The Chinese Classics

The Chinese Classics

by James Legge


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ISBN-13: 9781727097160
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/07/2018
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter I.Of the Chinese Classics Generally
I.Books included under the Name of the Chinese Classics1
II.The Authority of the Chinese Classics3
Chapter II.Of the Confucian Analects
I.Formation of the Text of the Analects by the Scholars of the Han Dynasty12
II.At what time, and by whom, the Analects were written; their Plan; and Authenticity14
III.Of Commentaries upon the Analects18
IV.Of Various Readings21
Chapter III.Of the Great Learning
I.History of the Text, and the different Arrangements of it which have been proposed22
II.Of the Authorship, and distinction of the Text into Classical Text and Commentary26
III.Its Scope and Value27
Chapter IV.The Doctrine of the Mean
I.Its Place in the Li Chi, and its Publication separately35
II.Its Author; and some account of him36
III.Its Integrity43
IV.Its Scope and Value44
Chapter V.Confucius and His Immediate Disciples
I.Life of Confucius56
II.His Influence and Opinions90
III.His Immediate Disciples112
Chapter VI.List of the Principal Works Which Have Been Consulted in the Preparation of This Volume
I.Chinese Works, with Brief Notices128
II.Translations and other Works135
The Body of the Volume
I.Confucian Analects137
I.Hsio R137
II.Wei Chang145
III.Pa Yi154
IV.Li Zan165
V.Kung Ye Chang172
VI.Yung Ye184
VII.Shu R195
IX.Tsze Han216
X.Hsiang Tang227
XI.Hsien Tsin237
XII.Yen Yuan250
XIV.Hsien Wan275
XV.Wei Ling Kung294
XVI.Chi Shih306
XVII.Yang Ho317
XVIII.Wei Tsze331
XX.Yao Yueh350
II.The Great Learning355
III.The Doctrine of the Mean382
I.Subjects in the Confucian Analects435
II.Proper Names in the Confucian Analects442
III.Subjects in the Great Learning445
IV.Proper Names in the Great Learning446
V.Subjects in the Doctrine of the Mean446
VI.Proper Names in the Doctrine of the Mean448
VII.Chinese Characters and Phrases449

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