Chinua Achebe & Nelson Mandela at DOWNING: Poems in Five Senses: On Road To The Truth

Chinua Achebe & Nelson Mandela at DOWNING: Poems in Five Senses: On Road To The Truth

by Dotto Nshimba


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ISBN-13: 9781490531953
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/26/2013
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.21(d)

About the Author

The unique author of Lost In Lies, Away From Home Spying The Impossible and Lifeless Promise is now back with an intriguing Poems Collection for standard readers. No miracle in telling the Beauty of a new Generation from AFRICA...Dotto is everything in writing. Beacon Editorial Desk-Dakar.

By Reading only two poems about the biography of Africans Nelson Mandela and Chinua Achebe in a poetic heaven, i have no doubt this poems collection is a breath to everyone, You've made it brother! Greyson Okonkwo-Moonlight poems review.

Big names are fading in Africa and the DOWNING of the great personality as for Chinua Achebe and Nelson Mandela has got its home to make it living. What a poetic collection is this? In just one poem about Chinua Achebe you can sense the intellect of the author. What a listing of Achebe's books and a scientific blame and remedies to other African Writers? Read part of it here:


In the downing we were arguing,
Who you left?
The name of books is the only home for everything,
How many you left living, with your light in hands,
The culture of your nation, wanted a next of kin,
I am trying to put on your shoes,
but I fear my uncles,
Chinua Achebe, the hero of our past,

I wanted to read Chike and the river,
Before Things fall apart,
A man of the people, his Home and exile,
No longer at ease, in The Ant hills of the Savannah,
What is inside?
The Education of the protected child,
I am waiting for the Arrow of God,
In Hopes and impediments,
The flute was our culture before Okonkwo violated,
The trouble with Nigeria, Girls at war,
Now I am thinking of the country,
I need to know it,
The morning yet on creation day, I will go openly,
There was a country, in the past and present,
Your future was lost in the country of your enemy,
Chinua Achebe, the hero of Africa,

I am not blaming you for your selfishness,
But I am reminding the people,
We want your seeds for the future,
Not empty house,
We placed hard to rich you,
our publishers not friendly,
They turn against our words,
by strong disappointing words,
They want only you because they are hungry,
They don't remember everything is time,
They fear to lose their capital in the growing blood,
You failed to hold us hand, you were not reachable,
The Americans told me your busy,
no time to see a stranger,
Chinua Achebe, the hero of our past

Dotto is a Tanzanian author and a Teacher, a publisher married to Triphonia and have four children.

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