Chicago: City in the Spotlight (Urban Tapestry)

Chicago: City in the Spotlight (Urban Tapestry)



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Chicago: City in the Spotlight (Urban Tapestry) by Ron Rapoport

"There two kinds of Chicagoans: those who chose the city and those who were chosen by it. The latter, natives whose parents and grandparents were born and raised here, are defined by accidents of their birth� As to the second category, those of us who were born elsewhere and moved to Chicago, the fact that we can't claim its traditions as our birthright in no way diminishes our appreciation for its complexities and charms."

So writes Ron Rapoport-award-winning sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times - in his introductory essay to Chicago: City in the Spotlight. In this witty and incisive tribute to the Windy City, Rapoport writes about a place that is much more than the hard0edged media image that has become one of the better-known aspects of its persona.

Rapoport revels in the influx of high-tech companies that has resulted in the formation of Silicon Prairie and has a major impact on the city's economy and morale. Paying personal and professional homage to the area's many athletic legends-inextricably intertwined with the city's reputation-he notes that "To be born in Chicago is to be handed your sporting allegiances the same way you inherit your religion." Moving away from the playing field, Rapoport discusses the justifiable pride Chicagoans take in their cultural wealth-in the city's many museums, in its theatrical productions and its array of musical performances, an in its varied culinary offerings.

Aided by hundreds of beautiful images culled from the area's finest photographers, Rapoport puts his city in the spotlight, painting a picture of Chicago as a place of strong opinions and allegiances-an ever growing, ever maturing city that has "always been alive both day and night," where people can be found "doing what Chicagoans do best-having a good time and not caring who knows it."

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ISBN-13: 9781881096955
Publisher: Towery Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 10/15/2001
Series: Urban Tapestry Series
Pages: 367

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