the Scouts. Escape from Oklahoma.
15. The Early Reservation to 1890. Settlement on Tongue River. Death of Black Coyote. Butchering Cattle. Burning the Alderson Cabin. Piegan Horse Raids. Crow Uprising Scare. Soldiers at the Agency. Head Chief and Young Mule.
16. The Ghost Dance Years, 1890-1900. The Messiah Craze or Ghost Dance. Two Unbelievers. The Cheyennes Try to Reach the Land of the Dead. Five Cheyennes Seek the Messiah. Later Ghost Dance Worship. Little Chief's People Return. The Early Agency. Beef Issue and Accidents. Some Cheyennes Break Jail. The Sheepherder Killing of 1897.
17. Getting Civilized. The Indian Police. The Deaths of Red Bird and White. The Military Societies Punish a Cattle Killer. Whiskey. Farming and Gardening. Driving Lessons. Trouble with the Language. Visiting the Crows. War Stories.
18. Personal Memories. My Name. My Mother's Death. Education. Three Fingers' School. Marriage and Children. Girl Catching. Religion. Ghosts. Celebrations. Cheyennes in the Movies. Today and Tomorrow.
Genealogy of John Stands In Timber 302(1)
Bibliography 303(8)
Index 311

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