Children From Heaven And When God Speaks

Children From Heaven And When God Speaks

by Shelba Wilbur


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Author Shelba Wilbur presents a collection of her writings, including the novella Children from Heaven and a collection of short stories titled When God Speaks.

Children from Heaven tells the story of Addie, who lost her husband, David, in a tragic automobile accident caused by an intoxicated driver. He was the love of her life. They had prayed to God for children throughout their marriage, but He kept saying "Be patient." Once David was gone, Addie struggled with what to do with her life, feeling as though their patience had been in vain.

Then one day Addie opened her door to a friend, and her life changed forever. There, with her friend, stood four young boys who needed a place to live and someone to take care of them. They moved in with Addie, and as her family took root, Addie finally understood why God counseled her to be patient. Mama Addie's family became her legacy!

When God Speaks presents a collection of inspirational short stories about the very special relationship that each person builds with God. These are the stories of people from many walks of life, people who listen when God speaks. They listen not only with their ears, but also with their hearts. Their stories are a testament to God's love.

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ISBN-13: 9781426946479
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 11/23/2010
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 0.48(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

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