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"Christ Became Sin" is fated to become a clasic since it offers the kind of inspiration that can't be found in "Inspiration For Dummies". 'Tis a smart book for smart people who want to understand why the Bible said that "Christ became sin. So it is up to intellectual Christians to dare to read how the forces of darkness were defeated the very moment Jesus Christ Almighty felt the shame of sin upon Him even though He knew that not. Our most worthy Rock of the Ages also walked the greatest walk while talking the purist talk that ever could have been talked by anyone. Nor can it ever be denied that our exalted Architect of the Foundation of the Age of Grace even divided mankind's calendar asunder. For it was always His job alone to split time in two as easily as He faithfully spread the good news of God's kingdom. Even those that don't believe in our Lord of Life know that He made a bigger impact on our world than the largest meteor that ever hit it. Neither can any atheist ever dare to declare that our Living Star of Bethlehem hasn't had his name shining upon countless neon signs with the word “saves” underneath it. Furthermore, the name of Jesus, and his legacy, has survived throughout the darkest ages while setting free some of the darkest souls. 'Twas also a most remarkable story with no past tense; For it still speaks very loudly of future days of bliss that shall surely pound our earth's ground with a fury of some very peaceful tranquility. And it was our Lord of Always' passion alone that evermore set the tempo for all of creation to sing with gladness for His long awaited return. Therefore, this is both the beginning and end of His story and a look back at a blood soaked history that reveals it's most incredible climax! Nor does it matter what anyone thinks about Jesus; For it shall come to pass that every soul looking towards His glory can never again stand in His shadow; For His overflowing brightness shall never again allow any darkness.

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ISBN-13: 9781468901191
Publisher: Booktango
Publication date: 03/13/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 1
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