Chloe's Guardian

Chloe's Guardian

by Cheri Gillard


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Chloe is devastated when she finds her boyfriend with another girl. Their high school Scotland tour was supposed to be romantic, not disastrous. Without Todd, life is too painful. To end the agony, Chloe climbs high on a Scottish castle ruin and jumps.A glowing, powerful being appears out of nowhere and plucks her from the sky as she plummets toward the sea. It has to be a sign Todd still loves her! In spite of her renewed hope, nothing goes right. The plane home to Denver leaves without her. Todd won't answer his phone so they can at least talk. Her dad, who recently moved out, makes her life even harder when he red-eyes it over to retrieve her. Like he had to come in person instead of just wiring her money! Her mom is popping too many pills to be useful. And she certainly doesn't need the huge guy, Horace, who shows up on her doorstep once she's home, insisting he is there to help her.Chloe's new hope doesn't last and depression makes her careless, so it's a good thing Horace is around after all. Gun-waving gangbangers jump her and he's by her side to protect her. But they shoot him full of lead before he can do any good. That's when thing change forever.Horace explodes into brilliant white energy before her very eyes. He's the being who saved her on the cliff! A half-angel, half-human Nephilim, he's looking for a way to earn points with the angels so he can retire to heaven, and being Chloe's guardian is his ticket there. The only problem-well not the only, but the worst-he drinks too much. And that leads to bad decisions. Disastrous decisions. He gets her mixed up in his own personal battles and when she's about to get annihilated along side him in a supernatural war between a multitude of glowing celestials, he gets the bright idea to hide her in Scotland. Sixteenth century Scotland. And in the process, he gets cursed to his human form and loses his powers, leaving them marooned and helpless in a medieval mess.When a crazed Highlander finds Chloe, defenseless and stranded, he kidnaps her. But this particular Highlander isn't any normal Scotsman. He's Horace's brother, looking for a chance to work his way back into favor with Lucifer. And a human-girl sacrifice is just the thing he needs.While Horace tries to find a way to break his curse and regain his powers to save Chloe, she is taken deep into the Highlands, hidden from any chance of rescue. All she wants to is to get back home but all her scheming, waiting, and praying doesn't bring Horace back. So she takes matters into her own hands and makes a deal with her kidnapper. He promises to take her home, but the passageway will have to be through Hell. At the appointed hour to leave for Hell, Horace arrives, determined but still powerless and losing strength. With him is his only help and hope, a wisp of a Scottish lad, Billy, who has trekked with Horace across Scotland seeking a blood sacrifice to break the curse, all the while in search of lost Chloe. Horace warns Chloe from the journey she is about to take, but she is dead-set to get home. Horace threatens his brother, but has no force to back his challenge. Horace is cut down and tiny Billy intervenes, but only to be easily slaughtered right next to dying Horace. With all obstacles out of the way, Chloe goes with her kidnapper, thinking she's headed for home.After a wrong turn in Hell, she is presented before Lucifer, offered as currency in a negotiation. All her hope is drained away and she knows she really blew it this time and will never get home again. Fear obliterates her will to fight and live-when suddenly Horace appears in all his radiant glory. With powers restored after the curse is broken by Billy's lifeblood sacrifice, Horace grabs Chloe and flies for the exit. Lucifer and his brother won't easily give up their prize, but for once using his wits and depending on the Goodness with which he is trying to win favor, he fights their way out of Hell and restores Chloe to her own time and home.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781499782370
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/07/2014
Series: Nephilim Redemption Series , #1
Pages: 434
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.97(d)

About the Author

Cheri Gillard has been a freelance writer and editor for over twenty years, working for several publishing houses and companies writing or editing projects, books, magazines, and curricula. Before writing, she was an obstetric and pediatric registered nurse, but she hung up her nurse's cap when she gave birth to quadruplets, who are now in college. She is also a musician, regularly playing violin in a folk-style band and in other venues when she can fit in the gigs between writing jobs. She lives with her family in Colorado.

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Chloe's Guardian 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
W_E_Dickson More than 1 year ago
A fascinating, genre-bending venture that touched a lot of buttons for me (Scottish ancestry and history, wondering about how other dimensions and time transcendence might work out in the spiritual world), and let my mind travel to some places I've never been before in literature (How do teenage girl musicians think and talk? What would it be like to be a spiritual being with amazing powers suddenly stripped of those powers and limited to a less-than-fully capable (chronic fatigue) human form?). Obviously written for young adult readers, and written in simple language, but gives young adults credit for deep and subtle thinking. The book adds to the rich tradition of time-travel speculation that H.G. Wells and the sci-fi community have developed, enlarges the range of C.S. Lewis's speculative theology in "The Great Divorce" and "The Screwtape Letters", and has some decently researched historical fiction segments from late medieval/early renaissance Scotland, all wrapped in enough real life teen drama to keep young readers engaged. I'm planning to give copies to my young-adult sons and see if it engages them on as many levels as it did me, and whether they can forgive it for crossing several genres and defying the conventions of all of them. It may help that the story's protagonist is from our own Scottish clan and shares a version of our surname.