Chicken Soup for the Soul: Be The Best You Can Be: Inspiring True Stories about Goals & Values for Kids & Preteens

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Be The Best You Can Be: Inspiring True Stories about Goals & Values for Kids & Preteens




Self-esteem, tolerance, good values – these are gifts that will last children a lifetime and help them become successful adults. These stories, great for kids to discuss with parents and teachers, help them be the best they can be.

This collection shows kids positive role models to follow in its stories about making good choices, having confidence, and doing the right thing. Parents and grandparents will enjoy discussing the stories with children, making it a family event. Great for teachers to share with students, too.

This book harnesses the power of storytelling to inspire and teach kids, while also entertaining them. Key issues such as bullying, tolerance, and values are addressed in stories selected from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s vast library and represent the best on these topics from the company’s 22-year history.

This book is a joint project of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Boniuk Foundation, which are working together to promote tolerance, respect, and compassion, inspiring young people and adults to embrace their differences, reject stereotypes, and make good choices. It’s part of a larger effort that includes additional books for teens, college students, parents, and grandparents, as well as a family television show every Saturday morning starting in October.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942649007
Publisher: CSS Boniuk
Publication date: 03/24/2015
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Amy Newmark is author, publisher, and editor-in-chief of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

Dr. Milton Boniuk created The Boniuk Foundation to promote compassion, tolerance, and respect. He and his wife Laurie also funded The Boniuk Institute for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance at Rice University, with the mission of promoting research, education, outreach, and better parenting to foster religious tolerance.

David Leebron is President of Rice University.

Table of Contents

Foreword David W. Leebron xi

Introduction Dr. Milton Boniuk 1

1 Making Your Best Effort

On Top of the World David Hull 9

There's No "I" in Team Aedyn MacKenzie 13

1,000 Makes a Day Jackie Stiles 16

Going to the Dogs Stephanie Taylor 20

Two Tickets to the Big Game J. Styron Madsen 24

The Power of the Pen Arlys Angelique Endres

as told to Carol Osman Brown 28

Believing in My Strength Kelsey Peters 32

A Silent Voice David R. Collins 34

The Last Runner Lisa Beach 36

Conversation Starters 38

2 Doing the Right Thing

Standing in Solidarity Shirley Boyer 43

The Coolest Friend Ever Timothy Martin 45

Call Me Cynthia M. Hamond 48

Growing a Spine Valerie Howlett 51

The Rescue Debbie Acklin 55

Being True to Myself Jerri Meehan 59

Just Do It Wendy Hobday Haugh 62

The Sweetest Thing Felice Keller Becker 65

The Slam Book Barbara J. Ragsdalc 69

Conversation Starters 72

3 Accepting Differences

Alone Carol Elaine Harrison 77

You'll Be Good for Him Eugene Gagliano 81

Anyone Who's Anyone Knows the Horah Madeline Clapps 83

A Different Sister Richard Brookton 86

The Normal Girl in a Not-So-Normal Chair Dani P. d'Spirit 90

A Lesson in Ugly Bobbie Shafer 92

The Need for Speed Linda Muzzey 96

Adam's Apples Kim Aaron 99

Sisterly Love Mandilyn T. Criline 101

Conversation Starters 104

4 Appreciating Your Family

My Sister, My Hero Jill Burns 109

My Dad Made the Difference Pam Johnson 112

Proud to Be Your Sister Kathryn Malnight 115

A Mental Cancer Spencer Scarvey 118

The Treasure Charlotte Uteg 121

Jonny and Me Madeleine Curtis 123

Fifty-Six Grandparents Machille Legoullon 125

Harry Kristie Jones 129

The Courage to Roar Helen Stein 133

Conversation Starters 137

5 Handling Bullies

Kindness Is More Powerful Janalea Jeppson 141

The Little Girl Who Dared to Wish Alan D. Shultz 145

Bullied to a Better Life Mason Carter Harvey 148

The Kindness Cure Monica A. Andermann 151

The Smile that Beat the Bully Jennifer Youngblood 156

The Bully and the Braid Courtney Conover 160

Losing an Enemy Patty Anne Sluys 163

Solving a Fifth Grade Problem Alena Dillon 165

Compassion for a Bully Melanie Pastor 169

Conversation Starters 172

6 Having Confidence in Yourself

Find Yourself a Dream Bob Love 177

Embracing My Uniqueness Jody Fuller 180

Fireplug and Dad Rusty Fischer 184

Be Proud, Be Strong, Be You Ruth Anna Mavashev 189

More Than Good Enough Jackson Beard 192

Danny's Courage Penny S. Harmon 195

Scarred But Not Different Staae Joslin 198

Who Said There's No Crying in Softball? Amy Severns 201

Conversation Starters 203

7 Being Generous- Nice Catch! Doris Canner 207

Secret Santa Tanja Crouch 210

Flowers of Forgiveness Caitlin Brown 212

Help by the Bagful Sioux Roslawski 215

Friends of the Heart Ariana Morgan Bridges

as told to Robin Smith Bridges 218

A Little Hand Up Cynthia Hamond 221

A Coincidence? Ed Koper 223

A Healing Haircut Angela Rooker 226

Truly Cool Bnttany Anne Reese 229

Conversation Starters 233

8 Making True Friends-

Three Dimensions: My Unexpected Best Friend Julia McDaniel 237

Meeting Julia Emily Cutler 240

A True Friend Kelsey Temple 243

The Gift of Friendship Ashley Russell 245

Thanks, Y'All! Michelle Strauss 247

Seeing, Really Seeing Marie P. McDougal 251

Friends Forever Darian Smith 254

Trouble in Neverland Carly Hurwitz 257

Now You See It, Now You Don't Anne McCourtie 260

Conversation Starters 264

9 Accepting Responsibility- Stolen Conscience Brandon Deitrick 269

I Can't Believe I Did That Pam Depoyan 271

Oops, I Messed Up Mike Schneider as told to Nance Schneider 275

My Bad Reputation D'ette Corona 278

Tennis Anyone? Shirley M. Odkes 281

The Tiny Bear Lara Anderson 284

Start with the Truth Michelle Rossi 287

Walking with Grandpa Uncle Greg 289

Mary Lou Lynne Zielinski 292

Conversation Starters 294

10 Being Kind

The Carriage House Victoria Thornsbury 299

Goals and Dreams?A Winning Team Jodi O'Meara 301

The Hand of Friendship Dawn Malone 305

The Eleventh Box Bill Simpson 308

Adventure from a Stolen Apple Rosemary K. Breckler 309

Finding Friendship Brianna Abbott 312

Care Bags Heather Black 316

The Note Patty Hansen 319

Mikey's Goal Kim Kane 322

Conversation Starters 324

11 Being Grateful

The Boy Who Had Everything Jackson Jarvis 329

My New Friend Erin McCormack 332

My Abilities Ben Jaeger 335

Where I Belong Marcela Dario Fuentes 337

The Flower John R. Ramsey 340

The Color of Gratitude Bailey Corona 342

Tears in the Bathroom Stall Cheryl Kremer 344

Conversation Starters 347

12 Getting Through Tough Times

Perfectly Normal Michael Biasini 351

Annie Wiggle-Do Kathleen M. Muldoon 355

Then and Now Charlie Villanueva 358

The Joy of Giving Renie Burghardt 362

Forgiving My Dad Sarah Mclver 366

White Water Jayme Washington Smalley 369

The Bionic Woman Is Black Lisa Nichols 373

Before and After Dan Haze Barten 377

Conversation Starters 381

Meet Amy Newmark 382

Meet Dr. Milton Bomuk 384

About Chicken Soup for the Soul 386

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