China, India and the United States: Competition for Energy Resources

China, India and the United States: Competition for Energy Resources

by Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research


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Global energy needs are rising despite soaring prices while petroleum production is struggling to keep pace, as many existing oilfields go into decline and new reserves become rarer and increasingly difficult to exploit. In this tightening supply situation, the world is witnessing a triangular race between the United States, China and India to secure future energy supplies. The United States, already the world's largest energy consumer and oil importer, may be overtaken by China in the coming decades as the latter aggressively seeks new supplies to fuel its phenomenal growth. India, with its burgeoning population, is also poised for dramatic economic development and remains heavily dependent on energy imports to bridge the widening gap between modest domestic production and surging demand. As global economic gravity shifts towards Asia, much of the continent's oil imports will continue to be sourced from the Arabian Gulf.

What are the international implications of this triangular race for energy supplies? Will it lead to strategic cooperation, competition or even conflict between the three countries? How will oil geopolitics and energy security considerations shape the foreign policies of China, India and the United States? How can the Gulf countries meet and capitalize on the energy needs of these three global players? These and related issues were discussed by energy experts who assembled at the ECSSR Twelfth Annual Energy Conference on China, India and the United States: Competition for Energy Resources held from November 19-21, 2006 in Abu Dhabi. This volume of conference presentations offers global, regional and national perspectives on the international race for energyresources and its wider economic and political ramifications.

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ISBN-13: 9789948009290
Publisher: I. B.Tauris & Company, Limited
Publication date: 03/17/2009
Series: Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (Paperback)
Pages: 612
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About the Author

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Table of Contents

* Figures and Tables
• Abbreviations and Acronyms
• Foreword, by Jamal S. Al-Suwaidi
• Introduction
• Keynote Address: UAE Energy Policy: Expanding Production Capacity and Maintaining Market Equilibrium -- H.E. Mohammed bin Dha’en Al-Hamili
• The Relationship between Demand Outlook and Supply Potential: A View to 2030 -- Richard C. Vierbuchen
• Assessment of Competition from Major Non-GCC Producers: Iran, Russia and Venezuela -- Luis E. Giusti
• Quest for Energy: The Role of Consumer Governments and National Oil Companies -- Chietgji Bajpaee
• Geopolitics and Market Forces: Political Consequences of Limited Supply -- Nan Li
• Energy and Strategic Relations between the GCC, Asia and the United States: A Challenging Balancing Act -- Adnan Shihab-Eldin
• FOCUS ON THE GULF* ADNOC: Boosting the UAE’s Key Role in Regional and Global Energy Markets -- Sultan Ahmad Al Mehairi
• Reliance on Middle East Energy Resources: Relations between Gulf Producers and Emerging Consumers -- Saïd Nachet
• Gulf Producers’ Policies: Managing Market Competition, Risks and Opportunities -- Ibrahim A.H. Ismail
• Energy Alliances in the ASEAN +3 and Regional Cooperation: Integrated Approaches to Asian Energy Security -- Katsuhiko Suetsugu
• The Energy Race between China and India: Motivations and Potential Opportunities for Cooperation -- Jeffrey G. Brown, Vijay Mukherji and Kang Wu
• China: Raising Domestic Production Levels and Boosting Energy Efficiency -- H.E. Ambassador Yusheng Gao
• China, India and the United States: Competition for Petroleum Resources and Prospects for Cooperation -- Xiaojie Xu
• China’s Economic Growth and its Global Quest for Energy Security -- Wenran Jiang
• India: Pursuing Energy Security to Fuel Phenomenal Economic Growth -- H.E. Ambassador C.M. Bhandari
• The International Competition for Energy Resources: India’s Perspective -- Talmiz Ahmad
• India’s Economic Development and the Energy Agenda -- Leena Srivastava, Sakshi Marwah, Atul Kumar, Ritu Mathur and Pradeep Dadich
• The US-China-India Triangle of Strategic Energy Interests: US Perspectives -- Mikkal E. Herberg
• Is a New US Petroleum Strategy Coming into View? -- Sarah A. Emerson
• Contributors
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index *

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