Christendom and Christianity in the Middle Ages: The Relations Between Religion, Church, and Society

Christendom and Christianity in the Middle Ages: The Relations Between Religion, Church, and Society



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ISBN-13: 9780802836922
Publisher: Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date: 06/25/1991
Pages: 415
Product dimensions: 6.33(w) x 9.29(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

IReligion and Church in Medieval Society1
2.The Early Christianization10
3.The Eleventh Century and the Transition to the Twelfth18
4.Assimilation to the Urban Population26
5.The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries36
IIAgainst Misunderstanding the Medieval Mentality53
IIIJerusalem in the West79
IVThe Bishops' Peace of God: A Turning Point in Medieval Society?105
VCistercians and Cluniacs130
VISaints and Sainthood151
2.Veneration of Saints and the Authority of the Church158
3.The Sainthood of Bernard of Clairvaux181
VIIHeresy and Church Reform198
1.The Transition from the Eleventh to the Twelfth Century198
2.Henry of Lausanne: From Reformer to Heretic211
VIIIMaster Peter Abelard (1079-1141): The Misfortunes of a Single-Minded Teacher225
IXThe Beginnings of the Franciscan Movement and the Canonization of Its Founder246
1.The Structure of the Brotherhood246
2.The "Failure" of Brother Elias251
3.The Longing for the Return to the Time of St. Francis255
4.The Meaning of the Canonization of St. Francis260
5.The Beginnings of the Franciscan Movement in the Context of Its Time265
XAnti-Jewish Sentiment in Medieval Society274
Excursus: The Role of Theology in the Vilification of the Jews in the Late Middle Ages307
XIReligious Life in the Low Countries (ca. 1050-1384)319
2.Church Membership323
3.God and His Saints330
4.Blessings and Penance347
5.The Bilingualism of the Church and Its Social Consequences355
AppendixReason in the Middle Ages376
For Further Reading382
Index of Names390
Index of Subjects397

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