China - Africa Relations: Review and Analysis (Volume 1)

China - Africa Relations: Review and Analysis (Volume 1)

by Luo Jianbo


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ISBN-13: 9781844640911
Publisher: Paths International Ltd.
Publication date: 02/01/2014
Series: China International Relations
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Review and Reflection on China's African Policy in the Past 60 Years He Wenping 1

I China-Africa relations during the height of the Cold War (1950s to late 1970s): Ideology paramount and political interests overridden 1

II China-Africa relations during the strategic stalemate of the U.S. and the Soviet Union (1980s): ideology downplayed and economic interests come to the fore 5

III China-Africa Relations after the end of the Cold War (since the 1990s): Exploring all-round cooperation and strengthening institution building 7

IV Current internal and external factors as well as challenges to China-Africa relations 13

Chapter 2 China-Africa Exchanges Significance for Civilization Liu Hongwu 19

I China-Africa Friendly Exchanges in Ancient Times 19

II China-Africa Exchanges for Revival since 20th Century 21

III The Influences of Contemporary China-Africa Exchanges and Cooperation on Both Sides 22

Chapter 3 China's African Policy in Old and Modern Times Li Xinfeng 25

I Zheng He's journeys and China's African Policy in modern times 25

II The TAZARA Railway today and the 'generous reward for tribute' during the Ming Dynasty 30

III The differences between China's African Policy today and Zheng He's expedition 34

Chapter 4 China and the Western World's Conflict of Interest in Africa, and the Best Strategies for China Zhang Hongming 39

I Changing Western attitudes to China-Africa cooperative relations 40

II How will the West's enhanced African policy affect China-Africa Relations? 41

III The focuses of the profit conflicts in Africa between the West and China 42

IV Countermeasures taken by the West against China's African policy 45

V Dealing with the challenges posed by the West to China's cooperation with Africa 47

Chapter 5 New Growth Point: China-Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Zones Zhang Zhongxiang 51

I A New Requirement in the Development of China-Africa Trade and Economic Relations 51

II The Great Importance Africa Attaches to These Cooperation Zones 54

III The resent Condition and Characteristics of China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones 58

IV Positive Effects of China-Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Zones 63

V Concluding Remarks 65

Chapter 6 China-Africa Financial Cooperation in the Post Crisis Era Zhan Xiangyang Zou Xin Ma Suhong 67

I Impact of the Financial Crisis on the African Financial Sector 67

II An Outline of the Cooperation between Chinese ICBC and South Africa's Standard Bank 69

III The Significance and Future Prospects of ICBC-Standard Bank Cooperation 74

IV Government Policy Recommendations to Promote Chinese Banks' Exploring the African Market 76

Chapter 7 Africa in the Perspective of Globalization: Development, Aid and Cooperation - Some issues in China-Africa Cooperation Li Anshan 78

I Development: Offer More Time to Africa 79

II Aid to Africa: Give China a Chance 85

III Cooperation: Bringing Hope to the World 92

Chapter 8 China-Africa Non-Governmental Cooperation in Poverty Reduction An Chunshan 99

I Poverty Reduction Cooperation within China's Africa Policy Framework 99

II Non-Governmental Cooperation in Poverty Alleviation 105

III Concluding Remarks 112

Chapter 9 Economic Considerations in Africa's Looking Eastward Yao Guimei 114

I Economic Considerations in Africa's Choosing to "Look Eastward" 114

II Benefiting from "Looking eastward": a Rise in Africa's Economic Interests in Asia 116

III The Vista of African Countries' "Looking Eastward" 124

Chapter 10 Empirical Analysis and Reflection on Chinese Companies Investing in Africa - Ethiopia-based Enterprises as A Case Study Li Zhibiao 127

I Fundamentals for Chinese enterprises when choosing investment target countries 128

II Contributions of Chinese enterprises to the economic and social development of investment target countries 131

III Difficulties and Problems Faced by Chinese Companies in the Investment Target Countries 135

IV Countermeasures for Chinese Enterprises Investing in Africa 137

Chapter 11 Agricultural Development in China - A Revelation for Africa Li Xiaoyun Guo Zhanfeng Wu Jin 140

I A Comparison of Achievements in Agriculture between China and Africa 140

II Main Influencing Factors in the Agricultural Development of China and Africa 143

III Experiences and Lessons in China's Agricultural Development 149

IV Proposals for China-Africa Cooperation in Agriculture 152

V Conclusions 154

Chapter 12 Empirical Analysis on the Cooperation in Oil Industry between China and Sudan Zhang Anping Li Wen Yu Qiubo 156

I The formation of the China-Sudan Oil Cooperation Pattern 157

II Characteristics of the China-Sudan's Oil Cooperation Pattern 161

III The Significance of China-Sudan's Oil Cooperation Pattern 168

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