Christ & Culture

Christ & Culture

by Holly Brand


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Be Equipped to Stand Firm!

Culture is not shy and certainly not silent in educating our children. Neither should Christians be. Welcome to the definitive resource for pursuing Christ in our Culture.

Pop culture, media culture, and secular culture together is one of the most influential teachers of our children. To the Christian community this is of great concern because much of what mainstream culture teaches children is in direct contrast to the Word of God. The results of a Godless culture are disastrous and are seen in every area of our society.

Fortunately, the Word of God speaks life into hearts and minds. Rarely, though, are children given an opportunity to see what the world is teaching them placed side by side and directly compared with the truth in God's Word. That is what Christ & Culture is all about. It is designed to be a simple tool for parents and educators to present to children a clear distinction between what the world teaches them and what the Word teaches them about relevant daily life issues.

Teaching truth, wisdom, and practical ways of guarding hearts, Christ & Culture is an essential in-the moment resource for children, parents, and teachers.

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ISBN-13: 9780692483350
Publisher: Dr. Holly Brand
Publication date: 07/17/2015
Pages: 84
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About the Author

Humorous, open, practical, equipping...the light that shines through Holly, and that shines on anyone who experiences her presentations and seminars, comes directly from the joy and peace she has found in Jesus Christ. She also remembers well what she was like before giving her life to Jesus - unfocused and searching for fulfillment and identity in dead-end relationships. Holly is honest in describing her life before Christ, and she is always eager to share with groups and individuals the profound change she's experienced since making the decision to live a life that honors God.

Holly now uses her gift of teaching, as well as her passion for helping others, to equip and inspire others to discover joy, identity, and abundant living through Jesus. Combining her Ph.D. in psychology, her search for identity, her life's many experiences, and - most importantly - the wisdom of God's Word, Holly equips anyone who hears her speak with focused, specific action steps that change lives for the better.

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