Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels Among Us: 101 Inspirational Stories of Miracles, Faith, and Answered Prayers

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels Among Us: 101 Inspirational Stories of Miracles, Faith, and Answered Prayers

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels Among Us: 101 Inspirational Stories of Miracles, Faith, and Answered Prayers

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels Among Us: 101 Inspirational Stories of Miracles, Faith, and Answered Prayers


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These 101 stories of angels, miracles, faith, and answered prayers will amaze, inspire, and comfort you. You only have to look — to find the angels among us.

Angels are among us, if we are open to seeing them and receiving their help. You’ll be amazed by these true personal stories, including:
  • An injured boy, lost in the woods, who is saved from a wild boar attack by the family dog, and realizes later the dog died two years earlier.
  • A man who is comforted at the funeral of his estranged son by an assistant pastor who turns out to be unknown to anyone at the church.
  • A girl who is saved from a stalker when her neighbor, a Green Beret, pulls into the driveway next to hers, despite the fact that he is deployed overseas.
  • A seemingly healthy pregnant woman, whose dead mother’s spirit warns her to rush to the hospital, thus saving her unborn baby’s life.
  • A badly burned man, scheduled for surgery, who obeys an angel’s command to praise God, and is miraculously healed the next morning.
  • A young woman driving alone at night in a strange city, who is guided straight to a police station after an attacker deliberately hits her car.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611599060
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Series: Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
Edition description: Original
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 511,783
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Jack Canfield is co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, which includes forty New York Times bestsellers, and coauthor of The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. He is a leader in the field of personal transformation and peak performance and is currently CEO of the Canfield Training Group and Founder and Chairman of the Board of The Foundation for Self-Esteem. An internationally renowned corporate trainer and keynote speaker, he lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Mark Victor Hansen is a co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Amy Newmark is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul.


Santa Barbara, California

Date of Birth:

August 19, 1944

Place of Birth:

Fort Worth, Texas


B.A. in History, Harvard University, 1966; M.A.T. Program, University of Chicago, 1968; M.Ed., U. of Massachusetts, 1973

Table of Contents

1 Miraculous Intervention

1 Neighborhood Watch Debbie Acklin 1

2 Rx for the Road Monica A. Andermann 5

3 A White Feather Deborah Durbin 7

4 Divine Driver Melissa G. Christensen 9

5 The Boy at the Pool Andrea Peebles 12

6 Proof Positive Tom Lumbrazo 15

7 Don't Mess with Us Diane Marie Shaw 18

8 Angel at the Market John P. Walker 21

9 What I Know for Sure Sherry A. Bentley 24

10 Hands on My Shoulders Anthony D. Powell 27

2 Divine Messengers

11 On the Wings of a Dove Monica A. Andermann 33

12 Who Was that Man? Dennis McCloskey 36

13 A Tim Hortons Angel Glynis M. Belec 39

14 The Right Track Debra Ayers Brown 41

15 Star Struck Nancy Zeider 44

16 The Vandal and the Angel Dana J. Barnett 48

17 A Wild Messenger Cindy V. Rodberg 52

18 All Shapes and Sizes Carol Huff 55

19 Encouraging Words Debra Peppers 59

20 The Missionary Perry P. Perkins 61

3 Answered Prayers

21 Seeing Red Irene R. Bastian 69

22 A Hand from Above John P. Buentello 73

23 My Dream Babysitter Patricia Beaumont 76

24 Angels Have Charge Over Me Sylvia Bright-Green 80

25 Driving on Ice Morgan Hill 83

26 My Snow Angel L.A. Kennedy 86

27 Angel on My Shoulder Marya Morin 90

28 Ashley's Angel Linda Newton 94

29 The Power of Prayer Susan Allen Panzica 96

30 Hope in the ICU Sara L. Schafer 99

4 Angels in Disguise

31 An Unlikely Protector Mary Potter Kenyon 105

32 An Angel of Calm Pam Depoyan 108

33 Angels Don't Need Your Address Lisa Leshaw 112

34 Daniel and the Pelican Michelle Close Mills 116

35 Stranded Tom Kaden 120

36 The Nick of Time Nell Musolf 124

37 Roadside Assistance Elisa Yager 127

38 The Jolly Bus Driver Susan R. Boles 130

39 The Angel in the Plaid Shirt Shirley Nordeck Short 133

5 Faith in Action

40 The Boy on the Bike Sheryl Grey 139

41 The Floating Angel Kandy Petillo 142

42 I Wanted to See a Miracle Judy Gyde 146

43 Faith in the Fog Trish Castro 149

44 Getting the Point Wendy Hobday Haugh 152

45 No Accident Christine Trollinger 155

46 Delivered by Angels Vi Parsons 157

47 The Shoppers Ruth Ann Roy 159

48 Backseat Driver Kristen Nicole Velasquez 161

49 Faith in Cape May Donna Lowich 163

50 Praise Him Ken Freebairn 167

6 Angelic Visitors

51 Entertaining an Angel Unaware Minnie Norton Browne 173

52 Spiritual Therapy Pamela Millwood Pettyjohn 177

53 Roadside Angels Jo Brielyn 181

54 Blue Bug Angel Susana Nevarez-Marquez 185

55 Heavenly Help Lori Phillips 188

56 Back in Business Kamia Taylor 191

57 Father, Son, and Brother Gary R. Hoffman 194

58 Night Angel Cathi LaMarche 197

59 The Cowboy Kristine Peebles 199

60 The Assignment Catherine Rossi 203

7 Healing Touches

61 Nothing Less than Miraculous Cindy Charlton 209

62 Shortcut to Peace Donna L. Martin 212

63 You'll Be All Right Sandy Lynn Moffett 214

64 The Great Physician's Helper Gail Molsbee Morris 218

65 The Angel in the Bright Green Jacket Linda M. Rhinehart Neas 222

66 Coffee Shop Angel Christine Pincombe-DeCaen 224

67 Two Pounds of Divine Intervention JP Jackson 227

68 The Night My Angel Came Penny Smith 230

69 The Stranger Christy Westbrook 233

70 A Touch of Comfort Beth Arvin 236

8 Love from Beyond

71 Not Forsaken Kathryn Y. Pollard 243

72 Night Visit Jean Haynie Stewart 247

73 How Did He Know? Laurie Ann Mangru 250

74 Some Angels Wear Hats Kris Flaa 254

75 Bandit's Run David Magill 258

76 A Mysterious Dancer Jess Forte 261

77 The Visit Roberta Cioppa 264

78 A Message from Heaven Sylvia Bright-Green 266

79 My Little Girl's Angel Sarah Clark Monagle 268

80 A Message from Mom Kathryn Radeff 270

81 Biking Haleakala Samantha Ducloux Waltz 273

82 Angels in Heaven and on Earth Al Cole 277

9 Angel Guides

83 Leader of the Pack Jennie Ivey 285

84 What Can You Do? Rosemary McLaughlin 288

85 Angel in the Airport Pat Kane 291

86 An Angel in a Yellow Buick Diane Stark 294

87 Go Home Carol A. Gibson 297

88 Finding My Way C.D. Jarmola 301

89 The Angel at Mile 25 Timothy Martin 303

90 Lost Jenny Snow 307

91 "Step Back!" Barbara Routen 311

10 Angel Protection

92 Whispered Warning in the City of Angels Syndee A. Barwick 317

93 Saved by the Voice Jan Bono 321

94 Learning to Listen Vicky Ford 323

95 Angel at the Wheel Peter J. Green 326

96 Not Really Alone Margaret Nava 330

97 The Angel in Red Nancy B. Gibbs 333

98 A Lifesaving Angel Kathryn Radeff 336

99 Team Angel Denise Reich 338

100 Saved by an Angel Anna M. Jones 340

101 Who Was that Woman? Sheryl Ricigliano 343

Meet Our Contributors 347

Meet Our Authors 363

Thank You 365

About Chicken Soup for the Soul 366

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