Chinese Gentle Art Complete: The Bible of Ngo Cho Kun

Chinese Gentle Art Complete: The Bible of Ngo Cho Kun



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ISBN-13: 9780692205419
Publisher: Tambuli Media
Publication date: 04/17/2014
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Alexander Lim Co is a living treasure in the arts of Chinese kung-fu. In fact, no name is more synonymous with Kung-Fu in the Philippines than Alexander Co. He spearheaded the Chin Wu Club in Manila, wrote the first kung-fu book ever published in the Philippines, and published the country's first martial arts magazine, simply titled "Martial Arts Magazine." Co has studied a dozen different kung-fu styles, was an "in-door" disciple of Ngo Cho Kun's late grandmaster Tan Ka Hong, and has studied Seven Star Praying Mantis and Hung-gar under Grandmaster Shakespeare Chan, Wu style Tai Chi Chuan under the late Master John Hu Chuan Hai, and Hsin-I Liu Ha Pa Fa under Master David Chan.

Alexander Co is the Advising Grandmaster of The American Beng Hong Athletic Association. He has served as Chairman of the Philippine-Chinese Beng Kiam Athletic Association and the Tsing Hua Ngo Cho Kung-fu Center and as Vice-chairman of the Hsin-I Society of Internal Arts. In addition to dozens of articles featured in such magazines as "Martial Arts Magazine," "Rapid Journal," "Inside Kung-Fu," "Martial Arts Illustrated" and "Martial Arts Legends." Grandmaster Co has written three books: "Secrets of Seven Star Praying Mantis," "The Way of Ngo Cho Kun" and "Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu." He also filmed a series of instructional videos "The Essence of Ngo Cho Kun" and "The Essence of Seven Star Praying Mantis" for Unique Publications Video. He is translator of the first English-language translation of the rare book, "Chinese Gentle Art Complete: The Bible of Ngo Cho Kun," published by Tambuli Media.

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