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State University of New York Press
Children on Playgrounds: Research Perspectives and Applications

Children on Playgrounds: Research Perspectives and Applications

by Craig H. Hart


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Children on Playgrounds: Research Perspectives and Applications

This book focuses on key issues and current research evidence of links between children's behavior in outdoor play environments and children's development. Specific attention is given to ways that outdoor play environments are extensions of other development settings, like the classroom or family. Since most work up to this point has focused on development in indoor classroom settings or in other developmental contexts, this book makes an important contribution.

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ISBN-13: 9780791414682
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 07/01/1993
Series: SUNY series, Children's Play in Society Series
Pages: 459

About the Author

Craig H. Hart is Professor of Family Sciences at Brigham Young University.

Table of Contents

A. D. Pellegrini



1. Introduction: Toward a Further Understanding of Children's Development on Playgrounds
Craig H. Hart

PART I: History and Theory of Outdoor Play

2. Historical and Contemporary Influences of Outdoor Play Environments
Lynn Hartle and James E. Johnson

PART II: Conflicts on Playgrounds

3. Conflict and Context in Peer Relations
Willard W. Hartup and Brett Laursen

4. Bullies on the Playground: The Role of Victimization
Dan Olweus

PART III: Playground Behaviors and Peer Relations

5. Playstyles of Peer-Accepted and Peer-Rejected Children on the Playground
Gary W. Ladd and Joseph M. Price

6. Patterns of Social Behavior on the Playground in 9- to 11-Year-Old Girls and Boys: Relation to Teacher Perceptions and to Peer Ratings of Aggression, Withdrawal, and Likeability
Lisa A. Serbin, Keith Marchessault, Valerie McAffer, Patricia Peters, and Alex E. Schwartzman

7. Using a Wireless Transmission System to Observe Conversation and Social Interaction on the Playground
Steven R. Asher and Sondra W. Gabriel

8. Ethnic, Gender Partner, and Activity Preferences in Mixed-Race Schools in the U.K.: Playground Observations
Michael J. Boulton and Peter K. Smith

PART IV: Family Background Influences and Children's Playground Behavior

9. Children's Aggressive and Socially Unskilled Playground Behavior With Peers: Origins in Early Family Relations
Gregory S. Pettit and Amanda W. Harrist

10. Parental Disciplinary Strategies and Preschoolers' Play Behavior in Playground Settings
Craig H. Hart, Michele DeWolf, and Diane C. Burtis

PART V: Playground Behavior and Literacy Development

11. When the Playground Enters the Classroom
Becky L. Reimer

12. The Role of Soccer in a Narrative Context
Kathryn M. Borman, Chester H. Laine, and Denis S. Lowe

13. Themes in the Peer Relations Literature: Correspondence to Playground Interactions Portrayed in Children's Literature
Craig H. Hart, Lea McGee, and Sue Hernandez


14. Children on Playgrounds: Applying Current Knowledge to Future Practice and Inquiry
Craig H. Hart


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