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Everything Emma Thompson owns fits in a suitcase she moves from one roach infested motel to another. She and Jake, her five year old son who can see the future, are running from the men intent on taking him. Emma will do anything to protect him even when it means accepting the help of a stranger named Will. Jake insists she needs Will, but Emma's never needed help before. And even though she's learned to trust her son, it doesn't mean she trusts Will.

Mercenary Will Davenport lives in the moment. Hauling Emma to South Dakota should have been an easy job, but his employer neglected to tell him about Emma's freaky son and the gunmen hot on her trail. Instinct tells him this job is trouble, but nothing can prepare him for Jake's proclamation that Will is The Chosen One, who must protect Emma from the men hunting her power. A power she doesn't know she has.

Will protects Emma and Jake on a cross-country chase from the men pursuing them, while struggling with memories from his past, his apprehension of Jake, and his growing attraction to Emma. Will's overwhelming urge to protect Emma surprises him, especially since it has nothing to do with his paycheck and possibly everything to do with the tattoo Jake branded on his arm. Rich and powerful men are desperate to capture Emma, and Will must discover why before it's too late.

Includes the short story Emergence.

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BN ID: 2940013386808
Publisher: DGS
Publication date: 09/17/2011
Series: The Chosen , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 223,925
File size: 878 KB

About the Author

Denise Grover Swank lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. She writes urban fantasies without vampires and werewolves. She also writes romantic comedy mysteries set in the south. She has six children, three dogs, and an overactive imagination. She can be found dancing in her kitchen with her children, reading or writing her next book. You will rarely find her cleaning.

You can find out more about Denise and her other books at or email her at

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Chosen 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 286 reviews.
ddh1961 More than 1 year ago
The Good: Interesting and engaging storyline, with some well-developed characters and plenty of action. Sub-plots are likewise well-developed, coming together smoothly and in a technically logical fashion. The Bad: Obviously written from a feminine perspective, which is in and of itself is not a bad thing; however, emotions and actions should reflect how a real person, regardless of gender, would react in the real world within a given situation. Many of the emotions assigned to Will in stressful situations are out of character with what a man (in this case a soldier) would be feeling. A military man would not waste valuable time lamenting at length the fact that moving he would cause Emma pain; he would focus on removing her from danger and then deal with his emotions. If an author is going to cast the leading man as a battle-hardened ex-Marine, then that author needs to be able to take on the mantle of his psyche via research and personal interviews with relevant subjects, otherwise the character is not believable. I did not find Will believable; he did not think like a battle-hardened soldier, his thought processes (and subsequent actions) were more those of a female in a Harlequin romance. The Ugly: Unfortunately, again the lack of research again rears its ugly head; the author clearly knows nothing about firearms, something that could be deemed important considering the prolific use of them in the story. A basic foundation in writing is to write about what you know, and if you don't know about something then research it before putting pen to paper. A rifle does not have a "tip", it has a barrel. Will would not hold the "tip" of the gun up, or nudge someone in the back with the rifle's "tip", he would hold the gun barrel up, or nudge someone with the end of the barrel. This is the equivalent of writing a book about sewing and saying you "Stepped on the bobbin to make the machine start sewing." In addition, Emma at one point pulled the trigger of her pistol and held it, sending multiple rounds into her assailant. A pistol fires only one round with each pull of the trigger unless it is a machine-pistol, which is highly unlikely considering the legalities of ownership and the expense of such a weapon. Considering Emma's financial situation and her constantly being on the run, her having such a weapon is both unbelievable and illogical. Again, this inconsistency is akin to a protagonist who makes minimum wage driving around in Lamborghini. Not believable. Hopefully, I don't come across as being overly critical; indeed the book has many redeeming qualities and garners many stars from other readers. The author is quite talented and weaves an interesting tale. But one of the guiding principles of fiction is that it must allow the reader to suspend disbelief in order for the story to work, and for this reader such is not the case. Characters acting illogically and a lack of knowledge of the subject matter was enough to kill my interest in the second volume; a shame, considering the potential of the well-conceived plot...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading the entire series, and having waded through all four books, the closest I can come to praise is saying that I'm glad the books were inexpensive. Beware the huge number of positive reviews. The fact that most of them are non-specific about why the book is so good, and also that many are closely bunched together time-wise has me raising my eyebrows. The writing itself is stylistically childish. It is not at all sophisticated, in spite of the author making clear attempts to make it so by tossing in a big word on occasion. Another reviewer stated that it reads like a fifth-grade paper. That statement is accurate. I recall that Goosebumps and The Babysitters Club series were written at similar reading levels, but without the swearing. The storyline is frequently predictable. I often felt myself impatiently turning the pages, waiting for what I knew was going to happen to finally take place. Plot twists that are not predictable come out of left field and do not seem to totally fit. There are unnecessary plot elements as well, which don't ever get addressed. (Having finished the series, that is merely an observation and not a complaint, since that would have made the books longer.) There are several contradictions and mis-edits in the books as well. There are several typos. Did the secret organizations come from Brown or Columbia? And was the symbol two overlapping triangles, or was it circles? Those are a few examples where the books state two different things. Clearly the editors dropped a ball somewhere. The ending appears to be potentially set up for more books. If that is the case, I will not indulge. Save your time and dollars and look elsewhere.
Lori_reader_writer More than 1 year ago
Wild Romantic Suspense Ride This book grabbed me from the first line and didn’t let go until the end. Fast-paced and action-packed, it had me flipping my virtual Kindles pages at mach speed. The author hardly ever lets the reader catch their breath. The suspense plot is tight and keeps us guessing. We, just like Emma, Will and Jake, have no idea who the bad men are and why they’re after them until the end. The Characters Will is a tortured hero hiding behind a cocky persona. I love how the author didn’t make him so self-assured that he can’t hide that he’s freaked out and a little scared of a 5 year old. Emma is believable as a mother doing everything in her power to keep her son safe. However, my mommy-meter went off every time Emma cusses like a sailor in front of her young child. During moments of life-threatening danger, I can understand letting one or two fly, but she didn’t seem to have a mommy filter on when things weren’t so tense. Jake is a child who is wise beyond his years. He’s confused as he comes into his new powers but deals with them like an adult, stoically accepting the fate life is about to deal him. The Heat Factor The sexual tension builds slowly with these two. After all, they have more pressing things to do (like staying alive) than ogle each other every five minutes. But once the burner gets turned up, the sexual chemistry is definitely sizzling between these two. The author does a good job building up to the moment with some steamy foreplay and then fades to black, leaving the nitty-gritty details to the reader’s imagination. If you want graphic sex scenes, this book is not for you. Not Quite a HEA The author doesn’t tie the ending of this book up in a nice, neat bow. There are many questions left unanswered and Will and Emma are still on the run. But hey, that’s what sequels are for. *G* What Makes This Book Standout This book is a page turner. Once I started it, I kept my Kindle by my side at all times and even got a few thumb cramps from hitting the NEXT PAGE key so fast. If you like good romantic suspense with a little paranormal thrown in, don’t miss this gem of a book.
Lisa-writer More than 1 year ago
I think this is a great story, but from what I can see, it needs professional editing, then it would be great. There are POV shifts, and too many places using the same words too close to each other. Also, it could use some tightening and they stop to eat too many times. I would suggest getting these books professional edited. They would be wonderful then.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First of all, let me start off with the fact that I believe Ms. Swank has mastered the technical aspects of writing. Her grammar is great. Her dialog, descriptions, and action are all balanced. Her sentence construction and vocabulary are fine. But where "Chosen" fails is in the haphazard plot construction. I got to page 92, or a little over a third of the way through it when I couldn't go any farther. Ms. Swank begins by creating an intriguing mystery concerning five year old Jake, his mother Emma, and Will, the bounty hunter who has been sent to collect them. Jake possesses some unknown power that allows him to see a short distance into the future, and we start the book with Emma already being pursued by other interested parties. Will steps in and helps out Emma and Jake, with Jake insisting to his mother that "we need him." Early on the author begins foreshadowing that a romantic relationship would arise between Emma and Will, and that is where we run into our first problem. It does arise. FAST. Literally by page 92 they're hearts are already beating and Will is having trouble coping with his directive to bring in Jake and his mother. The ridiculously fast pace makes no sense and the author rushes through this with gusto, clearly trying to capture the feeling of a romance novel, rather than a science fiction one. Then, even more inexplicably, Emma starts suddenly developing powers that she's never had before. And then to make matters even more banana nuts crazy, Jake suddenly starts spouting off prophecy, reading Will's mind, leaving tattoos on the man's arm with his fingers, and manipulating fire as if he were a character on Avatar: the Last Airbender. All from a five year old. Then little Jakes declares that not only is Will "The Chosen One " (Won't that upset Obama?) he explains that at some point, they will be on opposite sides of the coming war. While clearly Ms. Swank has mastery of the language, the story teller's art is still a dark mystery to her. Perhaps the later books get better, but I'm not wasting my money on them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unrealistic development between characters and the "mother" in the story acts like a 4 year old that throws temper tantrums. I had to force myself to keep reading this because I hate to not finish a book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story was written in such a stilted manner that I found myself skipping through much of the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DO NOT BE FOOLED BY POSITIVE REVIEWS. Most of them are better-written fiction than the book itself. One of the more recent five star reviews gushes about how the book is 'Just like the movie Legion', and completely fails to mention that Legion was an utterly terrible movie. The grammar is rife with redundancy and typos, the plot is a hot mess that lacks any sort of internal consistency, and it's all wrapped in a skin of prophecy and deus ex machina. This is, at best, an attempt by an author or perhaps publisher, to churn out something that is meant to catch some of the Twilight Saga's sloppy seconds.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This whole series doesn't even begin to compare to well written, well plotted series like the Hunger Games. Don't waste your time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Didn't really like this book... It was too shallow and the language was vulgar but the vulgarity didn't add to the character's character. I'm sorry I wasted my 99 cents.
BrandyU More than 1 year ago
From front to back this book kept me on a roller coaster of emotions. Emma, the female lead, is one bad ass lady who has protected her son with all she has in her. So when Will finds them she is naturally suspicious of him even with her son Jake's reassurance that they need him she is reluctant to let him in. And though Will didn't have good intentions when he set off looking for them, he quickly finds himself bonded to Emma - in more ways than one. The characters are so real that while yes, it's paranormal, the storyline is written in a way that I felt connected to the characters - especially Emma. The only time I was disappointed was when I read the last page b/c I cannot wait to know the what's next for Emma, Will and Jake. Bring on the sequel!
trishaleighkc More than 1 year ago
I've read CHOSEN in all of its incarnations, and have never grumbled about diving back into the pages. It's a thriller, yes, and there's plenty of action and weapons and intrigue to keep you turning the pages. The paranormal bent is as mysterious as it is well executed, and the love interest...well, let me tell you. If they made Will's on an assembly line I would be standing in front, possibly without clothing, to grab the first one. All of the characters are real, acting and reacting in authentic, believable ways no matter which way the story twists and turns. Trust me, you will want to hang on for this ride and buckle up for the sequels as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beware the Nook sample. Those few pages are the most well written in the book, and they aren't literature. The author does have a hook that kept me reading, but I kept thinking "this is so amateurish, I can't believe a publisher took it.." It has the stench of self-publishing all over it. At last I decided to look up the publisher and lo and behold - it's the author! Word choice is weak, construction is poor, cliches dropped like flies (haha). Nothing is nuanced, it's all told very basically and spelled out for the reader who doesn't want to think. I am grateful it was only .99 but that was still 99 cents too much.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm glad I only paid $0.99 for this book for my Nook. The writing is choppy and written like my 15 talks. This book is probably more for a teen age group because it's written the way they think and talk, in choppy, incomplete sentences and skipping from one thought to the next. I would not recommend this for adult readers.
AvidReader777TJ More than 1 year ago
The plot doesn't flow, and the characters are poorly developed, the conflict between the two main characters is contrived and telegraphed. I could not recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book is good but it has no ending. You have to get additional book to conclude the story.
PriyaLiterature More than 1 year ago
I'm one of those people that can't start a story and not finish it, and unfortunately when I looked at the length of the last book it was just a hefty sigh. I found it to be depressing and achingly predictable. The ideas are fantastic but I disagree with the person that said there was excellent character development.. I found the characters to be very two dimensional and the "twists" I always had pegged two hundred pages before they took place. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was awful. Clearly someone who decided they could write without actually bothering to truly pursue the craft, an dilettante throwing together chapter after chapter of plotless hokum. There were about 3 pages where she started to expose the underlying reason for this story to exist, but then she went back on the ludicrous flight from one rest stop to the next. If you're looking for a shallow, simplistic romance with the most convenient of plot devices to kill some time, this is for you. Otherwise, move on to something worth the read.
TerryMitchell More than 1 year ago
Chosen is the book that started me on an ongoing love affair with Paranormal novels...I loved reading about Emma's downtrodden hard life as a single mom and her intense love and devotion to Jake! This is by far one of the easier books to loose yourself in that I have ever read. In fact I loved it so much I share it with complete strangers on a daily basis! And even talked my husband and 16 year old into reading not only Chosen, but the whole Series...Denise Grover Swank deserve's an A+ for her amazing talent ! If you haven't read her books, get out there and buy them now and read them! You will be as addicted as I! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book, interesting characters and plot. I am looking forward to the next book in the series
HeatherMcC More than 1 year ago
I don't give five stars lightly but this book definitely earned every one of them. From the very first page it took my breath away and kept me totally captivated. It's a story of a mother on the run, trying to protect her son, with wonderful, original paranormal elements thrown in. I loved it and can hardly wait to read the sequel!
AverysBookNook More than 1 year ago
Do you remember that movie "Legion" that came out in 2009? The one with the storyline where a young pregnant woman, Charlie, finds out that her unborn child is the key to humanity's survival? This book has the same sort of storyline (just exchange "Legion's" angels for members of a secret society and throw in a little bit of the TV show "Supernatural", with the characters constantly being on the run and frequenting sketchy motels), with the main character, Emma, finding out that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to her son (and that he is caught in the middle of a battle between good and evil), but unlike the movie, this book is extremely well done and entertaining ("Legion" did not live up to my expectations whatsoever, but this book completely exceeded them). While there were numerous reasons why this book was so successful, Denise's writing style, the original storyline, and the likes of, I think that this book was most successful because of how fast paced and engaging it was. Because Will, Emma, and Jake were constantly on the move, fighting for their lives, etc., you could never find yourself bored with the storyline- you were seriously on the edge of your seat the entire time (and trying to guesstimate what Denise was going to throw at you next- an exploding truck? Another gun fight? A near drowning?). Furthermore, the large majority of her characters were so well-developed, complex, but, most of all, real. Despite all of the hardships that Will and Emma had endured in their lives, they remained strong, resilient, and grounded (while a lesser character would have curled up in a ball and cried). Though I must admit, that I did have a bit of trouble connecting to Emma's son, Jake (especially when he was behaving as if he was possessed- talking more eloquently and grown-up than any 5 year old I have ever seen before)- I did prefer the story more when he was not as involved in it. All in all, after reading this book it becomes evident that Denise is an author to keep your eye on. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the next book in this series, "Hunted"!
HeatherMcCorkle More than 1 year ago
I never give five stars lightly. It takes a well written book with great character development, great pacing, an excellent plot, and great world building. This book had it all. The author grabbed me on the first page and never let me go. It was exciting from the opening sentence. I didn't want to put this down, and I haven't said that about a book in a long time. I enjoyed her debut novel immensely and she has outdone herself with this one. A touch of very original paranormal, mixed with action, danger, and just the right amount of romance, make this book an absolutely must read.
Miranda Kuchar 3 months ago
Such a major kickstart from the beginning of the book. If you are not sure if you will like this book just give the first chapter a try. Immediately you will be hooked where you want to do nothing else but read. Going into this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew by the reviews and who the author is that it was really good but it was AMAZING! It was not predictable in any way, put together so perfectly that not a detail missed. A must read!
Anonymous 11 months ago
keep we wanting to read more