China in the International Economic Order: New Directions and Changing Paradigms

China in the International Economic Order: New Directions and Changing Paradigms


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ISBN-13: 9781107632271
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 12/13/2018
Pages: 343
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

Lisa Toohey is Senior Lecturer and Director of Dispute Resolution Programs at the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales. Her research on trade law has been published in a variety of leading journals, including the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law, and the Leiden Journal of International Law. Dr Toohey has practiced as a trade lawyer and development consultant across the Asian region.

Colin B. Picker is Associate Professor and Associate Dean at the University of New South Wales. His research subjects include international economic law, public international law, and comparative law, with recent projects on legal cultural analyses and China. Before entering academia, he practiced transnational and trade litigation, international transactions, and international congressional policy for Wilmer Cutler and Pickering in Washington, DC.

Jonathan Greenacre is a research fellow at the University of New South Wales. He has published articles on the regulation of banking in developing countries, micro-finance, and mobile money in a wide variety of journals, including the Banking and Finance Law Review and the International Trade and Business Law Review. He has consulted the United Nations on the regulation of mobile money and currently serves as a member of the United Nations' Pacific Roster of Experts.

Table of Contents

Introduction: China in the international economic order: new directions and changing paradigms Colin B. Picker and Lisa Toohey; Part I. Perspectives on China in the International Order: 1. Revamping the China model for the post-global financial crisis era: the emerging post-Washington, post-Beijing consensus Randall Peerenboom; 2. Regarding China: images of China in the international economic order Lisa Toohey; 3. China and international tribunals: onward from the WTO Marcia Don Harpaz; 4. China's legal cultural relationship to international economic law: multiple and conflicting paradigms Colin B. Picker; Part II. Trade: 5. From the Doha round to the China round: China's growing role in WTO negotiations Henry Gao; 6. China's implementation of WTO decisions Timothy Webster; 7. The emerging rules on state capitalism and their implications for China's use of SOEs Junji Nakagawa; 8. Standards as a means to technological leadership? China's ICT standards in the context of the international economic order Shin-yi Peng; Part III. Financial and Monetary: 9. China's negotiation of the international economic legal order Ross P. Buckley and Weihuan Zhou; 10. Is the rise of Chinese state capital a regulatory game changer? The example of inward investment capital to Australia Justin O'Brien, George Gilligan and Jonathan Greenacre; 11. Contesting the liberal imaginary? China's role in the international monetary system Julian Gruin; 12. China, economic Taoism and development: different paradigms, different outcomes Xuezhu Bai and Nicholas Morris; Part IV. Competition, IP and Investment: 13. Chinese companies and outbound investment - the balance between domestic and international concerns Vivienne Bath; 14. Mergers with conditions in China: caution, control or industrial policy? Deborah Healey; 15. Geo-politics, China and investor-state arbitration Leon E. Trakman; 16. China, intellectual property rights and the WTO: challenging but not a challenge to the existing legal order Bryan Mercurio.

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