Choosing Peace: A Handbook on War, Peace, and Your Conscience

Choosing Peace: A Handbook on War, Peace, and Your Conscience

by Robert A. Seeley




Since 1945, more than 35 million people have died in wars throughout the world. While you are reading this, soldiers and civilians are fighting and dying in the many wars, both large and small, that are still going on--more than thirty different conflicts in most years. What can you do? You can start with yourself. Only you can decide how you feel about war. Only you can decide what you should do about it.

This book can help. In clear language, without telling you what to do, it explains the choices you face. If you're concerned about the wars you see in the news, this book is for you. If you're thinking about enlisting in the military, you should read this book first. If you're a teacher or parent struggling to teach about war and conscience, this book can help. For anyone who must think about war--and that includes everyone--this book is the essential guide to war, peace and conscience in today's world.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780933368071
Publisher: Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Publication date: 09/28/1994
Edition description: UPDATED
Pages: 260

Table of Contents

Part IGetting Started1
1.What This Book Can Do For You3
2.Protecting Yourself13
Part IIConscientious Objectors and the Law17
3.Conscientious Objection Under the Law19
4.Selective Objection31
Part IIIThinking About War39
5.You and the Military41
6.Some Thoughts on War53
7.Conventional and Unconventional Wars69
8.You and Nuclear War81
9.Force, Violence, and War91
10.Hitler and Other Dictators99
11.If the Country Were Attacked115
Part IVChoosing Peace125
12.Choosing Peace in a Warlike World127
13.You and Military Recruitment139
14.Is There a Draft in Your Future?157
15.A Note to Parents and Grandparents167
Part VAbout the Draft173
16.Registration--Your Decision175
17.If You Break the Law187
18.Documenting Your CO Claim195
To Learn More205
A Short Course on War and Peace207
Further Reading213
Some Groups That Work for Peace229
Supporting Letters for COs233
A Health Care Draft?235
The Mobilization Draft237

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