Choosing To Run: Jonah's Encounter With God's Grace

Choosing To Run: Jonah's Encounter With God's Grace

by Jennifer Devlin

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In this book Jennifer Devlin reaches out to those desperate for a second chance at life as well as those needing a fresh relationship with God. In sharing the adventure of Jonah, the reader discovers the unending love of God and that Jonah's story is much more than a tale of a man and a whale. It is the picture of the grace and mercy of God, shown from many angles, and through many different lives. Devlin shares her heart in this book as it relates to people leaving their past in the dust. She reminds the reader that God wants to give everyone a life without regrets, rebellion, or the captivity of sin. It is a wonderful read meant to result in the acceptance of God's grace and restoration of the most broken areas of life. The gift to the reader will be a freedom that many have never experienced before. So begin the encounter today with God who has been waiting for us, longing for us to seek Him, and ready for us to find Him. Challenge questions are at the end of each chapter making this an ideal work for small group study.

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ISBN-13: 9781614840541
Publisher: Randall House
Publication date: 02/22/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 172
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About the Author

Jennifer Devlin is passionate about sharing Jesus with the nations. She is the author of "Life Principles for Christ-like Living" and "Verses We Know By Heart" series as well as a variety of stories and articles. Jennifer has answered God's call by serving as a Bible teacher, women's ministry leader, speaker, and writer. Jennifer lives in Huntsville, Alabama with her wonderful husband Bob, and son Owen. For more information visit her website at

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Why we're on this journey: See, I want to go on this journey through Jonah with you because I understand his journey far too well. Like Jonah, I reached the end of myself, and reached out to God. I've experienced the grip of a God who has never let go. His grace so engulfed me that I knew He was not only permeating my past, but He would also permeate my future. The life I lead now is much different from the life I dealt with then. What changed? Did I get smarter, and find the path to true wisdom within my own strength? Absolutely not. Did I win the lottery? Well, spiritually you might say so. Did the world smile upon me and accept me into the inner circle of popularity? Nope. Why couldn't I just make some more self-fueled-wisdom-filled choices and pull myself together? Because the only factor that has made a lasting change in my life is the grace of God. The only true godly transformation of a life is found in our obedience to Jesus Christ. Our access to God is found through His grace and mercy, extended through the blood of Jesus as our once-for-all sacrifice and payment for our sins. Our God is truly a God of unending grace; He is the God of second chances. He gave me one and He'll give you one too.

Table of Contents

Introduction; Chapter 1 Man on the Run; Chapter 2 The Call to Return; Chapter 3 The Nasty Ninevites; Chapter 4 Remembering Lot's Lot; Chapter 5 Ship's Crew Confused; Chapter 6 Perfect Storm; Chapter 7 Gut Reaction; Chapter 8 Another Repentant Heart; Chapter 9 Revival and a Prophet's Protest; Chapter 10 Prodigal Parallel Part 2; Chapter 11 Jonah's Lesson Learned?; Chapter 12 Man in the Wilderness; Chapter 13 God's Great Redemption

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