Children and Consumer Culture in American Society: A Historical Handbook and Guide

Children and Consumer Culture in American Society: A Historical Handbook and Guide

by Lisa Jacobson

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ISBN-13: 9780313015021
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/30/2007
Series: Children and Youth: History and Culture
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 724 KB

About the Author

LISA JACOBSON is Associate Professor of History at UC Santa Barbara. She is the author of Raising Consumers: Children and the American Mass Market in the Early Twentieth Century and has published articles and reviews in such journals as the Journal of Social History, Enterprise & Society, and Technology and Culture.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword   Miriam Forman-Brunell     ix
Preface     xiii
Acknowledgments     xvii
Advertising, Mass Merchandising, and the Creation of Children's Consumer Culture   Lisa Jacobson     3
Children's Media Consumption and Struggles for Cultural Authority in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries   Amanda Bruce     27
Reforming the Delinquent Child Consumer: Institutional Responses to Children's Consumption from the Late Nineteenth Century to the Present   Paul Ringel     43
Parents and Children in the Consumer Household: Regulating and Negotiating the Boundaries of Children's Consumer Freedoms and Family Obligations   Lisa Jacobson     63
Promoting the Child Consumer     85
"How Does This Service Fit Your Needs?" (1916)$dSt. Nicholas promotional ad     86
"Dictator to the Universe" (1912)$dAmerican Boy promotional ad     87
"When Slim Watson Talks Carburetors" (1926)$dAmerican Boy promotional ad     88
"When They Crack the Whip You Jump" (1926)$dAmerican Boy promotional ad     89
"When Is a Girl Worth {dollar}11,690,499?" (1948)$dSeventeen promotional ad     90
"Teena, A Girl with Influence" (1947)$dSeventeen promotional ad     91
Courting Child Consumers     93
"Building aBusiness on Children's Good Will" (1920)   S. C. Lambert     94
"What Kind of Advertisements Do Boys Like?" (1920)   Horace A. Wade     97
"Children as Consumers and Persuaders" (1932)$dPrinters' Ink     99
"Radio's Most Critical Audience" (1934)   Bernard A. Grimes     100
"Children and Radio" (1936)   Don Gridley     102
Child Consumers, the Mass Media, and Mass Amusements     105
"Vampire Literature" (1891)   Anthony Comstock     106
The Spirit of Youth in the City Streets (1909)   Jane Addams     108
The Revolt of Modern Youth (1927)   Judge Ben B. Lindsey   Wainwright Evans     112
"The Path to Delinquency" (1934)   Henry James Forman     114
Seduction of the Innocent (1953)   Frederic Wertham     116
"How to Communicate with Children on Television" (1987)   Cy Schneider     120
Advertising in the Public Schools     125
"How Advertisers Are Getting Schools to Use Their Literature" (1927)   John Allen Murphy     126
"Education and the Consumer" (1934)   Dewey H. Palmer   Frederick J. Schlink     128
Thrift Education and School Savings Banks      133
"Teaching Thrift as a Branch of Public Instruction" (1916)   Andrew Price     134
"Is the School Bank Worthwhile?" (1927)   Russell Curtis Grimshaw     136
"Bank Day" (1930)   Chester T. Crowell     137
"Wise Spending as a Teacher Sees It" (1924)   Olive M. Jones     140
King of the Hill (1972)   A. E. Hotchner     143
"Hold It! You Belong in This Picture" (1947)$dFarmers and Mechanics Savings Bank     144
Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships in the Consumer Household     147
"Children and Money" (1924)   Sidonie Gruenberg     148
"Selling Food to Children" (1928)$dMother's Own Book     152
"Child-rearing" (1929)   Robert S. Lynd   Helen Merrell Lynd     157
"Food, Clothing, and Housework" (1929)   Robert S. Lynd   Helen Merrell Lynd     162
"Boy Dates Girl: One Girl's Family" (1940)   Gay Head     164
Children, Youth, and Consumer Culture     169
Consumer Culture: General Works     177
History of Childhood, Childrearing, and the Family: General Works, 1870-2000     183
Index     187
About the Editor and Contributors     197

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