Chilled to the Bone

Chilled to the Bone

by Bob Garcia


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ISBN-13: 9780923763442
Publisher: Mayfair Games, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/28/1991
Product dimensions: 6.07(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.57(d)

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Chilled to the Bone 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
g026r on LibraryThing 20 days ago
While this is ostensibly gaming fiction — it was released as part of Mayfair Games's horror role-playing gameline, Chill — the word "ostensibly" is key. Most of the stories have very little to do with the game's few core elements, and some are little more than stories featuring the authors' previously existing characters or worlds that have occasionally been twisted to fit the mold — but only occasionally.While I'm generally not a fan of gaming fiction, all in all this lack of consistency is one of the anthologies biggest weaknesses. The low-key horror of "Undertow" just doesn't fit next to the hardboiled pastiche of "The Terror By Night" or the urban fantasy of "Bluebound". The other biggest flaw is that a good portion of the stories are by either first-time or newer (at the time) writers, and sometimes it shows. It can't be helped, and everybody has to get their start somewhere, but it's still a bit of an issue.While there are some out-and-out stinkers (Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens' "Bluebound" is the most obvious candidate), it's not all bad, in that there are still a few gems to be found: G. Wayne Miller's "God Can Be A Cruel Bastard" works well, as does Andre Norton's neo-gothic "The Silent One", and Charles de Lint's "But For the Grace Go I" offers a nice twist on a standard trope of the genre, but for the most part the entire collection is a bit thin on the ground.