Childhood Social Development

Childhood Social Development

Hardcover(Five-Volume Set)

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ISBN-13: 9781446267165
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 01/30/2014
Series: SAGE Library in Developmental Psychology Series
Edition description: Five-Volume Set
Pages: 1584
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About the Author

Peter Smith is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London, U.K. His publications include Bullying in Schools: How Successful can Interventions be? (Cambridge UP, 2004), the Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development, 2nd ed. (Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011) and Bullying in the Global Village: Research on Cyberbullying from an International Perspective (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012). He was Chair of COST Action IS0801 on Cyberbullying (2008-2012), and is PI of Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Pupil Safety and Wellbeing, financed by the Indian-European Research Networking in the Social Sciences initiative (2012-2015).

Table of Contents

Part One: Attachment beyond Infancy
Categories of Response to Reunion with the Parent at Age 6: Predictable from Infant Attachment Classifications and Stable over a 1-Month Period - Mary Main and Jude Cassidy
Parent-Child Attachment and Monitoring in Middle Childhood - K. Kerns et al.
Part Two: Parenting Styles
Child Care Practices Anteceding Three Patterns of Preschool Behavior - Diana Baumrind
A Reinterpretation of the Direction of Effects in Studies of Socialization - Richard Bell
The Determinants of Parenting: A Process Model - Jay Belsky
Part Three: Disciplinary Practices and Child Abuse
Patterns of Marital Conflict Predict Children’s Internalising and Externalising Behaviors - Lynn Fainsilber Katz and John Gottman
Evaluating the Success of Sweden’s Corporal Punishment Ban - Joan Durrant
Child Outcomes of Nonabusive and Customary Physical Punishment by Parents: An Updated Literature Review - Robert Larzalere
Maternal Warmth Moderates the Link between Physical Punishment and Child Externalizing Problems: A Parent-Offspring Behavior Genetic Analysis - Kirby Deater-Deckard, Linda Ivy and Stephen Petrill
Part Four: Different Family Types, Step-Parents, Divorce, Grandparents
Coping with Family Transitions: Winners, Losers, and Survivors - E. Mavis Hetherington
The Impact of Grandparents on Children’s Outcomes in China - Toni Falbo
Annotation: On the Grandmothers' Role in the Adjustment and Maladjustment of Grandchildren - Catherine Lavers and Edmund Sonuga-Barke
Part Five: Sibling Relationships, Only Children
Sibling Relationships in Childhood: Links with Friendship and Peer Relationships - Clare Stocker and Judy Dunn
Only Children and Sibling Children in Urban China: A Re-examination - Xinyin Chen, Kenneth Rubin and Bo-shu Li
Part One: Friendship
Social Participation among Preschool Children - M. Parten
Measuring Friendship Quality during Pre- and Early Adolescence: The Development and Psychometric Properties of the Friendship Qualities Scale - William Bukowski, Betsy Hoza and Michel Boivin
Part Two: Sociometric Tradition
Dimensions and Types of Social Status: A Cross-Age Perspective - John Coie, Kenneth Dodge and Heide Coppotelli
Social Information Processing Mechanisms in Reactive and Proactive Aggression - Nicki Crick and Kenneth Dodge
Sociometric Popularity and Peer-Perceived Popularity: Two Distinct Dimensions of Peer Status - Jennifer Parkhurst and Andrea Hopmeyer
Preadolescent Friendship and Peer Rejection as Predictors of Adult Adjustment - Catherine Bagwell, Andrew Newcomb and William Bukowski
Part Three: Group Identity
Social and Cognitive Bases of Ethnic Identity - Frances Aboud
Children's Use of Gender-related Information in Making Social Judgments - Carol Lynn Martin
"God Made Me a Girl ": Gender Constancy Judgments and Explanations Revisited - Joel Szkrybalo and Diane Ruble
Part Four: Gender Differences
Age and Gender Differences in Children's Self- and Task Perceptions during Elementary School - Jacquelynne Eccles, Allan Wigfield, Rena Harold and Phyllis Blumenfeld
A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Sex Differences in the Behavior of Children Aged Three Through 11 - Beatrice Whiting and Carolyn Pope Edwards
Changes in Children's Self-Competence and Values: Gender and Domain Differences across Grades One through Twelve - Janis Jacobs et al.
Part Five: Social Play
Elementary School Children’s Rough-and-Tumble Play and Social Competence - A.D. Pellegrini
War Toys and Childhood Aggression - B. Sutton-Smith
Constructing Understandings through Play in the Early Years - Sue Dockett
Part One: Dominance/Status
Dominance Hierarchies in Young Children - Murray Edelman and Donald Omark
Dominance, Attention, and Affiliation in a Preschool Group: A Nine-Month Longitudinal Study - Peter La Freniere and William Charlesworth
Part Two: Aggression
Aggressive Behavior of Nursery School Children and Adult Procedures in Dealing with Such Behavior - M. Appel
A Developmental Perspective on Antisocial Behavior - Gerald Patterson, Barbara De Baryshe and Elizabeth Ramsey
Do Girls Manipulate and Boys Fight? Developmental Trends in Regard to Direct and Indirect Aggression - Kaj Bjorkqvist, Kirsti Lagerspetz and Ari Kaukainen
Relational Aggression, Gender, and Social-Psychological Adjustment - Nicki Crick and Jennifer Grotpeter
The Joint Development of Physical and Indirect Aggression: Predictors of Continuity and Change During Childhood - Sylvana Côté et al.
Part Three: Prejudice, Intergroup Attitudes and Social Exclusion
The Development in Children of the Idea of the Homeland and of Relations with Other Countries - J. Piaget and A. Weil
A Longitudinal Study of White Children's Racial Prejudice as a Social-Cognitive Development - A. Doyle and F. Aboud
Children's Social Reasoning about Inclusion and Exclusion in Gender and Race Peer Group Contexts - Melanie Killen and Charles Stangor
Social Norms and Self-Presentation: Children's Implicit and Explicit Intergroup Attitudes - Adam Rutland, Lindsey Cameron, Alan Milne and Peter Mc George
Part Four: Bullying
Bullying as a Group Process: Participant Roles and Their Relations to Social Status within the Group - Christina Salmivalli et al.
Bullying and Theory of Mind: A Critique of the ‘Social Skills Deficit’ View of Anti-Social Behaviour - Jon Sutton, Peter Smith and John Swettenham
The Power of Friendship: Protection against an Escalating Cycle of Peer Victimisation - Ernest Hodges, Michael Boivin, Frank Vitaro and William Bukowski
Prevalence Estimation of School Bullying with the Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire - Mona Solberg and Dan Olweus
Part One: Prosocial Behaviour
Children’s Differentiations among Potential Recipients of Aid - Nancy Eisenberg
A Cross-National Study on the Relations among Prosocial Moral Reasoning, Gender Role Orientations, and Prosocial Behaviors - Gustavo Carlo et al.
Part Two: Empathy and Emotion
Developmental Synthesis of Affect and Cognition and Its Implications for Altruistic Motivation - Martin Hoffman
Psychophysiological Correlates of Empathy and Prosocial Behaviors in Preschool Children with Behavior Problems - Carolyn Zahn-Waxler et al.
The Development of Concern for Others in Children with Behavior Problems - Paul Hastings et al.
Part Three: Moral Development
Social Interactions and the Development of Social Concepts in Preschool Children - Larry Nucci and Elliot Turiel
Preschool Children’s Conceptions of Moral and Social Rules - Judith Smetana
Cross-Cultural Universality of Social-Moral Development: A Critical Review of Kohlbergian Research - J. Snarey
‘Any Animal Whatever’: Darwinian Building Blocks of Morality in Monkeys and Apes - Jessica Flack and Frans de Waal
Moral Stage Theory - Daniel Lapsley
The Development of Children's Orientations toward Moral, Social, and Personal Orders: More than a Sequence in Development - Elliot Turiel
Part Four: Moral Reasoning and Rights
Children's Concepts of Their Rights - Gary Melton
The Relation between Law and Morality: Children’s Reasoning about Socially Beneficial and Unjust Laws - Charles Helwig and Urszula Jasiobedzka
Part One: Biological Perspectives
Social Rehabilitation of Isolate-Reared Monkeys - Stephen Suomi and Hary Harlow
Child Development and Evolutionary Psychology - David Bjorklund and Anthony Pellegrini
Why Are Children in the Same Family So Different? Nonshared Environment a Decade Later - Robert Plomin, Kathryn Asbury and Judith Dunn
Evidence That the Cycle of Violence in Maltreated Children Depends on Genotype - Avshalom Caspi et al.
Humans Have Specialized Skills of Social Cognition: The Cultural Intelligence Hypothesis - Esther Herrmann et al.
Part Two: Socio-Cultural Perspectives
Relations of Child Training to Subsistence Economy - Herbert Barry, Irvin Child and Margaret Bacon
Little Angels, Little Devils: A Sociology of Children - Anthony Synnott
The Developmental Niche: A Conceptualization at the Interface of Child and Culture - Charles Super and Sara Harkness
Children's Daily Activities in a Mayan Village: A Culturally Grounded Description - Suzanne Gaskins
Cultural-Historical Activity Theory in the Family of Social-Cultural Approaches - Michael Cole
Part Three: Theoretical Views/Debates
The Nature and Uses of Immaturity - Jerome Bruner
Where Is the Child's Environment? A Group Socialization Theory of Development - Judith Harris

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