Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles & Divine Intervention: 101 Stories of Faith and Hope

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles & Divine Intervention: 101 Stories of Faith and Hope

by Amy Newmark
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles & Divine Intervention: 101 Stories of Faith and Hope

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles & Divine Intervention: 101 Stories of Faith and Hope

by Amy Newmark


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These true stories of breathtaking coincidences, answered prayers, healing, angels, and messages from heaven will deepen your faith and strengthen your hope.

Miracles, divine intervention, amazing coincidences—these unexplainable but welcome surprises occur every day for people from all walks of life. You’ll be inspired, awed and comforted by these 101 stories from ordinary people who’ve had extraordinary experiences, including:
  • Elizabeth, who took her son to see Santa, and was shocked when he recognized her and burst into tears, explaining he was her long-lost father. He’d been looking for her since she was seven years old.
  • Bill, a paramedic comforted by his elderly patient when the ambulance they were in was totaled. Hours after their rescue he checked on her status and learned she’d died on impact. She couldn’t have talked to him while they awaited rescuers.
  • Crystal, who tried to reach the date who ghosted her, but typed one wrong letter in the e-mail address and reached a stranger in Australia. Twelve years later that man moved to the U.S. and became her husband.
  • Kat, who tragically lost her son Nick and gave his treasured LEGOs to a boy in their town. He used the LEGOs to create items that had special meaning for Kat’s family, saying Nick urged him to build each one.
  • Candy, who lost the diamond in her mother’s ring, a ring she wore for 17 years after her mother was murdered by her father. A year after she lost it at work, it reappeared on a bough of the company Christmas tree.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611590739
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Publication date: 01/12/2021
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 189,994
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Amy Newmark is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Table of Contents

1 ˜Heaven-Sent˜

1 Mr. Gaines to the Rescue Elizabeth Atwater 1

2 Another Way Home Linda Monaco Behrens 5

3 The Letter Deborah Tainsh 8

4 A Birthday Blessing Gwen Cooper 12

5 Leap of Faith Rachel Dunstan Muller 15

6 The Day God Showed Up at the Doctor's Office Nicole S. Mason 18

7 Someone to Watch Over Me Patricia Simpson 21

8 A Divine Promise Michelle Armbrust 24

9 Miraculous Strength Jamie J. Wilson 27

10 Chickens from Heaven Mary Whitney 30

2 ˜Coincidences & Synchronicities˜

11 Inspiration from Afar Barbara Eppich Struna 34

12 Drugstore Dreams Anne Oliver 38

13 Namesake Manoshi Roy 41

14 Connected by Kindness Becky Alexander 44

15 Dream on My Doorstep Sheila Petnuch Fields 47

16 Remembering Carol Harrison Kurt Smith 49

17 Tucker's Flowers Christina Metcalf 53

18 Tidbit of Joy Kelly Cochran 56

19 A Chance Encounter Patti Woods 58

20 Divine Sisterhood Jean Flood 61

21 As Luck Would Have It Lorraine Furtner 64

3 ˜Messages from Heaven˜

22 Love Letter from Dad Molly Jo Realy 68

23 Sally Nell Musolf 72

24 The Language of LEGOs Kat Hcckenbach 75

25 Our Feathered Messenger Gail Sellers 79

26 The Purple Bunny Tammie Rue Elliott 82

27 The Christinas Code Steve Coe 84

28 Dad's Promise Wendy Keppley 86

29 The Visit Wendy Hairfield 90

30 Voice-Over, Rosanne Ehrlich 93

31 Dad's Okay Monica McClure 95

4 ˜How Did That Happen?˜

32 Last Words Bill Hess 98

33 The Angels Always Come Barbara Davey 101

34 When Change Blew In Loretta Morris 104

35 Command Performance Mark Rickerby 108

36 Just Another Rainbow Beverly Kievman Copen 112

37 A Wedding Day Miracle Diane Stark 114

38 No Fear Latonya Johnson 117

39 The Inheritance Debra Zemke 121

40 Unexplainable Carol Graham 125

41 The Cuckoo Clock Lacy Gray 127

5 ˜Angels Among Us˜

42 Mikayla's Angel Holly DiBella-McCarthy 130

43 The Orange Pinto Laurelyn E. Irving 133

44 Rust January Joyce 136

45 Angel in the City Robyn Milliken 140

46 We Want a Ride TG Gilliam 142

47 A Mysterious Angel Mary M. Alward 145

48 The Janitor Jennifer McMurrain 147

49 Miracle on Mott Street Lynn Maddalena Menna 151

50 The Key Man Judy Sutton 154

6 ˜Divine Timing˜

51 Miracles Are Real Monica Agnew-Kinnaman 159

52 Precious Sleep Darci Werner 163

53 What If? Ina Massler Levin 165

54 Step on a Crack Sergio Del Bianco 168

55 A Crystal Clear Message Wendy Hobday Haugh 171

56 Just Forty-Five More Minutes Jan Hopkins-Campbell 173

57 An Uplifting Story Eleanore R. Steinle 176

58 Fleas and Thank You David L. Bishop 179

59 The West Point Ring Jennie Ivey 182

60 Timing Is Everything Dan McGowan 185

7 ˜Dreams & Premonitions˜

61 Lightning Strikes Terry Hans 189

62 A Voice in the Night Susan Traugh 192

63 Not Yet, Keri Kelly 196

64 A Mother's Intuition Laurie Higgins 198

65 A Rockaway Adventure Eva Carter 202

66 A Deep Dark Feeling L.A. Kennedy 205

67 Sight for a Sore Eye Marie-Lynn Hammond 208

68 Whisper from Heaven Amanda Flinn 212

69 Nurse Buddha E.M. Corsa 215

70 Love Shared Constance C. Turner 217

8 ˜Miraculous Connections˜

71 The Typo that Changed My Life Crystal Hodge 221

72 Perfect Match Judy Opdycke 223

73 A Remarkable Reunion Kathleen Ruth 225

74 The Photo in the Paper Lynne Turner 228

75 As Good as Gold Shelley Friedman 230

76 Knock, Knock Carole Harris Barton 233

77 Patty's Sign Melissa McCoy 236

78 A Tale of Two Mollys Michelle Civalier 240

79 The Wrong Number Garrett Bauman 244

80 Answered Prayers Linda Harris Sittig 248

9 ˜Love That Doesn't Die˜

81 A Gift Rediscovered Karen Sargent 252

82 Heavenly Comfort S. Jacobs 255

83 Let Me Know When You Get There Kathleen E. Jones 257

84 Little Gifts of Comfort Melinda Richarz Lyons 261

85 Words of Love Judy Salcewicz 265

86 The Garden Visitor Sheryl K. James 269

87 With This Ring Sylvia Morice 272

88 Sewing a Legacy Stacy Boatman 276

89 A Miraculous Message of Love from Beyond Tyann Sheldon Rouw 279

90 Dimes from Heaven Darlene Parnell 282

10 ˜Holiday Miracles˜

91 The Christmas Diamond Candy Allen Bauer 287

92 The Night Santa Claus Cried Elizabeth Atwater 291

93 Gramma's Gift Jamie Cahill 295

94 Daddy's Last Christmas Jennifer Clark Davidson 298

95 Love Finds a Way James Gaffney 300

96 A Saturday Night in Central City Shelly Sitzer 304

97 A Matter of Hours Tamara Bell 308

98 The Magic Red Sweater Connie Kaseweter Pullen 311

99 Room at the Inn Troy Seate 315

100 Unexpected Christmas Gift Susan Poole 318

101 Weird and a Little Bit Eerie Kam Giegel 322

Meet Our Contributors 325

Meet Amy Newmark 338

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