Choosing to Evolve: A User's Guide to Waking Up

Choosing to Evolve: A User's Guide to Waking Up


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We are all creatures of habit.

Our most powerful habits involve how we think and feel.

We experience the world through lenses we didn’t choose.

Are you ready to wake up to a new kind of freedom?

If you have had enough of feeling stuck, Choosing to Evolve could change everything. Your evolution begins with a deeper understanding of the way our minds operate through the automatic habituation of imagery and emotional scripting. Following the thread of these insights, Charles Gaby offers guidance through lifelong layers of defenses into the light of new-found freedom.

This thoroughly readable exploration offers new access to transformation in every arena of life. As Gaby writes, “Our mental processes can help or hinder our health and happiness. While we can’t change the way human consciousness works, we can evolve in how we participate in it. Making this evolutionary leap is the key to our individual and collective wellbeing.”

CHARLES GABY has spent more than 25 years in private practice as a counselor, educational consultant, and workshop facilitator. After serving as president of the Tomkins Institute and Training Director for the Institute for Restorative Communities, Charles is now the creator of My Leap Year, web-based community for individuals and organizations who want to gain self-awareness and transform old patterns of being.

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ISBN-13: 9781947758049
Publisher: The Kaitcer Group LLC
Publication date: 01/11/2018
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.71(d)

Table of Contents


SECTION I: Becoming Aware of Imagery and Habituation

Chapter 1 Life Is But a Dream

Chapter 2 The Images That Row Your Boat

Chapter 3 The Secret of Going Gently

Chapter 4 The Art of Waking Up

SECTION II: Becoming Aware of Scripted Emotions

Chapter 5 Shift Happens!

Chapter 6 Meet the Affects, Part 1: Distress-Anguish

Chapter 7 Meet the Affects, Part 2: Shame-Humiliation

Chapter 8 Meet the Affects, Part 3: Two Ways to Feel Good

Chapter 9 Meet the Affects, Part 4: Anger-Rage

Chapter 10 Meet the Affects, Part 5: Surprise-Startle

Chapter 11 Meet the Affects, Part 6: Dissmell and Disgust

Chapter 12 Meet the Affects, Part 7: Fear-Terror

Chapter 13 Taking the Next Step

SECTION III: Waking Up: A New Way to Participate in Your Life

Chapter 14 Fight or Flight – Freeze or Please

Chapter 15 The Problem with Enlightenment

Chapter 16 Education, Justice and Accountability

Chapter 17 Faith and the Evolving Image of God

Chapter 18 Institutionalized Imagery and Relinquishing Defenses

SECTION IV: Meet the Players of Team You

Chapter 19 Consciousness — a Team Sport

Chapter 20 Identity, Identification, and the Images We Own

SECTION V: Putting Concepts Into Play

Chapter 21 Our Scripts at Work

Chapter 22 Evolving Images of Intimacy

Chapter 23 All My Relations



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