Chocolate Chocolate Moons

Chocolate Chocolate Moons

by Jackie Kingon


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Do you miss Douglas Adams? Love a strong funny protagonist? Molly Marbles is smart, clever and a person who struggles to keep in shape. On the Moon her 287 pounds is 47.6. Chocolate Chocolate Moons is a satirical look at the future of food and a mystery about a poisoned candy. Read Chocolate Chocolate Moons for FREE with your Kindle unlimited subscription and look for it under Humor, Entertainment and Science Fiction. Pick up this funny sci-fi mystery today.
Kingon invents a colorful, often outrageous cast: The author builds a weird, hilarious universe full of witty language and unique detail. Delightful.
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Jackie Kingon takes you on a journey that is truly "out of this world" with humor and, believe it or not, information that could work for you,

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ISBN-13: 9781477561805
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/28/2012
Series: Chocolate Chocolate Moons , #1
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE MOONS is Jackie Kingon's first novel.

Her second, published by Guardbridge Books in St. Andrews Scotland, is SHERLOCK MARS.

THE NEW YORK TIMES published two non fiction pieces: A YEAR IN THE TRENCHES, a feature about teaching in an inner city school in the south Bronx And BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, about an Autistic piano player who works at the Alvin Ailey Dance Center.

Jackie Kingon has a Master's degree from Columbia University Teachers College in New York City; a Bachelor of Arts from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she won the outstanding student award.

Her short stories are published in Flying Island Press-Pieces of Eight, The Fringe Magazine and Static Movement Magazine. Kingon's story for the blind, entitled "A Rose by Any Other Name," was recorded by Voice Needs in League, TX.

Jackie lives with her husband in New York City.

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Chocolate Chocolate Moons 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Jackie Kingon takes us on an entertaining and light-hearted journey to life beyond plant earth with such wonderful imagination and creativity. Mid-way through I began thinking I would love to travel to the worlds she has created and described with such witty detail. This story is so artfully presented around amusing characters with fun and ironic names encountering everyday life events that take place as residents of the moon and beyond and also includes a delightful plot of mystery. Felt as though I knew each character personally. Full of humorous analogies. Constantly found myself smiling and laughing. Very transporting and the perfect "escape read". I would definitely recommend.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite Revenge is sweet and that is especially true when the cause of so much mayhem is the best-selling sweet treat Chocolate Moons. Molly ‘Marbles’ Summers is a plus sized security guard at the Culinary Institute, home of Candy Universe, where some boys are poisoned by a batch of Molly’s favorite candy in Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, a string of amazing coincidences leads to possible suspects, several of whom were key figures in Molly’s past. From her formerly obese boyfriend, who is now the poster boy for health supplements and the girl he dumped Molly for to get ahead in the world, to criminals with universe wide connections and CEOs with lots to lose, there are too many culprits to sort out – and then one dies! Helping the Mars police, Molly tracks down clues, enjoying the benefits of the best food in the universe along the way. The target of the espionage and the perpetrator play cat and mouse right to the end, with Molly hot on their trail. I loved Sherlock Mars and am thrilled to have had the chance to read Chocolate Chocolate Moons. The play on names/places/historical events etc. is superb! Supremely amusing and certainly quick-paced, Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon is a pleasure to read. Delightful characters and universe-wide action keep you turning pages, enjoying innumerable plays on words with pop culture, history, place names and more. The sub-story of body image and being happy with oneself is also presented in an entertaining manner as Molly enjoys real food while most of the people around her live on the supplements and food replacements that have become big business. Chocolate Chocolate Moons is a great mix of humor, intrigue, and space age imagination designed to entertain.
MaryAnn_Koopmann More than 1 year ago
Great read, I found myself lost within the pages of the book, as if I could truly imagine myself there...I highly recommend this book, when you truly need to get away from reality for a second or two during your day. The book was fast paced and description was delicious! Short, sweet, and funny. Short story....up lifting...cute...! I must admit I was drawn into the storyline early in the book! I think you will enjoy this... The author takes our obsession with weight and diets into orbit. This book was a sweet reminder of what it feels like to fall so deeply for that special person. I enjoyed the read.
itsJUSTme-wendy More than 1 year ago
This was silly, goofy, quirky, not to be taken seriously at all - and I loved it! I can't decide if the author is twisted and demented or simply brilliant. This book was so far out of my genre range it really shocked me that I starting liking it immediately. This was part Mystery, part Sci-Fi futuristic, with a touch of Chick-Lit that takes place on the moon and Mars. It was kind of The Jetsons meets Shopaholic, LOL. The characters in this book were very likable. Molly is just adorable, sweet cute funny someone you would want as your friend. I didn't feel like the male characters were developed quite as well, or at least I didn't relate to them as much. but then Molly was the main character. and I loved her. I love the names in this book - Pluto Pastrami, Breezy Point and Decibel Point, Scheherazade, Sandy Andreas, Billings Montana, Jersey Shore, Chef Rachel X-Ray - hahaha. The whole book is very quirky like that. There a lot of play on words. It was almost slap-stick humor, which surprises me that I enjoyed it so much. But there was also that touch of awww. It wasn't a cold comedy, it had a very warm undertone. A few quotes - "Organic products have no preservatives therefor a shorter shelf life... I love preservatives, because I can't throw anything out." "They can't even agree on how many filets in a Mignon, something the average school child knows. But when they went head to toe about what's beyond the bed and the bath, he knew he had made a mistake. " and my favorite - "I'll have the vegetable burger with the vegetables on the side" Lois says. "Same for me" Becky says. "But I'll have the vegetables with the burger on the side." "Any Dessert?" "I'll have the freedom Plan hot fudge sundae with vitamin-enriched carrot ice cream and nutritional supplements on the side instead of the fudge," Lois says. "Same for me," Becky adds, "but make mine with acorn squash ice cream, put the ice on one side and the cream on the other side, and change the fudge to butterscotch." Another thing I really liked was - at the very end it told what happened to each of the main characters. I have only read one other book that did this, and I love it. I think more books should do this. THE ALL-IN-ALL - All in all this book was hilarious, laugh out loud funny! Yeah it was a little over the top in spots but seriously I didn't care. It was just so dang cute. I honestly can't remember if there was any swearing or sex, I don't think there was, but but I was too busy laughing to really pay attention. Also for some strange reason, I loved the cover! I just thought it was simple but cute.