China: The Kingdom of the Dragon

China: The Kingdom of the Dragon

by Marco Moretti




Enthusiasm for the free market and the rediscovery of traditions mark the new China. Red flags have given way to red lanterns, Communism has been reduced to a diminishing overlay on a country in which nationalism and Confucian pragmatism fuel the drive toward a future in which long-held traditions are not entirely lost. This is China in the Third Millennium: a mix of the ancient and the futuristic, where cities with skylines that look like backdrops to sci-fi movies coexist with millennia-old monuments and values that have remained unchanged for centuries.

The nation’s immense territory juxtaposes the overpopulated plains of the east with the marvels of the west – the forests and blue lakes of Sichuan, the Himalayan peaks and Tibetan plateaus, valleys and forests, the deserts and Celestial Mountains of Xinjiang, and the breathtaking Guilin Mountains.

And then there are the great rivers: the Huanghe (Yellow River), the source of the creation myth of the Han, and the Yangtze (Blue River), which divides the country into north and south and defines the landscape of the Three Gorges, long celebrated in Chinese literature and painting. This stretch of the Yangtze is now the world’s biggest construction site.

China is an overpopulated country: more than 60 metropolises have populations exceeding 5 million inhabitants. It is also an outdoor museum whose artistic and architectural heritage is blended with history and faith. On this subcontinent of peoples and races, religions and ethnic groups, it is difficult to find a single common thread: China instead offers thousands of stories to tell, thousands of windows to open, and thousands of different journeys to undertake. It is an immense tableau, illustrated in this volume through the power of spectacular images accompanied by highly informative texts.

This book offers the reader evocative itineraries that open the doors to the drama and splendor of China’s dramatic past and also the freedom to wander in reverie amid the treasures and beauties of one of the world’s largest and most diverse countries.

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ISBN-13: 9781435100336
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Publication date: 11/25/2007
Series: Wanderer Series
Pages: 300
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About the Author

The author Marco Moretti was born in 1954 in Ficarolo, in the province of Rovigo, Italy. He lives and works in Turin. A freelance journalist, he has contributed geographical reports and articles to numerous Italian dailies and periodicals. He has traveled around the world, specializing in the places and subjects of the Far East. Moretti was awarded the PATA (Pacific & Asia Travel Association) prize for the best environmental report done on the Pacific area. He has completed ten extensive trips to Oceania, which were the basis for dozens of articles and radio broadcasts; he has written guidebooks on Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands for ClupGuide, as well as the books on Australia and Singapore and the Pacific Islands for other publishers. With ClupGiuide, Moretti published a book on Portugal, and with Guide Oro he produced a two-volume handbook on Germany.

Federica Romagnoli was born in Casale Monferrato, Italy, in 1963 and graduated from the University of Venice in 1989. Following travels and studies in China, she earned her Ph.D. in Indian and Far Eastern Art History from the University of Genoa in 1995. Romagnoli has published several works, and since 2001 she has also been a contributing author for many publishers, working on several books about Asia, including China Revealed (2003) and the editing of the Italian edition of Another Vietnam (2002)

Born in 1943, Gianni Guadalupi has worked in the publishing industry as a writer, translator, and editor of anthologies for 30 years, dealing in particular with literature on real and imaginary voyages. He is editor of FMR and co-director of Le Vie del Mondo, a magazine published by the Italian Touring Club dedicated to the travels of the past. He edits the series of Impossible Guides, Ancient States, and Grand Tour for the publisher Franco Maria Ricci. He has published numerous successful works on the culture of travel. He has edited the books Great Treasures (1998), and written The Discovery of the Nile (1997), the historical chapters of Marco Polo (2002), China Revealed (2003) and The Holy Bible (2003).

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