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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey: 101 Stories about the Players Who Love the Game and the Families that Cheer Them On

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey: 101 Stories about the Players Who Love the Game and the Families that Cheer Them On

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey: 101 Stories about the Players Who Love the Game and the Families that Cheer Them On

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey: 101 Stories about the Players Who Love the Game and the Families that Cheer Them On


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You’ll love these inside looks at your favorite NHL players and personalities, the biggest games in hockey history, and all the everyday joys of your favorite sport!

Meet the real Mark Messier—coaching kids in his hometown. Travel through the years with famous hockey sportscaster Brian McFarlane. Read about the kindness of Bobby Orr and a personal look at Mario Lemieux.

And in addition to all the stories by and about NHLers, you’ll read stories by fans and everyday players about big games and big plays; backyard rinks, pond hockey, and shinny games; growing up loving the game; and growing to love the game! You’ll also find inspiring stories by NHLers and Olympians about dedication, dreams, and drive, including:
  • Former NHL player Georges Laraque, “the gentle tough guy,” on how he persevered against racism to play the game he loves
  • Olympian Cassie Campbell-Pascall on how losing the gold medal at the first ever women’s hockey Olympic game made her and the team better, winning gold the next time
  • NHL player Vinny Prospal on how believing in himself and working hard pushed him through the minors into the pros, making his former GM “eat his shoes”
  • Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser on challenging herself by playing on a Finnish male team and inspiring another young female hockey player to be a star
  • NHL player Matt Duchene on his parents’ support and the sacrifices that helped him reach the NHL
  • Former NHL player Ryan Walter on the lifelong lessons he learned during his rookie season

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611599022
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Publication date: 10/02/2012
Series: Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
Edition description: Original
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 363,298
Product dimensions: 5.62(w) x 8.34(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are co-founders of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Canadian Laura Robinson is a famous game inventor, actress and musician.


Santa Barbara, California

Date of Birth:

August 19, 1944

Place of Birth:

Fort Worth, Texas


B.A. in History, Harvard University, 1966; M.A.T. Program, University of Chicago, 1968; M.Ed., U. of Massachusetts, 1973

Table of Contents

1 Fresh Air & Ice

1 The Dawn Patrol John Forrest 1

2 Playing Shinny on Macamley Street Hank Mattimore 4

3 Watch out for the Diving Board! John M. Scanlan 7

4 The Endless Rink David Martin 10

5 Uncle! Bruce Mills 13

6 Backyard Games Donna Firby Gamache 16

7 Rink of Dreams C. G. Morelli 19

8 The Hockey Skate Thief Christa Holder Ocker 23

9 The Arena of Life Judi Peers 26

10 The Graham Hockey League Susan Winslow 29

11 Hockey Memories David K. Overlund 33

12 Hockey Détente Lisa Trovillion 35

13 Small Town Hockey Robert J. Stermscheg 38

2 Game On!

14 Shooting Star Catherine Pendola 45

15 The Best Seat in the House Brian McFarlane 48

16 Hockey Heart Ties Amanda Romaniello 53

17 Winning with Gretzky Irene Maran 56

18 Welcome Back Clark Jimmy Holmstrom 59

19 Hockey, you had me at Face-Off Moira Rose Donohue 62

20 Hockey with a Side of Ice Mark Spangler 65

21 Pass the Puck! Mark Ettlinger 68

22 Got Teeth? Theresa Sanders 71

3 Fan-tastic!

23 All Hockey, all the Time Diane Stark 79

24 Orange and Black Laura Guman Fabiani 82

25 The Glory Days Martha Helen Cotiaux 84

26 Road Apples William Halderson 87

27 Hooked Georgia Bruton 91

28 The Edmonton Oilers get Even Michael Brennan 94

29 Warming up to Hockey Jill Pertler 97

30 The Littlest Bruiser Diane Stark 99

31 The Making of a Hockey Fanatic Brandi South 102

32 The Cursed Jersey Michelle McKague-Radic 106

33 Blindsides by Hockey Lori Zenker 109

4 Heroes Among us

34 Five Minutes with Bobby Orr Lori Hein 117

35 One of the Guys Jennifer Quasha 119

36 Meeting the Gods with my Dad Bruce Davidsen 123

37 Super Mario Jim Bove 126

38 Little Devil Shane Kenneth Daneyko 129

39 Hockey Heroes off the Ice Matt Chandler 132

40 Breaking the Ice Teresa Kruze 136

41 The Day Fate was an Islanders Fan Justin Schlechter 140

5 Family Ties

42 Hockey Family Matt Duchene 147

43 Frozen Tales Chris Robinson 152

44 Someday Finally Came Julienne Mascitti-Lentz 155

45 The Zamboni Michael Sullivan 158

46 Our Last Game Leigh Anne Saxe 162

47 Back to School, Back to Hockey Jennifer Walter 165

48 Will there be Hockey in Heaven? John P. Walker 168

49 When I Think of Summer, I Think of Zambonis Christopher Harder 172

50 Ice in our Veins Alana Patrick 175

51 Love and Hockey B.J. Taylor 178

52 C'mon, Boys Beverly A. Suntjens 182

53 Part of the Team Jack Ettlinger 185

6 Global Games

54 The Rink Rat Hayley Wickenheiser 193

55 A Nation Held its Breath John Forrest 196

56 Olympic Spirit Jim Bove 200

57 110% Viewing David Martin 203

58 A Dream Come True Cassie Campbell-Pascall 206

59 Golden Tickets Elena Aithken 210

7 Dreams & Inspiration

60 Eat my Shoes Vinny Prospal 215

61 The Young and the Old Dennis McCloskey 220

62 The Dream Leighton Kemmett 224

63 Sledge Hockey: A Dream Comes True Sharon John Klassen 227

64 Scoring in Life Sharon Babineau 230

65 Deep at the Heart Lisa Ricard Claro 234

66 Hockey Mom Carol Elaine Harrison 237

67 The Great Transformer Audrey McLaughlin 241

68 Love at First Lace Ailish Forfar 245

8 Life Lessons

69 Use your Courage Ryan Walter 253

70 My Dad the Coach Bill Reay 256

71 There's no "I" in Team Aedyn MacKenzie 261

72 Hockey's Lessons on Life Peter J. Green 264

73 The Hockey Coach Jennifer Litke 267

74 The Sound of Opportunity Tara Reyelts 271

75 Games Scents Leanne Fanning Pankuch 275

76 What's the Big Deal Anyway? Tammy E.A. Crosby 279

77 What Hockey Taught us Lori Fairchild 281

78 My Hockey Scar Jeffrey Scott Hamilton 284

79 The Life Lessons of Hockey Cara McLauchlan 287

9 Spectacular Spectators

80 More than a Game Arlene Rains Graber 293

81 An Audience of One Ken Freebairn 297

82 Poetic Justice Valerie Coulman 299

83 A Night at the Arena Shawn Marie Mann 300

84 Hockey Grandparents Phyllis Jardine 303

85 That Constant Face Sarah McCrobie 306

86 The Anti-Fan David Martin 308

87 Skate-Walker Cynthia Mallick 311

88 Priceless Hockey Heirlooms Annabel Sheila 314

89 Numbers Game Beth Cato 317

90 The Look Mary C. M. Phillips 321

10 Slice of Ice

91 The Ritual John Forrest 327

92 You're Gonna Love this Game Rob L. Berry 331

93 The People you Meet JC Sullivan 334

94 I Married a Zamboni Kate Zamboni 337

95 The Frozen Tundra of South Carolina Cathy Elliott 339

96 Texting on Ice Cindy Beck 343

97 The Ride of her Life Jennie Ivey 346

98 Holy Moly, What a Goalie! Daniella Porano 349

99 The Geri-hatricks Bobbie Wilkinson 352

100 Girl in Goal Emily Papsin 355

101 The Gentle Tough Guy Georges Laraque 358

Meet our Contributors 363

Meet our Authors 381

Thank you 384

About Chicken Soup for the Soul 386

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