Child Kidnapping UK Roster

Child Kidnapping UK Roster

by D.L. Baron
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In August 1998, thirteen year-old Patricia Baron was illegally taken out of her village in Zambia, Africa. She had been brought to the United Kingdom by William Hall and Innocentia Lewis (Chirwa) for cheap labour and kept there while her family was waiting for her in Canada.

Finally, twenty-one years later, Patricia visited Vancouver. Full of anger and resentment - with obvious psychological damage, her stay was short. The family's attempts to undo her brainwashing fell on deaf ears.

The 29 pages of "Child Kidnapping – UK Roster" is a list of individuals involved within the United Kingdom's bureaucratic agencies. None of them took the time to properly investigate the lies and misinformation that perjured the proceedings. In an attempt to avoid a criminal prosecution, the kidnappers made fools of the bureaucrats and allowed my daughter to be subjected to decades of needless pain and suffering.

"To Steal a Child – A Case History of International Child Abduction" separately documents - in 668 pages, the daily cover-ups, the negligence, incompetence and dismissive attitudes that damaged the family.

Unfortunately global kidnappings that exploit children and families is on the rise. Governments around the world do not do enough to stop this criminality. The United Kingdom's bureaucrats - paid to deal with Patricia's kidnapping - failed miserably and became part of the problem.

On behalf of those similarly victimised, holding those accountable will continue until justice is served.

D. Baron

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