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Children's Stories and Poems

Children's Stories and Poems

by Cora Delves


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This is a book written with love for life and the use of the imagination. There are stories for children to read repeatedly and poems meant for all ages. You will hear about magic and mermaids, shimmering waterfalls, and trees with wrapped candy or fruits.
As you read the poems, you will feel as if you are the one right there in that moment. Some of the poems written are about things that happened in real life.
Please read and enjoy the walk through life with me. It is a new adventure I hope you will be a part of.
More written items are coming again soon-my autobiography and a true story about a family that struggles to be reunited after years of separation.
Thank you.
Cora Delves

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ISBN-13: 9781546269885
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/28/2018
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.24(d)

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The Boat Adventure

Another adventure is about to happen because Nana has come for an overnight stay. Each time she comes we lie down on her bed and she has us using our minds for new ideas and quiet time all rolled in one.

This adventure started out as if pretending we were on a large boat. Daddy is the captain and Mommy is the first mate. Daddy takes us out on the boat because the weather is so warm and it is cooler on the water. He drives the boat out into the open water area near an island, it is a strange Island and we are not supposed to go there. At night one can see lights coming from there. Nana shivers as if she is cold.

Peyton and Emelia and Nana are lying on the deck enjoying the warm breeze coming across the bow. They have their swim suits on and getting a tan. Mom and Brother Wyatt are in the cabin resting or playing. Peyton becomes very excited," What is happening" asked Nana? Peyton says that she saw fins in the water, and they are coming nearer. We watch as they come closer and see that a school of Dolphins is having fun playing around our boat. These are not ordinary Dolphins no! They are different because they are all different colors blue and pink, red and brown, lavender and yellow, wow!!

Daddy has anchored the boat so that we can have fun with the Dolphins. Nana asked Daddy to join Emelia and Peyton in the water so that they could see them closer. While the family was in the water splashing each other and laughing, the blue dolphin came closer and then rose on its tail moving backwards and making noises causing everyone to laugh. Then the blue dolphin came close to Nana and indicated that she was to hold onto its fin. Nana took the blue dolphins fin and it swam a few feet away and back again.

Some of the other dolphins joined in by letting Emelia and Peyton and Daddy ride with them. We were having so much fun, being pulled along on the water by the Dolphins and Mom took pictures. Dad suggested that we go diving and see what we would see under the water.

Oh! My! Look Peyton pointed at all the beautiful coral and the different kinds of fish. Such as Rainbow Trout Salmon plus Flatfish and Stingrays and Seahorses, there was Gold fish and so many more. The coral was all colors and sparkled. The ground as a fish or crab skimmed near the bottom of the water moved and shimmered. The seahorses were also very special as they carried mermaids on their backs. Each mermaid had a crown and beautiful color tails. Their names were (Bella, Marianne, Lucille, Elizabeth and Evelina). The mermaid Evelina gave a special crown to Emelia and Peyton. The pink dolphin had swam to the bottom of the water near a coral and found crowns to wear.

We realized that this was a special place. As we explored the bottom of the water Dad and Nana realized that we could breathe like the fish and stay longer in the water. As we swam nearer to the island the dolphins spoke to us and we could understand them. They stated that "they had seen our family in the water before and watched us play. They were really cool dolphins. We held on to their fins again and they had us going around in a big circle, all the other dolphins had joined in and what a fun ride. The sea horses came and gave the girls a ride as well. They were like little aristocrats sitting on them. The male sea horse told us that the males carry the eggs not the female and the girls became very interested to learn more about the species. They saw several pregnant fish and was able to witness as one gave birth. It was amazing to see all those eggs float and be able to bring forth new life. A turtle also told them that they hatch their eggs in the sand on the sea shore. Each year they come back to the same spawning ground. The large Jelly fish was also friendly and didn't stay too close to the little ones. She didn't want to frighten them if they happened to touch her long legs for they could get a shock. It was the jelly fishes way of protecting herself.

Dad and Nana saw how much fun the girls were having and didn't realize that a whale had also come to see and be part of this group. It was a special whale (white)it is called a Beluga whale. Her name was Angel and she belonged to the owners of the Island. Angel had a message for Daddy, she was telling him that a storm was coming and that they should head home. The girls' crowns that were Gold and silver didn't seem like crowns when they came out of the water. It was magic crowns and the air turned them back to coral. The girls kept the crowns in a special place as a memory. Kids all ages love make believe and using their imagination.

It was time to go back into the boat, Mom and Wyatt had lunch ready for them. Peyton and Emelia told Wyatt and Mommy about their adventure. Wyatt wanted to go too. Mom said, "In one more year he could go down to the bottom of the water with the rest of the family" the girls were sad to leave their new friends, but then remembered that they could come again. The crowns would always be theirs and the memories stored in their minds.

As they were eating lunch the weather started to get cooler and the water choppy. Dad decided that it was time to go home. Emelia and Peyton were talking to Mommy about their adventure with Nana and Daddy. Mom saw a dolphin coming near the boat and something in its beak. So they slowed the boat and accepted the paper from the blue dolphin. It was a special invitation.

It Read:

Your family loves adventures and believes in the world of magic. F or your next adventure we invite you to come and visit our Island. We know that you will love it here.

Sincerely King A. Hager

The girls and Mom were very excited to have such an invitation given to them. All kinds of things popped into Emelia and Peyton's minds and Oh! The questions. "When can we go? They asked. Mommy looked to Nana and said "it was up to Nana as she was the one to take them ". Nana Loves taking the kids on trips like this. So she decided that very soon she would come back and take them to the island with the strange lights at night.

Wow! What an adventure for two little girls. Blue Dolphins, whales, sea horses, coral crowns and a chance to visit a magic island someday.

Enjoy this short story, until your next adventure.

Written by Cora Delves May 20th 2012

The lay out for this story is

1. Family on a boat

2. The arrival of Dolphins

3. Picture of them having fun swimming with them

4. The bottom of the sea and coral plus different color fish

5. A white Whale

6. Dolphin giving Dad the paper /invitation


A Magic Island

This story came about as I was visiting some of our grandchildren. I went to stay overnight at their home. In the morning as usual the kids wake up first and come to Nana's bed. I sleep on a blown up mattress and we have what is now known an adventure time. This one such story we created.

This is called "A Magic Mountain" our previous adventure was called "The Boat Ride".

After our adventure on the boat we went to an island. It was not an ordinary island, but a magical island. The sun shining down beautifully and the birds were in the air. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The sand warm and very inviting for us to" come and explore"

As we walked along the beach Emelia saw the Banana Trees, Peyton saw coconut trees and Wyatt spied the palm trees. They turned to Nana with excitement in their eyes. This is going to be another fun adventure.

There was a gentle breeze blowing and magic could be felt in the air. Along the path they walked, they saw beautiful flowers (small ones, tall and big ones). They came in all shapes and sizes. Nana said" God has given us the rainbow in the color of the flowers".

We kept on exploring and came across a waterfall. With its water cascading over the edge, and pooled in a pond at the bottom while a rainbow covering the pond. Wow! It looked so amazing.

A monkey appeared from behind a tree and he said: "Hi my name is" Ralph" I'm your tour guide while you explore the Island. Wow! A talking monkey? How cool. We were all thirsty by now and Ralph produced glasses as if from thin air. He suggested that we have a drink from the pool. 'Name a color' he said as we each stooped to fill our glasses with water.

Emelia choose orange and her drink looked and tasted like oranges. Peyton chooses purple her favorite color and her drink tasted like grapes. Wyatt likes blue so his choice was blue and everything in his glass tasted like blueberries. Nana had chosen green and her drink tasted like lime-sherbet. Hmm. Gush! This was such fun because the water looked clear as you looked into it.

Ralph then lead us to explore more of the island and suggested that we keep our eyes on the lookout for a castle on the island. As we walked along another pathway the flowers looked like an artist had painted them just for our enjoyment. Their beauty was so overwhelming. Bursts of yellow and orange, lilac and violet, blues red and so many more

Ralph was always smiling (like a monkey smiles) and happy as he lead us to an opening were there was four hammocks. The little ones were tired and had a short nap. As we lay down music soft and low floated on the warm breeze. Music notes floated in the air on a gentle breeze. We wanted to know where it was coming from. Ralph reminded us it was a magic Island and anything could happen. Ralph said" the music came from the trees and sand and the flowers and the birds and the water". The melodious song blending with all the exotic birds on the island soon had us all asleep. Ralph stood watch over us as we napped. After we woke from our nap we started to explore more of the island. The two youngest kids spied the tops of the castle towers first. Oh! The squeals and the jumping. Ralph told us it was very beautiful and sparkly. The castle sparkled due to the Gold Silver with specks of different colors all around the Castle. It took our breath away as we came out into the clearing and our eyes saw it for the first time. The castle had a mote around it and it appeared to sparkle as if diamonds were in the water.

The castle was owned by a royal family whose name was Hager. The King was Abraham Hager, the Queen was Sarah Hager, the Prince was called Dwayne, and the two Princesses were called Jayne and Faye Hager. Their clothes was such beautiful colors (King Hager wore Royal Purple w/Yellow; Queen Hager wore Forest green w/Red; Prince Dwayne wore Royal Blue w/Yellow; Princess Jayne wore Pink and Princess Faye wore Lavender. The young nobles had flowers in their hair and had a silk flower the same color on their dresses. They showed Nana how to make the flowers so Emelia and Peyton could make one to match their dresses at home. The flower layered with a glitter stone in the center then was pinned to their dresses looking Beautiful.

The king suggested to Ralph that he take a break while the royal family showed their visitors more of the castle. The King and Queen took Nana to the Kings special room where there was the family history and they had a cup of tea while they talked. Prince Dwayne took Wyatt to the nursery and he had a nap as he was only two yrs old. Later after he woke up he was given the royal treatment of having a horse ride with Prince Dwayne holding him in his arms. The girls went with the Princess Jayne and Princess Faye to the play room. But not an ordinary playroom no sir it was one with live animals. There they saw and played with some different kinds of animals then had a tea party. Then they too had a short nap. Exploring can be very tiring.

There was a very beautiful stairway with pictures hanging on the walls in all shapes and sizes and they too were not ordinary but magic ones. The objects in the pictures moved as you passed them. Everyone went up and down the stairs several times, because it was fun to watch the objects move. The nobles loved to have fun as well because when it came time to walk back down the stairs the nobles did not walk. They would slide down the bannister. Everyone laughed and had such fun.

Next, we went and saw the towers and dungeons where items were stored for future exploring. We were served a beautiful meal from the fruit trees and gardens outside. They grew their own fruits and vegetables and berries. Then it was to the stables for more adventures. The King and Queen stayed behind and Ralph was with us again. The Prince and Princesses was as excited to go as we were. There we received a big surprise, for Ralph told us that there was not any ordinary horse in there but unusual ones and we learned it was because of their colors. Why there were yellow ones blue ones, pink and lavender ones even a green one. The joy seen on the kids' faces was priceless.

Ralph said "that we were to ride the horses and explore more of the island. Prince Dwayne held Wyatt on the Blue horse, Emelia rode with Princess Jayne on the Pink horse and Peyton rode with Princess Faye on the Lavender horse(that changed its color as they rode). Nana rode the Green horse and Ralph rode the Yellow horse beside Nana. Gush! What a time we are having exclaimed Peyton. Smiling from ear to ear and holding onto the reins. There were so many hills and valleys to explore, from forests 'deep greens and the blues of the ocean below as seen from the hilltops.

As Ralph and Nana rode side by side Ralph confided that "He" was really a magic monkey and the King and Queen had chosen the Delves family to be shown their island as they liked to have adventures. As dusk was coming Nana stated it was time to say Thank You and go home. Maybe we could come again and explore more of the island. There are still lots they haven't seen or explored.

We must have fallen asleep as Nana was telling us this story, because we heard Mommy's voice saying it was time for breakfast before Emelia went to school.

Nana looked at us all and just smiled.

As told to our Grand kids on May 16th, 2012

Written by Cora Delves May 22, 2012

Note: In this story, I would like to have pictures of a castle, hammocks with music notes floating in the air and horses in different colors.


The Mountain (story)

"Deep in the rain forest there is a large mountain. Many people believe that anyone can go there and climb this mountain."

Nana had a holiday coming up so what better way to spend it then take her Grandkids on a long trip.

First the kids Emelia Peyton Wyatt and Julia needed backpacks hiking boots and sunglasses and proper clothes suntan lotion first aid kit and compass maps and binoculars. They all had to have an injection shot against infections and bug bites. There is a lot that one must have for such a trip and most important "an imagination".

It took only a day for everyone to be ready and OH! The excitement Emelia stated "that she had paper and pencils to record the journey". Excellent! Says Nana. We'll start out by getting on a train that will take us across Canada and into Africa to the rain forest. As they travelled along they will see such beautiful country and flat land as far as the eye could see. There will be the Rocky Mountains and unending bodies of water as far the eye can see as they travel. In Africa there will be the rain forest and stretches of land were wild animals live and graze. They hope to see some of them and get a picture from a safe distance.

They brought some snacks with them but the main meal of the day was provided by the train porters. Everyone on the train was going to the mystery mountain. There were signs on the train advertising its location and some of the mysteries one could find there. As Nana and the grandkids travelled along on the train, they meet another family named "the Elliotts" sitting in the booth next to them. They had 2 boys and 2 girls a couple of years older than Emelia and Peyton. The kids made friends and time passed quickly.

The Elliotts family names are (John (Dad) Mary (mother) sons Mark and Lucas and their daughters Sally and Ashley) John and Mary asked" if they could join our family for the climb up the mountain?" Why not! This is an adventure which all the kids will enjoy stated "Nana".

As they crossed Canada they saw the mountains with white snow top peaks. In areas it looked like the snow was drifting and caused a mist on top of the mountains. Further down could be seen as if an avalanche was happening. The rolling of the snow as it came down the side of the mountain was magnificent to watch. Everyone agreed on that point, but, they also agreed that they were glad to be safe on the train.

The prairies were so vast that they saw for miles only sparse trees or bushes. Farmers had their land all cropped and some were still planting or harvesting in the fields. It will be something to remember the rest of their young lives. As they cross the border into Africa it became apparent that the green grass and long vegetation was different than anything they had ever seen. For not only was the land different the animals was too.


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