Choices Are Yours: How Values-Driven Choices Change Lives

Choices Are Yours: How Values-Driven Choices Change Lives



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ISBN-13: 9781568250625
Publisher: Rainbow Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/30/1998
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 5.42(w) x 8.42(h) x 0.54(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

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Choices Are Yours: How Values-Driven Choices Change Lives 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
THE CHOICES ARE YOURS This wonderful book is based on some simple, yet profound and far-reaching, convictions. The first is that the title of the book means much more than that we have many choices in front of us from which we have the luxury of picking. More importantly, it means that the choices are ours not just before we make them but even more so after we make them; the choices continue to be ours through their consequences. And central to these consequences is that what we are is the product of the choices we make. The second conviction is that making choices is inescapable¿we cannot opt out of making choices, for even to refuse is to choose. The third conviction is that making choices is not instinctive or automatic; it does not come easily or naturally but must be learned, cultivated and developed if it is to amount to anything. Finally, choices are not neutral¿choices are good or bad, wise or unwise, right or wrong. Consequently, choices reflect and are based on values.

Accordingly, the author devotes a major part of the book to exploring the realms of values in human life: family values, moral and social values, political values, and economic values. His observations are clear, timely and pertinent to the concrete world in which we live. He addresses actual prevailing attitudes in these fields and exposes those that do not stand up to scrutiny. He also trains his intelligence on such topics relevant to the exercise of choice as faith, love, culture, community, and the mind. Invariably, his observations are based on his considerable experience and keen powers of reflection and are expressed clearly in a style that moves along without wasting words. His own values reflect the Judeo-Christian heritage and time-tested philosophy. Included also to assist the reader is an eleven-page glossary of terms used in the book. The bibliography and suggestions for reading are sprinkled with the names of gifted authors who have the ability to make the reader start thinking before he realizes what is happening. This book is expressly directed to young people but they are not the only ones who can benefit from it. It is the product of a keen intelligence, continued reflection on broad experience, obvious practice in making words count, and a passionate concern for the importance of the subject and for the young people to whom it is addressed.