Chopin: Nocturnes

Chopin: Nocturnes

by Ivan Moravec



Ivan Moravec was incapable of playing a note, any note, that was anything less than beautiful -- not just superficially beautiful but truly beautiful, bone deep, soul deep, "truth is beauty and beauty truth" beautiful. And when he strings each note, each lustrous pearl of a note, into phrases which sing and sigh and cry, each phrase becomes more beautiful even than each individual note. And when each phrase is joined in bliss with harmony, and then form, and then into a single luminous whole, then each work becomes an act of love and, not incidentally, as perfect a recording of a Chopin Nocturne as we are likely to hear in this world or the next. Seriously! Try the Opus 27 twins, the C sharp minor and the D flat major. Under Moravec's hands, the C sharp minor starts tenderly, almost tentatively, grows agitated, dances at its climax, collapses into a wonderful cadenza, and resigns itself to the now shattered opening. Listen to the way Moravec phrases the opening, to the way he builds the climax, to the way he measures out the cadenza: no one has ever done it better. Under Moravec's hands, the D flat major calms the troubled waters and brings balm to the weary. Listen to the way Moravec floats the right hand's melody over the gentle swells of the left hand's accompaniment. No one has ever done it better. This disc is urgently recommended to piano lovers, Chopin lovers, and Romantic lovers in both senses of the word.

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Release Date: 06/25/1991
Label: Nonesuch
UPC: 0075597923322
catalogNumber: 79233


  1. Nocturnes (3) for piano, Op. 9, CT. 108-110
  2. Nocturnes (3) for piano, Op. 15, CT. 111-113
  3. Nocturnes (2) for piano, Op. 27, CT. 114-115
  4. Nocturnes (2) for piano, Op. 32, CT. 116-117
  5. Nocturnes (2) for piano, Op. 37, CT. 118-119
  6. Nocturnes (2) for piano, Op. 48, CT. 120-121
  7. Nocturnes (2) for piano, Op. 55, CT. 122-123
  8. Nocturnes (2) for piano, Op. 62, CT. 124-125
  9. Nocturne for piano in E minor, KK IV/b

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Let go and let Moravec move you. He is gentle, accessible, and so gifted and he will float you or sink you as the music bids. He loves his Chopin and loves you with his Chopin.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago