Chief Of The Pilgrims, Or, The Life And Time Of William Brewster

Chief Of The Pilgrims, Or, The Life And Time Of William Brewster

by Ashbel Steele


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ISBN-13: 9781409797760
Publisher: Ramage Press
Publication date: 07/01/2008
Pages: 436
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.97(d)

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LIFE MD TIME OF ELDER BREWSTER. CHAPTER I. He that of greatest works is finisher, Oft does them by the weakest minister: Great floods have flown From simple sources. Shakbpeare. From smallest beginnings, which appear to most men at the time unworthy of notice, often issue the most important results. Some most precious principles, which now guide communities and governments, have had this origin. And in the history of fallible men, the progress of these principles is shown to have been often marked by the fiercest struggles and contests of the age; while yet in another age the descendants of the contending parties have united in their adoption. In these struggles and conflicts, the resistance of those in power has generally issued in acts of violence and tyranny; and the assaults of the weaker as they grew stronger have led to rebellion or bloody revolution. In these ways, and at this dear rate, has much of man's wisdom been learned. When Elizabeth, in all the conservative pride of prerogative which marked the race of the Tudors, sternly rejected further reforms in some rites and ceremonies in the Church of England, and adopted the policy which her successor, James, endeavored to follow, she little imagined what would be the contest then begun ; a contest that was to carry one king from his throne to the block, and send another to live in exile;a contest which was to result in the establishment of broad popular principles in her own kingdom, and to plant on this distant continent a hardy race, whose claims of legalized liberty would at length be satisfied only with a republican form of government, and the right to worship God in such order as they alone should choose. Yet welive at a time when we can look back with some degree of calmness upon the contest a...

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