Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Miracle of Love: 101 Stories about Hope, Soul Mates and New Beginnings

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Miracle of Love: 101 Stories about Hope, Soul Mates and New Beginnings

by Amy Newmark


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The Miracle of Love can happen when you least expect it—in new relationships and in old ones—at any age and any stage of life.

Love happens—and these stories of dating and romance, proposals and weddings, second chances, and happiness at any age will put a smile on your face. Whether you’re in a longstanding relationship or looking for your soul mate, you’ll enjoy these stories of true love, serendipity, and destiny. Read about:
  • Jill, who listened to a performer’s songs over and over, drawing comfort from his lyrics as she went through a divorce. After a few years, she got his number and called to thank him. They’ve been married 28 years.
  • Lisa, who saw the same cute teenage boy twice in two years, and only for a moment each time, in two different states. She fell for him but never saw him again—until 30 years later, when they met at work and fell in love.
  • Holly, who worked at a church and became great friends with a co-worker— a monk. She thought they were just friends, but he realized it was more. He left the monkhood, asked her out, and proposed on their first date.
  • Joyce, who buys a secondhand wedding dress and veil on impulse, and then is embarrassed as years pass without finding Mr. Right. When she finally meets him, they’re engaged in a week, and she’s got the dress!
  • Heather, who was stuck in traffic next to a cute guy who kept waving and smiling at her. Finally he shouted out his number, which her mom wrote down. Heather called him that night... and they’ve been married 20 years.
  • LaRonda, who met her husband after he dreamt about her three times and a mutual friend recognized the woman he described.

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ISBN-13: 9781611599800
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 545,752
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Amy Newmark is author, publisher, and editor-in-chief of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

Table of Contents

1 Friends First

1 Like That Jessica Snell 1

2 Surprise Holly L. Moseley 4

3 Thor at the Door Jeanie Jacobson 7

4 The Project C.C. Warrens 11

5 Not Too Big After All Kristi Woods 14

6 Love Restored Carol Marks 16

7 Fast Friends Alice Klies 19

8 Ditto, L M. Lush 22

2 Worth the Wait

9 Haven't We Met Somewhere Before? Lisa Marlin 29

10 June 15 Megan Pincus Kajitani 33

11 My Bloody Lip Kathy Joyce 36

12 The List Tree Langdon 39

13 The Perfect Dress Joyce Ermeling Heiser 42

14 The New Girl Joey Wootan 45

15 The Cute Diamond Melissa Wootan 48

16 Romance Therapy Cindy Charlton 51

3 Love at First Sight

17 Nothing in Common April Knight 57

18 When Lightning Strikes Susan Traugh 61

19 The Heart of the Matter Connie K. Pombo 65

20 Rocky Mountain Dream Sharon Kay Beyer 68

21 Romance between the Stacks Darin Cook 72

22 The Art of Love Lindsay Detwiler 75

23 Two Thousand Miles for a Kiss Lorraine Furtner 78

24 The Proposal Miryam Howard 81

4 How We Met

25 The Needle in the Haystack Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow 87

26 A Match Made in Music Jill Burns 91

27 Destiny on the Open Sea Micki Findlay 94

28 Ireland, Love and Butterflies Michele Brouder 98

29 In an Instant Idella M. Anderson 101

30 Our Little Town Mary Ellen Flaherty Langbein 104

31 Making Melody on eHarmony M. Scott Coffman 108

32 New Beginnings Linda A. Mikus 112

33 A Mystical Meeting Anna M. Lowther 115

5 Divine Intervention

34 Come Here Sandra Bakun 121

35 A Dream Come True LaRonda Bourn 125

36 Father Knows Best Jeanetta Chrystie 128

37 The Three Signs Sandra Croft 132

38 Change of Plans Sarah Barnum 136

39 Saved Janice R. Edwards 140

40 Grandma Introduced Us Michele M. Boom 143

41 Treasure in the Rafters Whitney Owens 147

6 Happily Ever Laughter

42 Incident at Elk Lake Rachel Dunstan Muller 153

43 Some Men Run Glenda Standeven 156

44 No Room for Stubborn Colleen Arnold 160

45 Pass the Magic, Please Mary Elizabeth Pope 164

46 The Smell of Love Rae Mitchell 167

47 Opening My Heart Again Maurene Janiece 170

48 Surviving the Honeymoon Robin Jankiewicz 174

49 Breaking the Rules Suzanne Garner Payne 178

7 In Sickness and In Happiness

50 Wrong Number, Right Man Linda C. Defew 185

51 All the Right Things Helen Krasner 189

52 No Glass Slippers Billie J. Mitchell 192

53 Through Thick and Thin Judee Stapp 194

54 Two Coffee Shops, Two Couples Caitlin Finley 197

55 I Am Beautiful to Him Christine Carter 200

56 Full-Blooded Love Liezel Graham 203

57 Shave and a Haircut Amy Newbold 207

8 Meant to Be

58 Kismet, Vanessa Angone-Pompa 213

59 Bollywood Dreams Jaymin J. Patel 219

60 The Face in the Window Louetta Jensen 223

61 I Almost Gave Up on Romance JoAnne Macco 227

62 Random Certainty Sue Bonebrake 231

63 Ooh La La Denise Del Bianco 234

64 One in 300,000 Darla S. Grieco 237

65 Long Odds Hugh Kent 241

66 Hey, Ma, I Called that Girl from the TV! Gary Stein 244

9 When I Knew

67 Meeting Earl Jeffree Wyn Itrich 251

68 The Hot Guy Hilary Hattenbach 255

69 Flat-Out Amazing Sheryl Stone Clay 259

70 You Should Know Me Robin Goodrow 262

71 This Is a Woman in Love Sarahfina El 266

72 One Step at a Time Erin Elliott Bryan 269

73 Something Was Missing Diane Henderson 273

74 The Best Offer Jodi Renee Thomas 276

10 When I Least Expected It

75 My Second Chance Fred Prudhomme 283

76 Cloudy with a Chance of Love Emily Rusch 287

77 Peel an Onion Rosemary Barkes 291

78 Love Can Be Difficult Marcia Slosser 295

79 What's in a Name? Carrie Roope 299

80 Taking a Chance on Love Jill Berni 303

81 Programmed for Life Diana C. Derringer 306

82 Just a Dance Nancy Rose Ostinato 308

83 Testing Positive for Love Mandy Lawrence 311

11 The Second Time Around

84 His, Mine, and Ours Valaree Terribilini Brough 317

85 Pop Susan Sundwall 320

86 Waltz Partners Forever Janet Matthews 324

87 The Promise Kimberlee Murray 328

88 A New Normal Wendy Hobday Haugh 332

89 Falling in Love Again-Maybe Kate White 335

90 Man on a Mission Barbara Dorman Bower 338

91 Desperately Seeking Soul Mate Janet Garber 341

12 Keeping the Love Alive

92 No Compromise Date Nights Claire McGarry 349

93 A Lifetime of Making the Bed Jean Adair Shriver 353

94 Like We Did Kristen Mai Pham 356

95 Anniversaries by Halves Ina Mossier Levin 359

96 The Unity Candle Connie K. Pombo 362

97 This Is Us Eva Carter 365

98 Love on the Parkway Heather Kerner 368

99 Six Yards of Love Susan Rothrock Deo 370

100 A Daisy a Day Gail E. Strock 374

101 Live Without Regret Susan G. Mathis 377

Meet Our Contributors 381

Meet Amy Newmark 399

Thank You 401

About Chicken Soup for the Soul 402

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