The Chosen

The Chosen

by Sheenah Freitas
4.8 5

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Chosen 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Chkara More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the story of Kaia Ketoki and her journey of discovery. She discovers that she is a descendant of Shanti a powerful goddess and that she is to aid in bringing balance between good and evil. I loved the dynamics of the characters who surround Kaia to protect her on her journey. Particularly Reeze, he is dark and broody which is often great in a hero and protector. And I really felt for Shawn, he clearly cares for Kaia but in truth is a deadly warrior. This is clearly a fantasy quest and I love the way her companions split off at times onto their own journey. All of the characters had their chosen goals and nothing would divert them from it. It has everything needed in a good fantasy. Dragons, demi-gods, mer-folk and even vampires. The ending was terrific and definitely left me wanting more.
TiffanyFulton More than 1 year ago
10/10 Stars to this wonderfully written book by Sheenah Freitas! If you love fairy tales, mythology, and a clever spin on the hero’s quest (Or in this case, heroine’s quest), then this is the beginning of a wonderful series that shouldn’t be missed. I’ve been wanting to read this book forever, first of all, and the wait was well-worth it! It reminded me of the impressive world-building in RPGs like Chrono Cross and the Legend of Dragoon. The story centers around a young girl named Kaia Ketoki and her fate as The Chosen. But this is so simple tale of saving the world: The balance of good and evil has been thrown off, and her fate as the Chosen has a lot to do with it. We follow Kaia as her village is torched to the ground, but she isn’t the only survivor with supposedly hidden trauma. Reeze, her appointed Guardian, has a few surprises as well, and we meet other allies who come from many paths of a mythological light. One would think that adding so much of it would be a tad confusing, but to me, it made every location in the book that much more fun and variable. (^_^) I look forward to watching Kaia develop, as well as her friends. Sheenah has certainly made an impression on me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TimGreaton More than 1 year ago
Some writers are born with talent and others with a book in their hands. In Sheenah Freitas’ case, I dare say that both were true. In the “The Chosen” she has crafted a fascinating novel that captures the modern magic of supernatural vampires, mermaids, and dragons and has effectively combined them with a mythology that echoes the finest historical fantasies. Kaia Ketoki is a simple girl growing up in a rural community. But when her entire village is destroyed, she is magically whisked away by members of an otherworldly priesthood and soon learns that her destiny is anything but simple. As a descendant of Shanti, a helper to the gods, Kaia is asked to assist in returning the proper balance of good and evil to Earth’s sister world Zinc. As luck—or divine intervention—would have it, the only other young survivor from her village is asked to protect her during a quest to retrieve a series of magical items. As young Kaia encounters supernatural and magical creatures of nearly every stripe, she experiences the elations of success and true friendships as well as the stinging wounds of defeat and betrayal. Come join brilliant author Sheenah Freitas on a fantasy journey fraught with danger and steeped in discovery. This fabulous first book in the Zincian Legend is sure to leave you pleading for more. Reviewed by “Maine’s Other Author” TM Tim Greaton
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
This book is perfect for those who enjoy mythology. The book starts out by almost shocking the reader. The first chapter lulls the reader into a sense of security until, about halfway through, the action breaks in and chaos begins. Readers don't have to worry about the violence too much-there isn't that much is at the right level for the reader to appreciate the scene without wanting to wash his/her hands. The book's action takes off from there. The characters were nice to read about. Kaia, the main character, was very humble and calm. She surprises the reader with both her resilience and her ability not to mourn for her mother and friends...this is a little odd and may make it slightly hard for the reader to connect to Kaia right away. Reeze, the enigma and other survivor of the fire, is just as calm and stoic. These two characters will keep the reader occupied during the novel, however, they could have had more fire. It is slightly difficult to get into the characters' heads as well, they don't really project their thoughts to the times, it is almost as if the reader is an observer. The writing is smooth and detailed, the reader will be able to picture the scenes taking place. The mythology ties in perfectly to the plot. This book is recommended for teens/young adults who enjoy young adult fiction combined with mythology.