Chief of Thrones

Chief of Thrones

by Allison Cassatta
4.2 4

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Chief of Thrones 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
1jennifer More than 1 year ago
Gods very own chief of thrones, Camael, is addicted to carnal desires of the flesh, and will stop at nothing to fulfill it. The only problem, it's against the rules, and although pleasurable he's never fully sated and longs to find the one to complete him. After god delivers a punishment that leaves Camael stuck on Earth, he finally begins to understand why, and it isn't until he meets the virtuous 'Mary' that he realizes what he truly wants... and it's her. But, it's not as simple as it sounds. Is Camael willing to endure the torture of forgetting about her, or will he risk everything to be with her throughout eternity? Chief of Thrones is the first of many, Allison Cassatta, books that I intend to read. The sex is smokin' hot,the unique plot captured my interest immediately, and held until the bittersweet end. So, if you're in need of a scorching erotic paranormal short then I definitely recommend this read.
Kris_Rifkin More than 1 year ago
Chief of I love the concept of Heaven on Earth and really dig the mythology because for me, it keeps me in a world I would love to be in, should it be possible. A solid, hot escape from reality, even if only for awhile. The imagery of Allison Cassatta's writing is incredible. I have read her other works and it gets me everytime. She can paint a vivid picture with her words that makes you feel like you are IN that world, IN that story. Impressive is the author that can evoke a visceral response in a reader. In keeping with that talent, I have fallen in LOVE with Cameal and Mareia. Their romance is genuine, white hot and endearing...with a little back shelf romance going on in the story as well with Azza and Gadreel, the other characters in this story. The book opens with a smoking hot scene that would set the most sedentary person on evokes feelings that simply cannot be put into words in this review other than "INSPIRING". At first, I felt like Cam (Cameal) was going to be a cad in the story...only to fall in love with him. He is passionate and wicked and loving all wrapped up in a big ol FINE package. I love where Allison took his character in this story and would love to find out where he goes in the future. He and Mareia (Maria)are loveable characters that I could read about for ages! Mmm..Azza and Gadreel. There is a backstory romance woven through this book and they are passionate, strong, protective characters that make me curious about their story. I feel some passion there and Allison builds them up and gives you the feeling of "More More"...leaving your mind to paint their romance how you, as the reader sees it. This was a tastefully sexually charged romance. Exactly the kind of relationship I dream of!!!!
mmvasquez More than 1 year ago
Chief of Thrones by Allison Cassatta is a great paranormal romance about an angel who discovers the wonderful pleasures he can enjoy on earth in his human form, but he risks the ultimate punishment in order to enjoy these pleasures. Cameal is an Ophanim. He lives in Heaven where he is simply an orb of light with no body. He discovers that he can visit Earth and take a human form where he can indulge in physical pleasures that he can never experience in his real form. These visits to Earth become the thing he looks forward to more than anything, however, they are also forbidden. If he gets caught, he risks punishment from God. When he meets a woman who captivates him beyond anything he has ever experienced, he may just be willing to risk any punishment. I highly recommend this book. It is well written with great characters. I really liked Mary and Cam both and was rooting for them. It’s a very imaginative and creative story. It’s a short story, but not overly short. There are a few hot & steamy parts, and there is also sweet romance. The whole story has an air of mystery and a touch of suspense. For $1.99, it’s a nice little erotic romance read. I look forward to reading more from Allison Cassatta.
Addicted2readin More than 1 year ago
When Ms. Cassatta posted asking for people to review this story, I was more than happy to answer. I have read quite a few of Ms. Cassatta's work and will continue to read anything that she writes in the future. I was captivated from the first line and could not put it down. This one is a hott story with some Menage, so beware. It isn't crude writing but very erotic and sensual. The way it was written you could feel the characters feelings like you were in the book with them. I would have liked a little more background on the characters and so I am interested to see if this story leads to a series or even another book to tie some stuff together. All and all though i was not disappointed....Thank you Allison for another great read :)