Chinese Culture in a Cross-Cultural Comparison

Chinese Culture in a Cross-Cultural Comparison


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Chinese Culture in a Cross-Cultural Comparison by Michael B. Hinner

Chinese culture has a very long and extraordinary tradition. With China’s rapid economic growth and a population of more than one billion people, China has become a very important market for many companies. In order to conduct business in a particular country, it is necessary to also understand the culture of that country. After all, culture influences people’s behavior and communication – also in the world of business. That is why an understanding of a country’s culture is crucial when communicating with all relevant stakeholders including its consumers, businesses, employees, and government authorities. This eighth volume of the Freiberger Beiträge seeks to provide some essential insights into Chinese culture to help improve transactions and relationships with Chinese stakeholders. The contributing authors help explain the various facets of Chinese culture revolving around communication, business negotiations, and conflict management.

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ISBN-13: 9783631611609
Publisher: Lang, Peter Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/29/2014
Pages: 567
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x (d)

About the Author

Michael B. Hinner was born in Germany and grew up in the USA where he studied Anthropology, Comparative Studies, English, German, History, and Linguistics at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Law at St. John’s University, School of Law. He teaches Business Communication and Intercultural Communication at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and Dresden International University.

Table of Contents

Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Chinese Culture and the World of Business – Edwin R. McDaniel: The People’s Republic of China: Historical Development, Cultural Legacy, and Contemporaneity – Ling Chen/Jung Hui Becky Yeh: Traditional Value Orientations and Argumentative Tendencies in Chinese Societies – Ee Lin Lee: Assumptions of Personhood in the Discourse about Chinese Identity in Malaysia – Geert Hofstede: Europe versus Asia: Truth versus Virtue – Young Yun Kim: Beyond Cultural Differences: An Integration of Eastern and Western Perspectives – Marieke de Mooij: Chinese Communication Theory and Practice – Peiren Shao: On the Chinese Traditional Acceptance of Information from the View of Contemporary Communication Theory – Sanjiu Yan/Feng Liu: The «Harmony» Philosophy in Chinese Culture and Its International Communication – Guo-Ming Chen: Harmony as the Foundation of Chinese Communication – Teruyuki Kume/Noriko Hasegawa/Hongtao Zhang: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Chinese and Japanese Communication Styles: Focusing on Small Group Discussion – Xuying Wang/Junhao Hong: The Change in Space and Time of the Stage in Chinese Contemporary Drama – Jing Yin: Portraits of the Woman Warrior: Cultural Values in Disney and Chinese Stories of Mulan – Mei Zhong: An Examination of Value Changes in Contemporary China through Literature and Media Products – Mei Zhong/Hongmei Shen/Li Gong: A Study of Chinese Cultural Values and Chinese Identity through Cultural Fare Consumption – Ming-Yi Wu: Consumer Relations in Business to Consumer (B2C) Electronic Commerce Environments: A Study of Taiwan and the United States – Morris A. Shapero: Managing China’s Millennials: Considerations for Multinationals – Jun Xu/Eileen Küpper: The Voices of Chinese Students in the 2+2 Programme in China and Germany – James W. Neuliep: The Evolving Dimension of Collectivism in China – Hairong Feng: An Integrated Analysis of Cultural Similarities and Differences in Supportive Communication – Vivian C. Sheer: Sino-Western Business Negotiator Credibility, Expectancy, and Culture Perceived in the Eyes of the Counterparts: A Johari Window Comparison – Paul S.N. Lee: A Study on Chinese-American Cultural Differences in Interpersonal Conflict Management – Steve Sizoo/Jerome Agrus/Eileen Küpper: Preparing for Chinese Tourists: How Far Eastern & German Visitors Perceive Service Failures in the U.S.A. – Ruifang Zhang/Stella Ting-Toomey: Analyzing an Intercultural Conflict Case Study: Application of a Social Ecological Perspective – Lisheng Dong: An Analysis on the Relationship between the Contemporary Chinese Administrative Culture and Administrative Reforms – Victor Lux Tonn: Cultures and Sino-American Catching-Up Advancement: Ecultrnomics as an Approach of Xystematics.

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