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Brookes, Paul H. Publishing Company
Children with Disabilities, Sixth Edition / Edition 6

Children with Disabilities, Sixth Edition / Edition 6


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Children with Disabilities, Sixth Edition / Edition 6

Now available in a completely revised sixth edition, this is the leading textbook for professionals preparing to work with children with disabilities and their families. A trusted bestseller since the first edition was published more than 25 years ago, Children with Disabilities has been reviewed and updated by leading authorities. Readers will get the very latest research on a wide range of disabilities including: intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, attention deficits and hyperactivity, Down syndrome, communication disorders, neural tube defects, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Readers will also learn from new and expanded content on key topics, such as prenatal and newborn screening, patterns in development, epidemiology, movement disorders, cognitive testing and screening, toxins, fetal infections, X-linked intellectual disability, and psychiatric disorders, This comprehensive text covers all of the developmental, clinical, educational, family, and intervention issues included in previous editions, and also includes student-friendly features: chapter objectives, vivid vignettes, a glossary of key terms, more than 200 helpful illustrations, and extensive appendices about cognitive testing and screening, medications, resources, syndromes, and inborn errors of metabolism. With this essential text from the most respected voices in the disability field, professionals and students will have the broad and deep knowledge they need to work effectively with children with disabilities and help them reach their full potential.

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ISBN-13: 9781557668585
Publisher: Brookes, Paul H. Publishing Company
Publication date: 08/28/2007
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 792
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 10.20(h) x 1.70(d)

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures     xiii
About the Editors     xix
Contributors     xxi
A Personal Note to the Reader     xxvii
Preface     xxix
Acknowledgments     xxxiii
Letters from Andrew Batshaw     xxxiv
As Life Begins
Genetics and Developmental Disabilities   Mark L. Batshaw     3
Genetic Disorders
Cell Division and Its Disorders
Genes and Their Disorders
Revising Mendelian Genetics
Environmental Influences on Heredity
Development Before Birth   William H.J. Haffner     23
Embryonic and Fetal Development
Development of the Central Nervous System
Maternal Factors in Fetal Development
Having a Baby: The Birth Process   Jill E. Brown   Andrew J. Satin     35
Dating a Pregnancy
Deciding When to Deliver the Baby
Perinatal Mortality
Monitoring Labor
Cesarean Section
Abnormal Labor or Dystocia
Pregnancy Complications
The First Weeks of Life   Chrysanthe Gaitatzes   Taeun Chang   Stephen Baumgart     47
The Fetus Before Birth
The Birth Process
Environmental Toxins   Philip W. Davidson   Gary J. Myers     61
Toxicological and Epidemiological Issues
Evidence for Developmental Neurotoxicity
From Science toPolicy
Infections and the Fetus   Michael J. Bell     71
Specific Pathogens
Intrauterine Inflammation and Developmental Disabilities
Birth Defects and Prenatal Diagnosis   Rhonda L. Schonberg   Cynthia J. Tifft     83
Genetic Assessment
Screening Evaluations During Pregnancy
Prevention, Fetal Therapy, and Alternative Reproductive Choices
Psychosocial Implications
Newborn Screening: Opportunities for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities   Joan E. Pellegrino     97
What Is a Screening Test?
Why Screen Newborns?
How Is Newborn Screening Done?
What Should Be Done When a Child has a Positive Newborn Screen?
What Happens to Children with Confirmed Disease?
What Is the Risk of Developmental Disability in Children with Confirmed Disease?
How Can Screening Fail?
The Past, Present, and Future of Newborn Screening
Prenatal Screening
Premature and Small-for-Dates Infants   Khodayar Rais-Bahrami   Billie Lou Short     107
Definitions of Prematurity and Low Birth Weight
Incidence of Preterm Births
Causes of Premature Birth
Complications of Prematurity
Medical and Developmental Care of Low Birth Weight Infants
Survival of Low Birth Weight Infants
Care After Discharge from the Hospital
Early Intervention Programs
Neurodevelopmental Outcome
The Developing Child
Nutrition and Children with Disabilities   Janet S. Isaacs     125
Typical Growth During Childhood
Nutritional Guidelines
Nutritional Issues in Children with Disabilities
Medical Nutritional Therapy
Special Nutritional Concerns in Children with Disabilities
Nutrition within Complementary and Alternative Medical Care
Vision: Our Window to the World   Marijean M. Miller   Sheryl J. Menacker     137
Structure of the Eye
Ocular Development
Development of Visual Skills
Function and Diseases of the Eye
Refractive Errors in Children
Vision Tests
Hearing: Sounds and Silences   Gilbert R. Herer   Carol A. Knightly   Annie G. Steinberg     157
Defining Sound
The Hearing System
Defining Hearing Loss
Causes of Hearing Loss
Identification of Hearing Loss
Intervention for Hearing Loss
The Brain and Nervous System   Amanda L. Yaun   Robert Keating     185
The Brain and Spinal Cord
The Peripheral Nervous System
The Microscopic Architecture of the Brain
Techniques for Evaluating the Nervous System
Muscles, Bones, and Nerves   Diana M. Escolar   Laura L. Tosi   Ana Carolina Tesi Rocha   Annie Kennedy     203
Components of the Musculoskeletal System
Signs and Symptoms of Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal Disorders
Physical Examination of the Musculoskeletal System
Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System
Disorders of the Neuromuscular System
Patterns in Development and Disability   Louis Pellegrino     217
What Is Development?
Patterns in Development
Defining Disability
Patterns of Disability
Disability Diagnoses versus Etiologic Diagnoses
Developmental Disabilities
Epidemiology of Developmental Disabilities   Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp   Carolyn Drews-Botsch   Kim Van Naarden Braun     231
What Is Epidemiology?
How Common Are Various Disabilities?
Developmental Delay and Intellectual Disability   Mark L. Batshaw   Bruce Shapiro   Michaela L.Z. Farber     245
Early Identification of Developmental Delay
Defining Intellectual Disability
Classification of Intellectual Disability
Prevalence of Intellectual Disability
Associated Impairments
Medical Diagnostic Testing
Psychological Testing
Treatment Approaches
Down Syndrome   Nancy J. Roizen     263
Chromosomal Findings
Early Identification
Medical Complications in Down Syndrome
Neurodevelopment and Behavior
Evaluation and Treatment
X-Linked Syndromes Causing Intellectual Disability   Gretchen A. Meyer     275
The Genetics of Fragile X Syndrome
Clinical Features in Males
Clinical Features in Females
Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome
Medical Management
Educational and Therapeutic Intervention Strategies
Inborn Errors of Metabolism   Mark L. Batshaw   Mendel Tuchman     285
Types of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Clinical Manifestations
Mechanism of Brain Damage
Associated Disabilities
Diagnostic Testing
Newborn Screening
Therapeutic Approaches
Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders in Children with Disabilities   Adelaide Robb   Mark Reber     297
Prevalence and Causes of Psychiatric Disorders Among Children with Developmental Disabilities
Psychiatric Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
Communication Disorders   Sheela Stuart     313
Components of Communication
Typical Development of Speech and Language
Communication Disorders and Intervention Approaches
Speech Disorders
Language Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders   Susan L. Hyman   Kenneth E. Towbin     325
Diagnostic Categories within the Autism Spectrum
Diagnostic Features of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Associated Conditions
Treatment Approaches
Attention Deficits and Hyperactivity   Marianne M. Glanzman   Nathan J. Blum     345
Diagnosis and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Subtypes
Clinical Presentation
Common Coexisting Conditions
Associated Impairments
Causes of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
The Evaluation Process
Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Treatment with Coexisting Conditions
Multimodal Treatment
Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Specific Learning Disabilities   Bruce Shapiro   Robin P. Church   M.E.B. Lewis     367
Defining Specific Learning Disabilities
Response to Intervention
Specific Reading Disability
Specific Mathematics Disability
Impairments Associated with Specific Learning Disabilities
Health Problems Simulating Specific Learning Disabilities
Assessment Procedures
Intervention Strategies
Cerebral Palsy   Louis Pellegrino     387
What Is Cerebral Palsy?
What Causes Cerebral Palsy?
How Is Cerebral Palsy Diagnosed?
What Other Impairments Are Associated with Cerebral Palsy?
What Can Be Done to Help Children with Cerebral Palsy?
Movement Disorders   W. Bryan Burnette   Harvey S. Singer     409
Definition and Classification of Movement Disorders
Paroxysmal Movement Disorders
Disorders Associated with Specific Movement Abnormalities
Normal Movements Often Mistakenly Considered Abnormal
Neural Tube Defects   Gregory S. Liptak     419
Prevalence of Neural Tube Defects
The Origin of Neural Tube Defects
Prevention of Neural Tube Defects Using Folic Acid Supplementation
Prenatal Diagnosis
Treatment of Meningomyelocele in the Newborn Period
Primary Neurological Impairments in Children with Meningomyelocele
Associated Impairments and Medical Complications
Educational Programs
Psychosocial Issues for the Child
Interdisciplinary Management
Epilepsy    Steven L. Weinstein   William Davis Gaillard     439
Epilepsy Definitions, Causes, and Consequences
Classification of Epilepsy and Epilepsy Syndromes
Diagnosis and Evaluation of Seizure Disorders
Treatment of Epilepsy
Multidisciplinary Needs and Intervention
Traumatic Brain Injury   Linda J. Michaud   Ann-Christine Duhaime   Shari L. Wade   Jeffrey P. Rabin   Dorothy O. Jones   Mary F. Lazar     461
Incidence of Head Injuries
Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury
Types of Brain Injuries
Inflicted Brain Injury
Detecting Significant Brain Injury
Severity of Brain Injury
Interventions, Families, and Outcomes
Feeding   Peggy S. Eicher     479
The Feeding Process
Feeding and the Influence of Medical Conditions
Feeding and the Influence of Tone, Posture, and Development
Feeding Problems in Children with Disabilities
Evaluation of a Feeding Problem
Managing Feeding Problems
Dental Care: Promoting Health and Preventing Disease   George Acs   Man Wai Ng   Mark L. Helpin   Howard M. Rosenberg   Seth Canion     499
Formation and Emergence of Teeth
Problems Affecting the Development of Teeth
Oral Diseases
Dental Trauma
Prevention of Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease
Providing Dental and Orthodontic Treatment
Dental Care for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Early Intervention   Michael J. Guralnick   Charles J. Conlon     511
Disability-Related Developmental Science
An Investment in Effectiveness
Structural Components of the Early Intervention System
Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool Services
Status of Early Intervention Services
Directions for the Future: Principles of Early Intervention
Special Education Services   Elissa Batshaw Clair   Robin P. Church   Mark L. Batshaw     523
Legislation that Defines Disability
Nondiscriminatory Assessment and Eligibility
Services Provided by Special Education Teachers
Related Services
The Individualized Education Progam
Federal Funding of Special Education Services
Establishment of the Least Restrictive Environment
Role of the Special Education Teacher in the General Curriculum
Participation in State- and Districtwide Assessments
Procedural Safeguards: Due Process
The School-Parent Connection
Behavioral Principles, Assessment, and Therapy   Michael F. Cataldo   SungWoo Kahng   Iser G. DeLeon   Brian K. Martens   Patrick C. Friman   Marilyn Cataldo     539
Operant Learning Principles and Practices
From Basic Principle to Application
Common Behavior Problems
Severe Problem Behaviors
Behavioral Assessment of Problem Behaviors
Functional Assessment and Treatment Development
Practical Strategies for the Classroom
Behavioral Teaching Strategies
Behavioral Instruction Programs
Technological Assistance   Larry W. Desch     557
Technology for Medical Assistance
Technology for Physical Disabilities
Technology for Sensory Impairments
Technology for Communication Disabilities
Technology for Cognitive and Learning Disabilities
Assessment for Assistive Technology
Effects of Assistive Technology on the Family and Community
Funding Issues
Advocacy Information
Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy   Lisa A. Kurtz     571
Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
Guidelines for Referral
Assessment and Planning for Intervention
Therapy in Early Intervention Programs
Therapy in Educational Settings
Selected Approaches to Intervention
Outcomes of Therapy
Exercise, Sports, and Recreation   Sarah Helen Evans   Terry Adirim     581
Physical Activity in Children with Disabilities
Inclusion of the Child with Disabilities in Exercise and Sports Programs in School
Community Sports Programs
The Preparticipation Examination
Sport Injuries in the Athlete with Disabilities
Nonphysical Recreation
Ethical Dilemmas   Tomas Jose Silber     591
The Vocabulary of Ethics
Ethics and the Law
Pediatric Ethics
Ethics Consultation and Ethics Committees
Research Involving Children with Disabilities
Social Justice
Caring and Coping: Helping the Family of a Child with a Disability   Symme Wilson Trachtenberg   Karen Batshaw   Michael Batshaw      601
How Families Cope with the Diagnosis
Long-Term Effects on the Parents
Effects on Siblings
Effects on the Extended Family
Effects on the Child with a Disability
Principles of Family-Centered Care: Role of the Professional
The Role of Society and Community
Future Expectations: Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood   Nienke P. Dosa   Patience H. White   Vincent Schuyler     613
General Principles of Transition
Moving Toward Independence: Self-Determination
Moving from School to Work
Moving from Home into the Community
Moving from Pediatric- to Adult-Oriented Health Care
Health Care Delivery Systems and Financing Issues   Angelo P. Giardino   Renee M. Turchi   Alan E. Kohrt     623
Problems in Arranging Coordination of Care
The Concept of a Medical Home
The Health Care Environment and Financing
Looking Toward the Future
Glossary   Gaetano R. Lotrecchiano     635
Syndromes and Inborn Errors of Metabolism   Erynn S. Gordon     663
Commonly Used Medications   Karl F. Gumpper     699
Childhood Disabilities Resources, Services, and Organizations   Gaetano R. Lotrecchiano     719
Cognitive Testing and Screening Testing   Nancy J. Roizen     745
Index     749

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Very good resource for doing research papers on the child related disorders specified within the text.  
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